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dt-amac-wordpress-money-bank-may-2015Who doesn’t like to get a discount when shopping or buying?  Whether it’s a coupon for a restaurant, a discount on getting your car serviced, or 20% off on rib eye steaks at your local butcher shop, businesses long ago figured out that people really like getting bargains. That’s why newspapers so often have advertising inserts (especially on Sunday), and why you see so many discount offers within the pages of your local daily news and even on the back of your church bulletin!

With competition so fierce these days, business owners are acutely aware that discounts play a key role in attracting and retaining customers. AMAC is equally aware of this and has taken the initiative to provide a tool that members can use to quickly and easily locate discount deals available to them. This tool–a searchable, online map–enables members to zero in on discount offers exclusive to AMAC members.

map (2)

AMAC’s online discounts map was launched early last year, and so far boasts more than 6000 merchants offering unique discounts to AMAC members. New businesses are being added to the map every day: businesses in your local area as well as national premium brands offering money-saving opportunities.  AMAC’s goal is to become your preferred “one-stop-shopping” portal to get you some pretty great discounts.  Best of all, this is a free benefit of your AMAC membership!

The online discounts map is very easy to use.  All you need to do is go to AMAC’s website (, click on “Member Benefits”, and locate the discounts map icon.  Then just click on it to access the national map, complete with a search panel.  From there you can narrow your search to a particular category of business, zip code, or specific business name, or simply click on the “Show Merchants Near Me” hot-link.  And then presto!, you will see a map of your local area showing all participating merchants close to where you are.

All merchants on the map will honor your AMAC membership card for your discount, but if you wish you can click on a specific merchant’s map icon and get a printable coupon.  It’s as easy as that!!!  And be sure to check out our special national premium merchants by clicking on the piggy bank symbol, or simply visit If your favorite merchant isn’t shown on the map already, just send an email to [email protected] or call us at 1.888.970.4545 and we’ll contact the merchant to enroll them in our members’ discount program.

Start saving money today.  No gimmicks; just another valuable benefit of being a member of AMAC, America’s fastest growing conservative seniors’ advocacy organization.


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JoAnne Risser-Hicks
3 months ago

My husband and I are looking for affordable dental insurance. Do you have any recommendations? He is 76 and I am 75. Thank you SO much!

Frank and Elaine Butler
1 year ago

Looking for discounts on our trip to W New York.

Johnnie Guinn
2 years ago

I’m wondering what’s the best insurance company to go with besides Traveler’s? They lost my business telling me they would insure my fifth wheel, went and bought it and called to add and pay and they refused me service! I want to insure my car, renters ins, and my fifth wheel. Anybody?

5 years ago

I am a member of aarp for one thing only a discount on insurance. It is the only reason because I feel it’s socialistic and didn’t want to join but the discount helps more than the membership cost

4 years ago
Reply to  Marilyn

I feel the same way but I will not join because they use my money for their political agenda which is very liberal and against my ideals..
.and that’s why they have gotten so big.. because of people like you..

Terry Stewart
2 years ago
Reply to  Marilyn

Amac is a conservative alternative to AARP. AARP is total left wing, I will not support them anymore.

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