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Super Bowl Quiz

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4 years ago

I thought #10 was 1970 – it wasn’t even called the Super Bowl for a couple of years. I Enjoy the quizzes.

4 years ago

7 out of 15 correct. Considering I don’t watch football at all and never have, that’s great guessing.
In school, I would have failed the test but still I’m amazed that I got any of them right.

Dr. Charles Hooper
4 years ago

Check out question #8. You say “Roger Staubach” was the correct answer, however “Tony Dorsett” as a selection gets you the question right. I know that Roger Staubach won both the Heisman Trophy and the Super Bowl. However, I do not think Navy ever won the College Football #1 ranking. with Staubach. Tony Dorsett, however has all three criteria met in this question (I believe)

4 years ago

I think Doc Hooper is correct!

Fritz the Banker
4 years ago

I got 10 out 15, but I agree that Dorsett is the correct answer, so it should be 11/15.

4 years ago

Poor question..RS correct as answer to question

James Tollefson, CGCS
4 years ago

Wow, 3 right out of 15, not bad for someone who has never seen a Soup erbowl. Guess I am not even a good guesser.

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