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Help for Veterans: H.R. 4031 VA Management Accountability Act

AMAC recently supported a new bill that seeks to ensure that benefits are delivered to America’s veterans in an effective and efficient manner.  Representative Jeff Miller (R-FL) introduced H.R. 4031, the “VA Management Accountability Act,” to increase accountability within the Veterans Administration (VA) and to protect veterans from future bureaucratic injustices.  This bill gives the Secretary of the VA the authority to fire or demote employees whose work performances warrant removal – allowing the VA to appropriately address the most pressing problems plaguing the department.  The VA plays a crucial role in the administration of veterans’ benefits and has an obligation to see that its own bureaucratic vulnerabilities do not impede the department’s abilities to carry out its basic responsibilities.  AMAC believes that H.R. 4031 is an essential first step in strengthening the VA and giving peace of mind to the brave men and women who have dutifully served our country.  AMAC is proud to partner with Rep. Miller in support of this legislation and will continue to advocate on behalf of mature American veterans across the country.


March 21st, 2014

The Honorable Jeff Miller
1st District, Florida
U.S. House of Representatives
336 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative Miller,

On behalf of the 1.1 million members of AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, I am writing to offer our strong support to H.R. 4031, the “VA Management Accountability Act.” This significant piece of legislation seeks to increase accountability within the Veterans Administration (VA) and to ensure that benefits are both effectively and efficiently administered to the brave men and women who have dutifully served our nation.

H.R. 4031 grants authority to the Secretary of the VA to remove or demote employees whose work performances warrant punitive action. Instituting accountability within the VA promises to empower the department to address its most pressing problems, including the substantial backlog of disability benefits and the growing number of preventable veteran deaths at VA medical centers across the country. The VA has an obligation to America’s veterans to see that its own bureaucratic vulnerabilities do not impede the department’s ability to fulfill its basic responsibilities.

AMAC believes that H.R. 4031 is a critical first step toward strengthening the VA and tackling the systematic weaknesses that have plagued the department for far too many years. America’s veterans – many of whom are disabled or rely on their compensation checks to help pay bills or buy food – should not continue to be unnecessarily burdened by the VA’s inability to responsibly and effectively manage its own department obligations.

Like many Americans, AMAC remains very concerned with how our veterans are cared for and treated. AMAC believes this legislation appropriately honors their sacrifices and will enable the VA to serve our veterans better in the future. Thanks to your concern and attention for this important issue, AMAC is pleased to support H.R. 4031, the “VA Management Accountability Act.”

Dan Weber
President and Founder of AMAC

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8 years ago

VA issues are long standing and systemic. A systemic problem is not a local or regional problem, it is much larger and requires a different approach at resolution. The wrong approach has been tried for more than 50 years, so how about a New and Right approach? Or do we want to continue to sit in ‘sheep pens’ called waiting rooms for hours waiting on marginal to good care but seldom excellent care that every VET and family member under the care of the VA deserves.

The problem contains within itself the solution. I fear for most of you that you have had too much coolaid and ate too many ‘fudgies’ that you will find the resolution worse than a year in combat. Some of you absolute explode in horror at the suggestion(s) offered by sane and compentent VETS and at times caring POLs. What are you really wanting to accomplish; just get your case solved, help your battle buddy or fix the system completely to solve both problems?

Systemic solutions solve the systemic issues which therefore brings resolution and rapid forward movement in care of VETS. What is the systemic issue? Your elected officals. The overweight, self serving, self-promoting, pompous, odious beaureaucrats. We elected them, we need to get rid of them if they don’t fix the system. If we let them continue then we are to blame. Most of you are retired. When was the last time 100 of you got to gather, swarmed an officals meeting, had great intel, powerfull talking points and forced them to answer hard questions and commit publicly to a fix? There’s the issue ladies and gentlemen. The power is in your (our) hands and until we make those responsible for the issue, face the music and fix or flee; via our vote or their election to not run, then we will have what we have.

Patriot Guard, Oath Keeper/Promise Keeper, Constitutional Protection via Oath.

Robert N Frantzich
8 years ago

This H.R. 4031 is good legislation. I have other legislation that I can’t seem to get my Senators or House Rep. from Idaho to carry. Maybe AMAC will consider lobbying or otherwise supporting it. This is the letter I sent my reps. I will be turning 65 soon, so I have been researching the options for Medicare part B. Since I have VA medical I would like not to take Medicare Part B at this time. That option is not available since Medicare does not recognize the VA as credible insurance. They do recognize the VA drug part as credible for Medicare part D. Why do they accept one part of the VA and not the other part? If I do not take Medicare now & wish to later, there will be a 10% penalty for every year I opt out. This stays with you for life. Get this, Obamacare does recognize the VA as credible insurance, so Medicare should also. I live in a very small town that only has a health clinic. Every time you go in, you get a different doctor. With VA, I get to see the same doctor every time, so they know my history. There is no guarantee that any doctor has to accept Medicare payments. So, with the monthly premiums, the deductibles, the co-pays, and anything that Medicare won’t cover, that adds up to a lot of money. Living on Social Security, the $105.00 monthly premiums is a lot of money that I could use for other things. According to SHIBA (Our stare insurance association), there needs to be a legislative change to Medicare that would make VA Medical credible insurance for Medicare. If I have credible ins., there isn’t a penalty if I wish to take Medicare part B at a later time. I don’t know of any reason either party would have a problem with that. Younger people with VA medical don’t have to get ins. under Obamacare & seniors with VA medial shouldn’t have to take Medicare part B. This kind of legislation would give both Seniors & Veterans a choice instead of government making our decisions. Constitutional Conservative Vet

