It’s On: GOP Appears Ready to Go ‘Nuclear’ if Democrats Mount Indefensible, Unpopular Filibuster of Gorsuch

supreme court filibusterDemocrats have zero intellectually-defensible reasonsnone — to sustain the first-ever partisan filibuster of a Supreme Court nominee, but due to the demands of their extreme base and their misplaced anger over finally being held to their own standards last year, they appear to be headed in that direction anyway. Many liberals have been cheering on this mindless obstruction, with some whispering around that Republicans won’t have the votes to invoke the Reid Rule and end the judicial filibuster for nominees to the High Court (Reid’s unjustifiable 2013 power grab was, of course, one of…

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from - Townhall.com - by Guy Benson

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4 years ago

McConnell should have invoked the nuclear option on January 20th. Harry Reid had no problem using it to push through every piece of destructive progressive legislation over Obama’s eight years in office and to effectively silence Republican opposition along the way. How do you think we’re going to have any chance of undoing at least some of that mess without it? Does anyone seriously think the Democrats, in sufficient numbers, will offer their support for the vast majority of the Trump agenda? Just look at the endless string of delays and obstruction the Democrats have put forth in the last 70 days alone? Day after day of the same “We oppose Trump and the Republicans” on one thing after another. For virtually everything, not merely Judge Gorsuch which is the subject of this article. Schumer has publicly stated dozens of times, that this is how they intend to ensure that most of the Trump agenda never gets enacted. All so they can run in both 2018 and 2020 on the fact that Trump has accomplished almost nothing and re-take the Senate. Thus ending any chance of Trump getting any major legislation enacted and making him a lame duck.

I get that McConnell is a “regular order” kind of guy, who wants to keep hoping that the Democrats will, at some point, act responsibly for the good of the overall country. But that is just delusional. I fully understand that McConnell doesn’t want to rock the boat and simply wants things to continue along the “business as usual” path. A nice, leisurely pace endlessly debating whatever the issue of the moment is, with little to show for it at the end of each Congressional session. Throw in a half dozen photo ops each year for the folks back home and he’s happy. The problem for Senator McConnell is that a large percentage of the overall Republican base nation-wide actually wants to see a significant percentage of the Trump agenda enacted. The fact that the stated agenda and goals of the Democrat Party are diametrically opposed to what would be beneficial to this country makes waiting around for the Democrats to “act responsibly” a non-starter. They see everything Trump and the Republicans trying to do as a threat to what they want this country to become. So it is time that either McConnell do the right thing for the country and invoke the nuclear option for everything coming before the Senate or he hands over his leadership position to another fellow Republican Senator, that has both the will and the spine to do what is necessary to get things done. McConnell can stay in the Senate, since that is all he really cares about anyway. However, we cannot allow one man’s lack of will and courage to do the right thing for this nation to ruin this last chance we have to save this country. Just my thoughts on the subject.

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