Hillary Isn’t ‘Unbeatable’, But…

Via Jedediah Bila at Breitbart News

Marco Rubio is right: “Hillary Clinton is not unbeatable.”

However, that doesn’t mean it would be easy to beat her. And Republicans shouldn’t assume that it would be.

In 2012, many Republicans thought it would be easy to defeat Barack Obama. With the economy still struggling, the Obama Doctrine unclear and unpromising, and many of Obama’s campaign promises unfulfilled, I was told repeatedly by many high-level Republican strategists that Mitt Romney would pull through without a doubt.

I had my doubts.

I certainly have my opinion on what could beat Hillary. I think it would take a libertarian-leaning platform focusing on economic opportunity, reforming the tax code and letting people keep more of their hard-earned cash, limited government, protecting people’s civil liberties, a strong free market-based Obamacare alternative, and standing up for personal choice and freedoms. No matter where you stand on social issues, opposition to gay marriage will be a problem for the GOP. Poll after poll after poll tell you that. I’m not telling you what to believe, just acknowledging reality.

As far as the candidate, charisma is a requirement. It just is. See 2008 and 2012 GOP losses for details. And to those who have recently in any way compared Romney to Reagan, stop. Just stop. Great policy doesn’t win if someone can’t convey it in a way that resonates with people. Reagan could; Romney couldn’t. If you can’t excel at outreach and your delivery inspires more yawns than cheers, you’re not winning. Period.

Finally, do I trust the GOP marketing and communications teams today to secure that win? No. Perhaps their latest anti-Hillary squirrel campaign has something to do with that.

So Rubio, you may be right. But the GOP has some obstacles to overcome first. Hillary may not be “unbeatable,” but you have to have a candidate, vision, and surrounding team that can win.

We’re waiting.

Jedediah Bila is co-host of “Outnumbered” on Fox News at 12pm ET. She is an author, columnist, and Fox News Contributor. Follow Jedediah on Twitter @JedediahBila.

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Roy Hubbard
6 years ago

I simply don’t understand why an american hero in the form of General Petraeus had his career ruined and was treated like the enemy because of a stupid,one time, judgement error concerning classified info and Hillary Clinton has done the same thing literally hundreds of times over a long extended period. She has repeatedly lied about the whole thing, along with a lot of other lies and she still is at large when she should be preparing for her trial.

6 years ago

We don’t need another Rhino candidate and the establishment tell us that is the only way we can win. Baloney. We have lost two cycles with mealy mouth candidates who refused to fight for what they believed on paper. A Republican GOP allowing candidates to be hamstrung by moderators going to bat for the candidate of the other party on air. Picking candidates with backbone who would not go in for the kill of their opponent. Do you all think that Hillary will not go for the jugular of the Republican candidate. I am willing to be the farm, of which I do not have, that her campaign already has in the can, so to speak, info on everyone and will use it when she needs to. There is no way the Democratic party will let Bernie have the nomination due to their superdelegates who can vote for anyone they want. So no matter who is in the primary, the Republicans better be geared for the Hillary hit list and be looking over their back now and until the election is over. There will voter fraud the likes of which we have not seen. There was much fraud when Romney and Obama when head to head. We need a brawler now and a confident President once elected. You can’t win if you don’t fight fire with fire.

Milton Coop
6 years ago

Moving to another subject, an issue that needs to be addressed. Muslim invasion. The muslims capitol M omitted intentionally, now boast that they have now “taken over” England and France as their first Western
nations, with Sweden the next in line, soon. They follow by stating that America is next in line. Thanks to the
leadership of the past 7 1/2 years. their projection is on a fast-tract. When are we going to wake up and take
steps to halt this invasion?

Tom Buenavista
7 years ago

Let us calm down. Agree or disagree but Mr Obama and the Democrats cheated to get their candidate re-elected in 2012. All this lofty GOP talk about doing the country good will not amount to a hill of beans if we don’t begin with the basics – much like playing football – the basics.
Let us assess the competition. Remember when our GIs first encountered the Japanese in those Pacific atolls? Our men overwhelmed the Japanese but because our men were not as barbaric or savage, in that they wouldn’t drive a bayonet through a dying Japanese soldier’s heart, our men wound up getting shot by some dying Japanese. The GIs became very smart overnight. They weren’t going to fall for false pretenses. So you see, the GOP needs to fight like the Democrats – low down and dirty, fire with fire, gang-tackling, guerrilla tactics and to do whatever it takes.
This idea of a nice guy does not work in politics. Lee Atwater served Ronald Reagan well. Lee destroyed the Democrats at every turn. Ruthlessness is key. Eviscerate Hillary works better than tippy toeing around her like she was some kind of sacred cow.
Tell all the men – Ted Cruz, Rand Paul (notice I didn’t say Jeb Bush, Rubio, or Christie) – do the Sarah… yes, do the Sarah Palin Barracuda and resolutely tear these liberals to shreds before they do you in.

