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Georgia Doctor: Healthcare Should Be a Key Issue in Senate Runoff

healthcareThe runoff election in the Peach State is ramping-up as control of the U.S. Senate hangs in the balance. And believe it or not, while the media is focusing on which political camp can outspend the other, Georgians actually care about the issues. As a practicing physician in the state who listens intently to my patients, it’s clear healthcare reform is a top concern.

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Reprinted with Permission from - TownHall by - Scott Barbour

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Dan W.
7 months ago

Obamacare is broken. No kidding, I never would have guessed.

We’ve been hearing “REPEAL and REPLACE” for the last four years. What did we get ? NOTHING.

Both the Dems and the Republicans in Congress agree that Obamacare needs fixing. The big question is….When are they going to get around to it ?

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