GOP Lawmakers Press for Investigation of FBI’s ‘Special Treatment’ of Hillary Clinton Probe

state-dept-clinton-emails clinton FBI probeConservatives are calling for an investigation of what they say was the FBI’s “special treatment” of Hillary Clinton ahead of the Dec. 7 testimony of FBI Director Christopher Wray before the House Judiciary Committee.

“I am proud to be joined by my fellow conservatives in the House to call for an investigation into the FBI’s procedures that allowed Hillary Clinton to receive special treatment,” Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., said at a press conference Wednesday. “We’ll also investigate the unprecedented bias against President [Donald] Trump that exists when we allow people who hate the president to participate in the investigations against him.”

Gaetz, who was joined at the press conference by Reps. Jody Hice, R-Ga.; Jim Jordan, R-Ohio; Andy Biggs, R-Ariz.; Scott Perry, R-Pa.; and Mark Meadows, R-N.C., called for an investigation into the FBI’s treatment of Clinton’s email use. The FBI investigation was deemed as “special,” according to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

“Each day, we learn more information that reflects the double standard that, unfortunately, seems to be pervasive at the FBI and at the Department of Justice,” Gaetz said. A “small team” at FBI headquarters was assigned to conduct the Clinton investigation, according to emails released from McCabe, he noted.

On Nov. 15, documents were released that show McCabe “wrote an email on his official government account stating that the Hillary Clinton email probe had been given ‘special’ status,” The Hill reported.

During Clinton’s tenure at the State Department from 2009 to 2013, she used a private email account and server while conducting State Department business.

“For me, this question is why,” Perry said at the press conference. “Why are there two different standards of justice? Why doesn’t the FBI and the Justice Department have to comply with subpoenas by the Congress for information that the American people need to have and should have and should have access to? Why is that happening?”

Hice said justice has not been impartial toward Clinton.

“This is all about, ultimately, whether or not Lady Justice is still blindfolded, and whether or not she is peeking out from underneath to show favoritism with certain individuals,” the Georgia lawmaker said. “The more we hear about how the FBI handled the investigations involving Hillary Clinton, the more we understand that she received special treatment, and that is unacceptable.”

From then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch secretly meeting with former President Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac on June 27, 2016, to the description of how Hillary Clinton handled classified information being downgraded from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless,” Hice said, there are many questions with no answers.

“[T]he FBI’s process and procedures that allow this type of activity to occur must come to an end. We must have justice at this point, and at the same time, we must make sure that this type of favoritism never occurs again,” he said.

Additional concerns of the lawmakers are outlined in a letter, dated Nov. 28, to Wray signed by Gaetz, along with Biggs and Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas. Those concerns include questions with respect to why then-FBI Director James Comey moved Clinton’s investigation from the FBI’s Washington field office to a “small team,” and why Lynch asked Comey to refer to Clinton’s case as a “matter,” rather than an “investigation.”

Meadows, the chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to get involved in the investigation.

“It is time that we get to the bottom of it, and I call on Attorney General Sessions. It is time for him to show the type of leadership to make sure the American people get the answers they deserve, because we can not allow the highest law enforcement agency in the land to actually be in a situation where they allow partisanship to determine who is actually not only guilty or innocent, but certainly we can’t allow it to happen when indeed it should be a nonpartisan, nonbiased way,” Meadows said.

Lawmakers say they want answers from Wray, who will be testifying before the House Judiciary Committee for the first time as FBI chief on Thursday.

“Tomorrow, FBI Director Christopher Wray will testify before the Judiciary Committee, and we want answers as to how we can reform our systems and practices, so that no one gets special treatment and no one is subjected to any special bias,” Gaetz said.

From - The Daily Signal - by Rachel del Guidice

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4 years ago

I don’t claim to understand much of this, and I understand frustration with the GOP soft-peddling issues especially concerning our president. At the same time (and sorry if my comparison may seem a bit gross), but it’s like my mama used to tell me about boils, “don’t keep picking at it until it’s ripe.” Maybe Sessions delay is just what we need. If all the facts are not yet present for a quick and easy investigation then allowing time for it all to ‘fester’ may be best. I know many of you are so frustrated with the Rhinos, but sometimes we don’t have everything we need for an accurate opinion. If Trump thought Sessions was the right guy then maybe we should too.