Robret Fleig
8 years ago

I stand, not as a veteran, but rather as a proud American with The Honerable Jeff Miller and AMAC in support of HR 4031. Our veterans are Americas finest and should be treated as such.
The Vetrans Administration, as all other government agencies, has been allowed to muck run for far too long. We need to regain control of the administration at all levels and hold them accountable for there actions and inactions. Transparency was a word bantered about by this administration in the early days, I for one have yet to see it. My view at this point is less transparency, and bigger government. This just promotes another enviornment where our liberties can be tested as another government agency can muck run and we are withnessing just that.
Our Veterans are and have been one of our most valued assets as a nation and it is high time that we as Americans start treating them with the honor and respect that they deserve! HR 4031 is a great place to start. We will then need to carry this through out all of “OUR” other government agiencies, they still work for us at this time.

8 years ago

Even before Obama, much before Obama. I am talking about when the conspiracy between the Devil and the Anti Christ people, not only of America but all the world decided to obey the DEVIL (who’s only powerful weapon is to get into your mind) by giving his captured deciples a thirst and unrelenting desire for MONEY,POWER, GREED and the hunger to STEAL, KILL and eventually DESTROY America and all the GOD LOVING PEOPLE in it ! It is obvious what I have been trying to make all people understand, when I told them it was not POLITICAL (although it was used to mesmerize the people) to allow each President(with exception of two) to take steps leading up to the Demise of our Nation ! I DON’T APOLOGIZE FOR TELLING FAMILYS OF MY BROTHERS THAT SERVED AND HAVE BEEN DENIED DISABILITY AS I HAVE BEEN, FOR ONE LOUSY LIE AFTER ANOTHER, NOT UNDERSTANDING THAT EACH SINFUL ACT WILL EVEN BRING THE WORLD DOWN AND THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN AND YOU NOW SEE IT HAPPINING TODAY. INNOCENT EMPLOYEES THAT ARE HIRED BY THE VETERANS ADMINISTRATION, THEIR SOLE PURPOSE TO BE OF HELP TO THE DISABLED VETERAN WAS CAREFULLY ADVISED OR GUIDED BY SO CALLED PROTOCOL. IT IS CALLED CHANGING YOUR MIND AGAINST YOUR REAL DESIRE. THIS IS TO SAVE MONEY THAT SOME OTHER COUNTRY MIGHT NEED INSTEAD OFTHE DISABLED VETERAN. I SEE THAT THERE IS A STRONG CAMPAIGN TO TRY AND REPAIR THE REPUTATION OFTHE VETERANS ADMINISTRATION ? IT SOUNDS GOOD, LOOKS GOOD BUT TIME WILL TELL? SEEING IS BELIEVING ! No matter how sad the story, No matter what the abuse, no matter their mistakes, No matter the Attorney, We lose if they desire that, boasting they are to big to fight them. One thing they ignore is Almighty GOD. He will be here shortly in his own time! His Reward is with him to whom has not treated his family right! GOD is not going to be happy when he sees the ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION that was done to not only this Nation but the WORLD !

Michael J. Gasior
8 years ago

Please get rid of the “Means Testing for Veterans”.
Never asked for help, until I came down with Cancer.
I was in a position of loosing my Medical Insurance, and wanted my Country to Back Me Up— just in case!.
Am I Angry—No after all my Friends & Neighbors selected me to Serve—Drafted.
Thanks VA.

Dallas Wills
8 years ago

It took me over15 years to secure veterans benefits for Agent Orange poisoning. My symptoms started while still in service. It was not noted on my retirement physical. I have applied for adaptive housing grant. I asked for help on several occasions. After 20 months I was approved to get the grant. Get he grant? That is just the start of it. Now it is going before a board to see if it will be granted. It is not enough that I have lost the use of all four limbs. I was assigned an agent that came into my house (That was being built) and acted like he was God. He demanded that this and that be done and if it was not done he (HE.)WOULD NOT GIVE ME THE GRANT. I am suffering with great pain because of a back injury in Vietnam which is part of my disability. I would not take this Mans word and requested another Agent. The newly assigned agent released me from my suffering over believing that I wouldn’t get the grant to assuring me that I could get it. I f I had received the information that I had requested from my first assigned agent the house would have met all the VA requirements which is over 100, and there would not have been any problem. No the Agent would write me emails saying you not have been approved and I can’t give you any help. When you are approved then I’ll help you. The house was almost finished when he came to see me and he said this will have to be change and that will have to be changed. This upset me greatly. When the newly assigned agent came She assured me that she would get approval for allowing things to be approved. That has been several months now and 19 months have passed since I applied for the grant we are living in the house now and I haven’t heard from anyone. I am 80 years old now and I had to take out a loan to complete the house. I tried several times to get a VA loan and no one would give mea VA loan. I finally got the money from a local bank. That cost me $7,000 just to get the loan and I had to pay interest on the money while the house was being built. I needed a few thousand dollars to finish the house. I don’t want to leave my family a debt that they can not pay off if I die. The grant from the VA would assure that. If I die before the grant comes in I will not get the grant and my wife will have to sell the house.

Gray Jones
8 years ago

Good news for vets. I’m a Vietnam vet who in 95 started receiving benefits for something that happened in 67. In 08 I started receiving benefits for Agent Orange exposure tying it to my prostate cancer and diabetes which now “benefits” me 100%. Now at 68yrs I look back to 1965, when I enlisted, amazed I’m still hassling Vietnam with the VA…Semper Fi Nam 66-67

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