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Ancient Egypt Quiz

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4 years ago

13 of 15. Interesting quiz. I knew more than I thought I would.

Laura Flight
4 years ago

Love these quizs, shows how much I don’t know.. Keep them coming

Judy Jones
5 years ago

Good grief! I got 12 out of 15 …. thanks to “Valley of the Kings” movie ……….. scary, but AWESOME & now “educational” :))
Great Quiz!

Paul Revere
5 years ago

10/15. Should have been 12/15 if I trusted my instincts. I should know better & will do better next time. But, all in all, not bad considering Egypt does not place high on my learning list. ⛰

5 years ago

11 out of 15. Most I guessed on. So not bad.

John Meyer, Sr.
5 years ago

I got 13 of 15. Not bad for an 85-year-old guy who remembers this from his fourth grade history class!

5 years ago

I got 10 of 15. I thought the eyes, not the heart, was kept as they were carefully covered with coins for the afterlife.

Christopher Maag
5 years ago

Although I actually missed 3, I consider it irrelevant that I didn’ t know there where 2000 different God’s and 24 distinct dynasties. However, it’s inexcusable that I missed the question about which organ was not removed during mummification. I read that in many different sources.

Bill Roth
5 years ago

11 correct for me. I get that from watching the history channel and the science channel on direct tv.

5 years ago

Wow! I got 10 out of 15! I’m a pretty good guesser!

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