Rexford O Ames
4 years ago

Interesting. I was under the misbegotten impression that The F.B.I. was cleaned out some years ago by J Edger Hoover. I guess the Funny Bunny’s Investigators have begun an old policy: Politician’s protected and the public own peril? Interesting. The same General that served under President Barrack H. Obama was carried over into the Trump Administration and then it was he who was the direct cause of the so called ” Russian” interference of certain states elections. Of course that same politician that served the Obama administration, was held in high esteem while serving Mr. Obama. Strange politics. Obama had so many questionable behaviors during his 8 year run with protections from his handlers and now that Mr. Trump is in office. Those same people just seemed to ” Disappear”. What ever happened to the following: Monopoly breakup, accountability for ones actions! Oop’s that’s old school!
Thanks to those same people. America now has: Fake News, Charges against people “via social media”. Who cares about the Constitution or the Laws. Let social Media be the Judge, Jury and executioner. Until it bites them on the rear end and then watch them cry foul. A few are causing the many to anguish over what they used to trust. i’e. The News’s and their elected officials and the government agencies that was established by those same elected officials so that we the people could pursue our life in comparable freedom! New’s used to be held accountable. I guess that no longer applies?

Paul W.
4 years ago

Where is Sessions? I originally supported him ardently, but I’ve since lost confidence in him and his DOJ. I understand the administration’s position of not wanting to appear spiteful, but when numerous felonies have been committed (especially those that affect national security) the offender(s) need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent…no matter what their name is.

Silas Longshot
4 years ago

Considering the massive bias (plain old HATE) this bunch of backstabbers against the President, and have found NOTHING after all this time and taxpayer money spent, it’s a waste of resources and time that COULD be investigating REAL crimes, like with the Clinton’s and all their doings.

5 years ago

Sessions needs to fire Mueller, then resign and retake his seat in Alabama. We need a DOJ that can do the job instead of sitting out on important issues. Hillary should have been prosecuted as soon as Sessions took office. Instead he sits back and does nothing. Very disappointed in DOJ.

5 years ago

Seems that for some reason traitors like Obama and Clinton’s have special privileges when it comes to law and justice, they seem to have been placed above the law that everyone else seems to be bound by. The fascist Democrats seem to have a way of protecting these criminals. Seems that vigilantly justice is the only justice left in America because the courts and the rule of law does not exist for criminals. The special prosecutors should be looking into these criminals instead of making up excuses for looking at Trump

Doloes Aams
5 years ago

This is disgusting. Hillary Clinton does not DESERVE any kind of special treatment. She is not above the law.

4 years ago
Reply to  Doloes Aams

In HER deranged delusional arrogant existence
SHE thinks of course she is entitled to special treatment

In the words of Leona Helmsley
Laws are for the little people

Or in the words of P T Barnum
You can fool some of the people all of the time but…………

What goes around comes around

Willie Ryan
5 years ago

Hilary and Obama should both be put in jail for being traders and giving the people’s money to countries that try to kill and hate us

P. Berry
5 years ago
Reply to  Willie Ryan

Did you mean “TRAITORS”?

5 years ago
Reply to  P. Berry

Yes, P.Berry, I’m sure Willie simply misspelled the word. obama & hilarious should definitely not get away with their misdeeds. Is that a good word? People are afraid of her and want to treat her nicely because she’s an old lady. Folks, she ain’t no lady. I’m an old lady and if I did what she did, you can bet I’d be in the clink. Say, maybe I’ll go rob a bank…I don’t even need a gun. I’ll just say my pal hilarious is outside waiting…gimme the dough now.

5 years ago

A congressional investigation into the FBI investigation (matter) of anything Clinton
Should have started the moment
Comey muttered the term “careless” rather than the appropriate term “negligent ”

When are the GOP members gonna get on board and start sticking up for Trump and his agenda.

Elton Yancey
5 years ago
Reply to  Hen3ry

Not until most of them are gone.

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