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Historic Winter Storm Quiz

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Jan S
4 years ago

9 right lot of guesses. Quizzes are fun, keep sending them.

Brian Garrison
4 years ago

I must admit: if the storm did not affect me personally, my answers were all guesses. My answers were all guesses.

4 years ago

I got 10 of 12 correct probably because I lived through some of these storms. I remember walking about 4 miles each way in knee deep snow one year because the buses weren’t running and the streets weren’t plowed. I lived through Sandy, when I slept in the basement because I thought the roof was going to blow off. Glad I moved out of the People’s Republic of NY.

mickey c ross
4 years ago

l got 9 out of 12 right and to me that was good because l did a lot of guessing …..no matter l really like these Quiz’s they’er lot of fun

4 years ago

Got 9-12 not bad for a Southerner. Don’t see much snow here.

Judy Smith
4 years ago

Keep the quizzes coming. They’re fun. I should have gotten more than 9 correct, but it was still fun.

4 years ago

I got 8 out of 12. Not bad since I guessed st most.
I enjoy these quizzes. Thanks for having them.

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