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Giving Thanks This Holiday Season Rather than Giving In

holiday“Laws will not be respected if they’re not respectable.”  So said Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) back in May.  How right he was.  Crenshaw was referring to “blue state” governors at the time who were overzealously prosecuting owners of hair salons, gyms, and pet grooming businesses.  A single paddleboarder getting exercise safely and well offshore was chased down by an officer on a jet ski in southern California for daring to be outside in violation of an executive order.

We’ve learned a lot since the spring about the Coronavirus.  Americans, especially the older and more vulnerable among us, understand how best to take precautions while still trying to have some semblance of a life.  Masks and social distancing are now part of our lexicon.

For the law abiding it was frustrating, to say the least, to see the media mob allow a “time out” from the pandemic in June.  They essentially gave throngs of protestors, rioters, and looters a free pass to engage in their activities, all in the name of social justice, while the rest of us looked on in disbelief.  Just like that injustice became more important than public health.

Fast forward to November 2020.  The newest “no-no” appears to be families wishing to gather for Thanksgiving.  A gaggle of mostly blue state governors and mayors and their media allies appear to have no shame, announcing new holiday dinner restrictions just days after being silent on large, Joe Biden street celebrations across major cities.

People are smarter than many politicians give them credit.  They can make intelligent decisions if only there were such a thing as an unbiased media that simply reported facts without conjecture or histrionics.  There are a myriad of ways to enjoy dinner with family safely.  Some families will be eating in separate rooms or outside.  Still others are opting for “shifts” to avoid larger gatherings.

If Americans detest anything it is a political class seeking to take away their freedoms and one of the few pleasures left in a year of closures, lockdowns, and enforced misery—quality time with family and friends.  And while the experts are saying to forgo this Thanksgiving so one can enjoy next year’s, I’m reminded of a post I saw and shared on social media myself last week:  “Before you cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas with your loved ones, remember that this may be the last holiday you have.  We are not guaranteed a single minute on this earth.  Stop living in fear and embrace life to its fullest!”  Turkey and stuffing aside, that may yet be the best food for thought this holiday season.

Jeff Szymanski works in political communications for AMAC, a senior benefits organization with over 2.3 million members.

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Judy Jamison
1 year ago

That last paragraph alone makes the cost of my AMAC membership worth it. So good to read both articles AND comments from readers that tell me and my loved ones that we’re not alone. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow…

Barbi Brown
1 year ago

Very well written article and so true. The American people need to stop letting the Democrats use scare tactics on them. It is one of the first steps of the control that they are after.

Diana Erbio
1 year ago

I second that!

1 year ago

The police wonder why people want 2 defund them. No common sense 4 the surfer. Only someone who wants 2 control people does this. He should be fired 4 not standing up 4 our rights. Will he shoot someone because a mayor or governor tells him 2.he sounds like the germens after ww 2.we had 2 obey the govt

Dan W.
1 year ago

This is a semi-free country. If you want to get together with your extended family and friends on Thanksgiving, go for it. Anyone who is still worried about Covid can simply stay home.

As the author of the above article posted to social media:  “Before you cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas with your loved ones, remember that this may be the last holiday you have. We are not guaranteed a single minute on this earth. Stop living in fear and embrace life to its fullest!”

1 year ago

Our Governor here in Ohio is on my last nerve. They want to make us feel like criminals for just wanting to be with family.

Dan W.
1 year ago
Reply to  ray

I doubt if The Ohio State Police will be knocking on anyone’s door on Thanksgiving.

Invite who you want. If some of your guests are worried about Covid, they can stay home.

1 year ago

Being single, alone, with no children or any family close by, I’ve gotten used to celebrating every holiday alone and that’s okay. But extended family’s with children should be together. Whether it’s with 6 or 60, families that celebrate together, stay together! I’m tired of Socialist/Communist Politicians acting like Dictators forgetting that it is they that serve US and we do not serve THEM! And here in Darkest Blue California, our Jackass Governor believes that “We should do what HE says, and not what HE does!” What hypocrisy! Happy Thanksgiving everybody and God Bless!

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