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Freedom in Hong Kong: Trump Should Follow Reagan

hong kong

President Trump has a chance to take a page from Ronald Reagan.  He should do it.  Ronald Reagan sided with freedom-seeking people dominated by Soviet Russia.  Donald Trump should sign the “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019,” siding with freedom-seeking Hong Kong.

First, do not fall for the false dichotomy:  Signing a pro-democracy bill – one that allows sanctions on China for human rights abuses and snuffing out Hong Kong’s freedom – will end the trade pact with China. 

China’s economy is slowing, debt high, currency manipulated, theft of intellectual property outed, missteps at World Trade Organization litigated, and 5-G dominance plainly at risk.  They sell four times as much to us as we can to them.  They are on the ropes – and need trade with the US.

Militarily, they are modernizing fast, pressuring regional economies, erecting military islands in the South China Sea, and militarizing space.  But they cannot go toe to toe with the US military – and they know it.

To be clear, China wants a first-stage trade deal – to reinforce their slowing growth, allow pre-Christmas sales to US consumers, avoid December 15 tariff bump-ups.  They are beginning to lose face in this dance.  They know what we know: Americans have many buying options, and they need our cash.

That is reason one why President Trump should damn Beijing’s torpedoes and sign the “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019” – currently on his desk.   It is the right thing to do.

Reason two is Americans, represented by unanimity in the House and Senate, stand with the freedom-seeking Hong Kong population.  This bill passed the House and Senate on unanimous voice votes.  The House accepted the Senate version – and whisked it off to the president.  In short, there is moral authority behind this bill – and the President should add his.

Third, something stunning is happening in Hong Kong.  It happened over the weekend.  Against the odds, facing communist pressure not to do so, the people of Hong Kong – many born into freedom, 92 percent Chinese – voted for freedom.

That is right, on Sunday the 24th, “pro-democracy candidates won big gains in district council elections…” after an all-out attempt to blunt them, arrest protestors, punish those seeking rights promised Hong Kong in 1997. 

That outcome is remarkable.  The people of this semi-autonomous territory are saying in one voice, “support us.”  They value individual freedom above communist order.

This is rather inspiring – or should be – for Americans.  Our nation represents a beacon for those who hope, work, and assert the right to vote – democracy. 

On the numbers, “the Electoral Affairs Commission said a record-smashing 71.2 percent of the electorate, or more than 2.9 million residents, took part in voting for 452 seats in 18 district councils,” speaking loudly for freedom.  Four years ago, turnout was just 47 percent. 

So, the die is cast.  China could attempt to suppress Hong Kong’s longing for freedom, compliance with promises, and individual liberty, but the cost would be high. 

Not only would China lose stability, if activated Hong Kong rose against the crackdown. Almost 60 percent of Chinese finance goes through Hong Kong; that would dry up or become highly volatile.  The territory would slide into recession, ending a major engine of Chinese growth.

Even without President Trump’s signature on the pro-democracy bill, the global response to another Tiananmen crackdown would be immediate and unified.  If China’s economy is weakening, it would drop into a stall under international condemnation.

What is the right outcome from here?  Simpler than most realize.  If Chinese leadership were to take the vaunted long view, one outcome would flummox pundits. 

If China releases pressure on Hong Kong, allowing freedoms sought to be assured, they could also sign a trade bill.  Their economy would firm, Hong Kong continue to be an engine, and they would get credit for common sense.

On our side, President Trump should still sign the pro-democracy bill – making clear Americans live by and believe in moral compass.  We stand with those who seek, and fight for freedom.  That message would be heard around the world – from Iran and North Korea to Russia.   Americans would applaud and no one in Congress would oppose. 

Meantime, China’s inclination to look after their own interests, a capacity well-honed, would cause their leaders to finish stage-one of that elusive trade accord.  Our speaking up for human rights will derail nothing.  It will remind them that we put right first.

A second phase of the US-China trade relationship, when we hold them accountable across a broader range, must await President Trump’s reelection, since China hopes to wait him out. 

That is fine.  Our farmers will benefit from “stage one.”  Hong Kong will know we stand with freedom.  Beijing will recall Ronald Reagan. 

We Americans have it in us to lead.  We should not shy from doing so.  Reagan never did.  This is a chance for President Trump to take that torch of liberty forward – for all of us.

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3 years ago


3 years ago

Trump should sign & side with freedom & not let his trade war weigh on his decision. Also, this article insinuates that we might get into a arms race war with China??? Is that correct ???

3 years ago

China doesn’t care about a democracy election. The only reason China hasn’t murdered or sent the protectors to re-education death camp is because of President Trump strong foreign policies with China. China already has 2 million Muslims/Christians in re-education camps. China is afraid/respects President Trump. President Trump is working his magic behind the scenes!

3 years ago

He has signed it. The people of Hong Kong are happy.

3 years ago

He has signed it.

Josephine pooley
3 years ago

My favorite part of this is that Congress is unified. Probably for the first time since President Trump took office! He should jump on this chance to support democracy and sign this bill. It’s a win-win!

