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Harris AWOL on Border – More Oversight Needed


Vice President Harris is AWOL on the border crisis. Can there be any question? The fact may be political cowardice, deflection from Biden’s missteps, or intent to elevate illegal immigration – popping illegal voting in 2022 or 2024. Any way you slice it, she is not leading, not serving average Americans, and not earning her keep. Republicans should ramp up oversight.

To be clear, Vice President Harris receives $235,000 annually as Vice President. President Biden, whose main job is misreading cue cards, gets $400,000. Biden, having opened the US border by nixing Trump’s policies, assigned Harris one job: Fix it.

Media called this her great opportunity, comparing it to Biden’s role in US withdrawal from Iraq and recession response. See, e.g., Biden taps VP Harris to lead response to border challenges;

To date, Harris has gone to Guatemala and Mexico, gotten a brush-off.

You could say leaders in both “unfriended” her or say she stumbled miserably and came home. Both countries said: No, not our crime and climate change, but Biden’s unmistakable invitation to flood your zone.

Not surprisingly, but rather creatively, more than 50 Republicans in Congress have officially asked Biden to decommission Harris – bench this do-nothing “border czar” for “inaction.” The basis for their call is her failure to visit the border she is supposed to be deescalating. She is accused of non-responsiveness, incompetence, indifference, cowardice. Fair enough.

“Despite being in the midst of a border crisis … Vice President Harris has not yet shown adequate interest in observing this crisis first-hand,” says the letter, adding “in the 85 days since the Vice President has been tasked with solving this crisis, she has yet to visit the border and meet with Border Patrol agents, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials and local law enforcement officials.” See, e.g., 56 House Republicans urge Biden to remove Harris from leading role on migration crisis.

Congressional Democrats dismissed the letter as “unserious,” while the Washington Post reshaped her mandate as aimed at foreign countries, a mini-Secretary of State – not a border czar. Biden made the appointment with border hoopla – saying “she speaks for me” on border issues, “work will not be easy,” “important work.” Harris was further tasked with “developing a long-term strategy to stem border migration.”

For starters, let us ask an obvious question:

Is this a nothing-burger job, one for which no credit will flow to Harris if the border shapes up, or is this a real job – of the kind first imagined and for which press outlets gave glowing reviews, a chance to shine, demonstrate leadership? See, e.g., Biden tasks Harris with ‘stemming the migration’ on southern border.

If it is a nothing job, just something to pitch press, pretend she is doing something for her $235,000 dollars a year, just say so. Between state funerals, we can mull a failed envoy. But if this is a real job, let us see what she is doing, shall we?

Here is the rub. Yes, she should be on the border, regularly, with intent, listening, learning, reaffirming the rule of law, sending that missing signal – border closed, law enforcement counts, and she is doing her job. But there is far more here – that needs to be examined.

Having worked in two White Houses, as an Assistant Secretary of State, run a chunk of congressional oversight for five years, other questions need to be asked – and now. For example, a Vice President commissioned for such high-level performance should be working directly with cabinet members and the national security council in cabinet-level, deputy, and working group meetings – if not daily, at least twice weekly.

Is she? If so, show us. If not, why not?

Similarly, if she is commissioned to fix the border, shape a successful strategy – which might be, to return to Trump’s policies – where is the working group, who is on it, how often does it meet, who is lead agency, will they issue a report, when? If none of the above is happening, why not?

Again, if you are a leader, how are you leading?

Giggling at press conferences, deflecting questions about leadership with non-sequiturs, non-answers, anger, inapt laughter, and disingenuous “I do not understand your question” responses – is worse than poor. It is a denial of leadership, dissembling to avoid having responsibility. Why?

Back to oversight, how about congressional Republicans ask the Secretaries of State, Justice, Homeland, and Interior how often they have met with Harris – on this border issue? How about asking the White House for border-related agendas, calendars, phone logs, executive secretariat summaries, documents codifying progress by the Vice President’s internal working group? If nothing comes back, how many documents? No answer, executive privilege being claimed? If so, on what basis?

Bottom line: Many Americans are being adversely affected by the open border. Busloads of illegals show up at night in our Heartland.

That must stop. Many suspect Harris is expected to do nothing. Worse, some believe the southern border is being left open for a reason.

What reason? Perhaps to denounce all border policies tied to Trump, from wall constriction to treaties; or to raise the number of illegal aliens (forbidden term) dependent on federal, State, and local governments – growing the dependent class; or to clandestinely send illegals to various states, with an unspoken intent of elevating illegal voting, if state reforms fail and S.1 passes.

Any way you slice it, Vice President Harris is AWOL on the border.

Whether political cowardice, deflection from Biden’s unending ineptitude, or to push illegal immigration – and illegal voting in 2022 or 2024, she is not leading, not serving average Americans, not doing her assigned job. Republicans should ramp up oversight – and then keep right on-ramping.

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Patricia Roller
1 year ago

Just Look at the “queen” while children in Virginia are on Suicide watch. She is Satan and has an
evil heart. Biden and Harris care nothing about children crossing the border. AMERICA WAKE UP

1 year ago

“Guakamala Harris” is her new name.

