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St. Patrick’s Day Quiz

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Betty J
4 years ago

That was very interesting!!
Got nine correct!!

4 years ago


4 years ago

Only 4 out of 10,,,but I’m German. Not an excuse, I know, just can’t think of anything better, except maybe I don’t like green, only in Nature (still not an excuse, but I hate to admit I’m dumb when it comes to anything Irish). Love the quizzes, though, as it’s a good learning experience!

4 years ago

Growing up our grade school and HS and College (all Irish Catholic) were always closed for St. Patrick’s day. So I should receive credit for that one….schools ARE closed on that day, just not all schools.

Mary L
4 years ago

Nine out of ten correct. Not Irish, but have many friends who are. I way overestimated the pints of Guiness consumed. This was fun……..

4 years ago

3 of 10, I must still be hung-over

Sandra M
4 years ago

Very interesting and so much fun. I got 6 right. The ones I missed were about numbers and I guessed on those. Good info to know and pass on!

Caroll Aleshire
4 years ago

I got 9 out of 10 correct, with one or two guesses, but then I have studies St. Patrick in a college history class. (He wasn’t Irish, and he wasn’t Catholic. Catholic missionaries did not arrive in Ireland until about 200 years later, and besides, he was married.)

Carrol G
4 years ago

For being 52% Irish (thank you Ancestery.com), I got 10 out of 10. ☘️

4 years ago

Only 6 out of ten. How embarrassing. It was mostly guess work.

4 years ago

That was fun, 7-correct

4 years ago

9 out of 10 isn’t bad for one of German ancestry with an Irish sounding. last name

JoAnn (O\'Meara) Schaefers
4 years ago

Yeah–I got 8 right. Should have been 10 if I answered my first thought. A truly great tribute to St. Patrick , the Irish/ Ireland and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! THANK YOU. An excellent quiz for my CCD students and adults. So many think St. Patrick’s Day Is only for celebration & wearing green. Great ???’s. Hope I can remember them to write out and have fun asking others during coffee hours. Blessings and may the LUCK of the IRISH be with ALL of YOU who promote AMAC and interesting quizzies.

4 years ago

I got 6 out of 10. Not too bad considering I was sure about 3.

Steve D
4 years ago

Ten for ten, but then, I’m Irish.

Caroll Aleshire
4 years ago
Reply to  Steve D

And you knew how many pints were consumed? And how many Americans claim Irish descent? You are good!

Diana Erbio
4 years ago

8 out of 10 and I am not even Irish :-) I missed the 2 you mention Carroll.

Glenn Lego
4 years ago

I got 8 out of 10 correct. I make no pretense of being Irish.

Jan S
4 years ago

All but three were guesses, had seven right, not too shabby from someone Dutch/German decent.

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