Joanna Johnson-Smith
3 years ago

Yes, Trump needs to sign, and THEN, USE this huge event to send the message that the Left is trying to turn the USA into what Hong Kong presently IS, what Venezuela presently IS, and choke the Democrats out. Their reign of destruction has gone on unchecked for far too long!

Bob R
3 years ago

Understand this, even in China, $ talk and B. S. walks. Sign the support of HK. In the long-run it will not impact the deal with China in a declining Chinese economy. Might take a few months longer but be more RR and reap the benefits come Election Day.

Joe McHugh
3 years ago

I would advise President Trump to sign the Hong Kong Human Rights act. It would irritate the Chinese Government but who really cares?

China is in a very weak position in dealing with America. It has painted itself into a corner by seeking to become the main seller of much of what we buy in this country. At the same time it applied heavy tariffs on American made products.

i have a theory about Trump’s psychology concerning China. I believe that he wants to use tariffs on a permanent basis no matter what China does. This action would compel American industry to once again make the products, that it sells to Americans, in the United States. We have been in a “trade war” with China ever since they gained a favored trading partner status years ago. However, the leaders of this country looked the other way until Donald Trump took office.

OK, why would American Presidents ignore the predatory actions of a “favored trading partner” like China? Money, specifically campaign money from the Wall Street barons who make huge profits in dealing with all foreign trading countries. They would simply not make as much profits as they now do with foreign trade.

Remember the old ” Buy American” slogans? They sounded nice, and no one argued against the idea. Guess what? The American consumer is more driven by cheaper product prices than by any altruistic thoughts about fellow Americans who saw their jobs disappear overseas. This is the thing, unless the tariff hammer is used on an ongoing basis, the foreign competition will again cheat on their trade agreements, and it will be back to business as usual.

The American consumer will have to adjust to higher prices for things made in America, in order for our economy to regain its appropriate position among other economies. It might help to consider another aspect of foreign trade. By “keeping them honest” with the tariff tool, they will have to meet their trade agreement responsibilities. This will afford our businesses a chance to compete on an equal playing field. With our productivity rates, we can compete with ANY other country, even the ones that use slave labor, (even slaves need upkeep). Worse for the foreign companies, our industries are automating their manufacturing factories in an accelerating manner. This won’t give the trade unions any joy, but it will propel American manufacturing way beyond the capabilities of our “favored trading partners” to stab us in the back by cheating.

By the way, some politician with vision will have to come up with an idea to provide sustainable support for those workers who cannot, or will not seek the training needed by an advanced industrial base. Such support will require that the people contribute some form of labor to offset their costs.
To be candid, I have no idea how this might be accomplished. But then, I have no burning desire to be a politician either.

Sharon Harrigan
3 years ago

I am praying that God will give President Trump the boldness to do what is right. If this be God’s will, I pray he will sign that bill.

N Schrock
3 years ago

I agree with the article, and we need to let the RINO’s know with our vote that we do not appreciate spineless representatives. Complaining and not voting is not acceptable. You don’t vote = you do not have a reason to complain or say anything.

3 years ago

Trump should not micro-manage the Navy as he did last week. The military is not a business like Trump is used to controlling. Why weaken military & why should it be okay to post picture with a corpse of another, sick & more like ISIS tactics. Shame on Trump & losing another long term Naval officer.

3 years ago

If Trump does not sign, what will that mean about him & rest of world??? Also, I do not believe that Trump can outlast China patience on trade war & should back off of this , as is hurting lots of Americans also. Plus, explain to me how the tariff $$ are going in govt. coffers ??? and if so start paying down debt deficit

Ruth Kidney
3 years ago

I have a step son in Vietnam and he can attest to China’s growing threat in that region. They have confiscated fishing boats and ships. They have designs on ultimately controlling the entire south east and it appears this is what the Japanese tried to do during WWII. We should do all we can to stop them. Sign and support Hong Kong, Mr. President!

Albert Atkinson Jr
3 years ago

I agree such an action would demonstrate the Presidents real commitment to what the USA stands for!

roger reid
3 years ago

The last time I visited Hong Kong was 1988 several years before the turnover. The promise that China made was that H.K. would always remain a free-zone. Pleasantly surprised the China kept that promise for so many years. They need to back off and adhere to their promise.

Phil Hammersley
3 years ago

The HK protesters are waving US flags and singing OUR national anthem while liberal idiots in the USA are kneeling for the anthem and burning our flag! Maybe we should send our deadbeats over there and see if they’d like things better!

John Canfield
3 years ago

This is a round-sounding gong for the support of freedom in the world at large. A fantastic article–straight to the heart of the matter, and hammered hard. Excellent. Follow this lead everyone!

John Karkalis
3 years ago

Amen, Robert B. Charles, amen!
Send a message to the World and to China.

3 years ago

Was this “act” approved by the legislature? Which house wrote and approved it first? Did it go to a bicameral committee?

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