Happy New Year, Everyone!

new yearAs we at AMAC reflect on 2017, we’d like to share a few thoughts with you all.

Firstly, we thank the Lord for the many blessings bestowed upon us this past year. We are grateful for the strength and hope He has given us, and as we enter a new year, we take solace in knowing He will be with us every step of the way.

We thank and salute President Donald Trump for his strong leadership and for spending his first year in office putting America first. We are glad to have a leader who upholds the Constitution and champions freedom of speech, religious liberty, and the right to life.

Heck, we’d even like to thank our critics: their attacks have only reinforced our resolve to keep fighting for our values. In rising above their antagonism, we’ve proven that we will not be silenced.

Most of all, we would like to thank YOU.

AMAC would be nothing without all of you, our faithful members. You give us the passion and drive to keep moving forward, you give us the momentum to make conservative voices heard on Capitol Hill, you give us hope for the future of our great nation.

You are the impetus behind our initiatives, you are our inspiration, and you are the most vital part of our organization.

YOU are the reason AMAC exists, and we thank each and every one of you for another great year. We look forward to all we will accomplish together in 2018!

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