World Government Quiz

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Helen E
4 years ago

12 out of 14, peeps… Never a great student of history but I’ve LIVED a lot of it ; } It seems more important than it used to — especially the ACCURATE, FACT-BASED RECORDING of events. To our future historians: PLEASE get this right!! Watch out for opinions and bias! It matters. And who ever thought Russia was ANY kind of a Republic!? Ben Franklin must be shaking his head. He knew we would have our hands full with our own Republic. “Shields high, friends!”, as Buck Sexton would say. Give him a listen…

robert fulton
4 years ago

The United States of America is a republic not a democracy…see question number 12.

4 years ago
Reply to  robert fulton

LOL. Multiple choice…you choose the best wrong answer.

Steve Gonnella
4 years ago

Question # 12 is an incorrect form of question–the Unites States of America does not have a democracy form of government. The United States of America has a Constitutional Representative Republic form of government.

Diana Erbio
4 years ago

12 out of 14 ?

The Badger
4 years ago

Would be more informative if age of the respondent was requested and posted. I am 80.

Helen Eger
4 years ago
Reply to  The Badger

Hats off to you! Stay close…we need your experience and wisdom. I know you MUST be a great American! Thanks for keeping us strong!

4 years ago

First Amac quiz that I nailed 14 out of 14!!

Jan Riggleman
4 years ago

I liked it, I knew more than I thought. Good quiz.

Marion Halstead
4 years ago

What about the second amendment? I consider your quiz flawed on this question.

4 years ago

The question was what is in the 1st Amendment, not the 2nd.

4 years ago

13 of 14 correct is not bad.

Zulema Miguele
4 years ago

12 out of 14.

4 years ago

10 of 14. I got taken to the cleaners…

William E. Hastings
4 years ago

I do like your quizzes as they tend to be timely, pertainant and challenging while being educational.

4 years ago

Please give us more quizes. Thanks…it is fun

4 years ago

11 out of 14. I should of known two of them.

Martin Steed
4 years ago

I’m SLIPPING! I missed 3! Gotta go hit the books. THX, I love these things.

Donna Kepler
4 years ago

11 out of 14. And two of the ones I missed, I should have gone with my initial gut reaction because it was right. This was quite interesting!

Jan S
4 years ago

13 of 14, missed the one about Japanese emperor.
Thank you for these, fun and informative. ?

4 years ago

Easy one

4 years ago

Pretty cool

4 years ago

Refreshing change

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