Instead of fixing the problems here at home, she instead deflects blame and aims it at those countries people are fleeing. And to stand in front of the leaders of Guatemala and Mexico and to tell them how she can work with them to solve their problems…?! That’s the height of hubris.

1 year ago

Two words would fix this: If only in Trump fashion…”YOU’RE FIRED”!

1 year ago

She is only known in California for sleeping her way to the top. I’m not sure how she’ll fare, but as Vice President of the United States, and “border czar,” I’m giving her an F, a failing grade. You cannot allow the crisis to go on this long without assembling a team, devising any plan, or even visiting the border to see what’s happening. I live in San Diego – I’m more familiar with the problem than she will ever be! Reimplementing Trump’s plans isn’t a bad idea. I think she’ll have to put another spin on Trump’s plans to do it, but she could if she wanted to. She’s got to get off her fanny and do something or they’ll impeach that fanny.

1 year ago
Reply to  Maurizme

No they aren’t going to impeach or fire anyone. They like this administration just like it is.
Biden and Harris need to be impeached and Pelosi needs to be fired. In other words a do over is screaming to be had. America Do Something!

Ed J
1 year ago

Harris a leader? Yes, absolutely! Everyone would “follow” her anywhere, but only out of morbid curiosity!

Ken Westenkirchner
1 year ago

Kamelatoe is an incompetent leader with little to no documented governance success. No foreign experience etc

1 year ago


Ed J
1 year ago
Reply to  Lorey

I’ve heard that Biden has recently commissioned Harris to take charge of and oversee the “Keep America Beautiful” program. Finally, something she is taking seriously. The press has reported that Harris’s keeping on her mask to cover her fugly face is the first (and continuing) installment in meeting that obligation!
Gee! There may be hope yet for “Madame Blind Ambition in concert with Ethical Bankruptcy.”

1 year ago

How nice, to sit in the captain’s chair, on that pimped out plane, looking down on the world below. Sipping her bottled water, leaning back and basking in the wonder of it all. How joyful to be able to ride the clouds in pomp an circumstance…..prance down the stair from the shiny aircraft all decked out for presentation and importance…..only to be snubbed by other world leaders. Never coming to grips with the work assigned….just flitting about looking important and playing the part. The world sees this and laughs. The followers of our V.P. swoon at her words and showings. The media whitewashes it all with nice reports, pointless commentary and bland oversight. It’s a mess people. A sad, sorry mess.
And when the elections come up….thousands of beholding “immigrants” will cast their votes for the ones who pay their bills, supply their goodies, and ignore their illegal presence. Don’t think so? Wait until the 2022 campaigns get under way…….

1 year ago
Reply to  D.P.

Taxpayers are the ones paying the bills of the illegals, not the freaking politicians. Too bad the door on the plane didn’t open over Mexico or someplace down there and suck her out of it. No big loss.

Ed J
1 year ago
Reply to  D.P.

Ah, yes! Another apprentice Great Pretender!
Gee whiz! I remember the words to the Miss America Beauty Contest theme song, “Here she comes! Miss America!”

Well, for Headboard Harris, it would be, “Here she comes! MisCellaneous!”

1 year ago

The constant verifying with Iam not a robot and pictures to verify I am not a robot,,,, blocks slows and detours comments. Fix this PLEASE! I AM a member but don’t have time to constantly verify ME to communicate/comment.

1 year ago
Reply to  AValkyrie

Agreed, I paid my annual dues and this is frustrating.

1 year ago

CHAOS, DISTRUCtion, Endangerment to USA CITZENS, Mexico doesn’t want this OPEN BORDER and invasion ANY MORE THAN AMERICA! Harris is a JOKE that needs to be Drug Tested ! This the Hyena laugh! OBiden is a Puppet, COGNITIVELY IMPAIRED! TEST and Remove! Our VOTES were stolen!

Last edited 1 year ago by AValkyrie
1 year ago
Reply to  AValkyrie

Mexico needs to put armed guards at their southern border so they don’t get this far.

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

The answer to ALL the questions on VP(?) Harris concerning the southern border crisis in this nation, the answer is NO, ZERO, NADDA…I’m paying this Jamaican/Indian b****h an annual salary of $235,000.00 for doing NOTHING…
The other side of this horror show is the 78 year old sub-arachnoid hemorrhage survivor, i.e. ( 2 ) aneurysms requiring brain surgery on each side of his head, i.e. Joseph Robinette Biden, potus(?)
I’m paying this comatose incognizant senile imbecile, i.e. idiot an annual salary of $400,000.00 in order to destroy my country…I ask my fellow Patriots: What’s wrong with this picture?
We need the true Commander in Chief back in place PRONTO to clean up the mess left behind by these ( 2 ) clueless idiots after ( 4 ) months in office…Pissed off? You bet I am!
God bless America,
Bill on the Hill… :~)

1 year ago

You’re far too kind in your assessment of the situation Bill. Then again, if you or I were to state things more honestly, we would be censored by AMAC in a heartbeat.

Last edited 1 year ago by PaulE
1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

I’ve never been much of a swearing person, but when I heard that Biden My Time and Guakamala Harris had “won”, I adopted a new attitude. F!

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