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Hearing to Address Medicare Payment Reform

by Andrew Mangione

AMAC looks forward to the House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee’s upcoming hearing entitled, “Keeping the Promise: Site of Service Medicare Payment Reforms.”  The hearing, scheduled to take place on Wednesday, May 21, is part of an ongoing series by the Subcommittee to evaluate the Medicare program and to guarantee its continuation for future generations of Americans.

The following statement will be read into the record of Wednesday’s hearing:

“AMAC- the Association of Mature American Citizens believes that payment reform is a sensible first step in ensuring the long-term stability of the Medicare program.  Reform should recognize and embrace market forces as a means of deflating costs and any legislation proposed should emphasize market-driven, consumer-centric solutions that place control of an individual’s health care into the hands of the beneficiary.  Medicare operates most efficiently and effectively when competition and choice are acting to drive down costs and meet consumers’ needs and these pillars of capitalism are critical to keeping Congress’ promise to mature Americans and seniors.”

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