7 years ago

It really is scary to have no candidates so far except maybe one who would encompass all the traits which will be needed to beat Hillary or Warren if they choose to run. So far, Hillary has not come across all that charismatic in her interviews on her book tour. The ONLY thing she has going for her is Bill Clinton. If she runs she will just be a surrogate. We all know who the REAL president would be. That is why the Democrats want her to run. Warren is as far to the left as you get and would be as bad as Obama.

So far, I have seen only one person who might fit the bill for the Republican candidate. Romney is smart enough & could definitely get us out of this bad economy but he fell flat at the end of the last campaign. I think the people who didn’t vote last time, for whatever their reason, might vote for him now but do we want to risk it? He also says he is not going to run again. Ben Carson is smart also, has a lot of really good ideas & showed the courage to criticize Obama to his face. He might even help get some of the black Christian votes but does he have the fire needed to combat the the vicious assaults he will have to contend with from the Liberals & their butt licking media. He’s honest & a Christian. Of all so far, I am the most impressed with him. Rand Paul has some good ideas but I don’t like his ideas on foreign policy. I’m not sure he would be able to turn around the economy. In my opinion, Christy & Jeff Bush are out of the running. Christy now has too much baggage & Bush because of his stance on immigration & common core.

Carson says he has no plans to run unless it is what God calls him to do. I pray HE does because Ben Carson may be the only candidate who has the brains, doesn’t appear to have an ego that needs to be fed & has the poise to deal with the hard hitting, below the belt, nasty campaign the Democrats are going to run. He has nothing to prove to anyone because he has done all the proving in what he has accomplished & in the way he has lived his life. I don’t know much about his foreign policy so I would like to know more on that. One thing I’m sure of, he will be on the side of Isreal, not just give lip service.

So that’s my opinion for what it’s worth.

David Bowers
7 years ago

Boy did you hit the nails on the heads! America may not survive another Liberal President. Look at the state of the country today. While the economy has tried to recover we have lost so much ground …. will we ever get our credit rating back? But, without going into the obvious, it IS obvious that, to beat Hillary (or anyone), will take not only a strong platform but a candidate with enough charisma to make Americans BELIEVE in it….. something the Republicans haven’t been able to deliver in recent years….. they BARELY did it with Bush, due in large part to the weakness of the Democratic candidates.

But, this time, as in the last two elections, we will be faced with a no-holds-barred attack by the left and the Clintons … and Bill is perceived as all knowing. If HE were to run today, he’d beat most candidates. Where is the Republican leadership? Where is the unification of the Republican hierarchy behind a candidate strong enough to actually WIN? And a platform that Americans can believe in? The closest thing they have even now is Romney. No other obvious candidate has anywhere near the strength and support of a large enough part of America to even contend.

By this time in the last years of the Bush presidency, Obama was already the obvious leader, and gaining strength daily. Now, the Republicans can’t even agree on a platform, let alone a leader. And no one has stepped forward with the authority, vision, experience and charisma to lead, let alone stand up to the coming smear campaign. The Republican party (or any other serious challenger) had better get their act together now because we’ve SEEN the money and viciousness with which the Democrat machine will throw into the war that will be the next Presidential campaign.

We need an administration dedicated to the good and future of America, not dedicated to it’s own agenda and that of it’s corporate backers. America needs to put government back in the hands of the PEOPLE, not the special interest groups and ‘big money.’ And America needs representatives who truly represent, not ‘rule’ … who respect the fact that they are ‘representatives’ and truly represent their constituents. Americans need to do their homework and vote on candidates’ records, not their ‘promises’ and charisma. It would be wise to heed the words of Ronald Reagan: Are you better off today than you were before this President? We’re already in a near-death spiral headed to becoming a third-world country, losing power and respect around the world and losing on the homefront to a flood of incoming aliens determined to change America to suit THEIR agendas. America might not survive another administration like this one.

Thomas D.
7 years ago

Whoever receives the Democratic nomination is beatable. It doesn’t matter if it’s Clinton, Biden, Warren, or someone else. At this point it is impossible to name everyone who will run for GOP nomination and even harder to predict who will win it.

The GOP candidate will have to be prepared for a very hostile media. The mainstream media has refused to cover Obama’s numerous scandals because they are ultra- liberal and they want to see their liberal policies enacted. Any Republican who wants to cut the size of government will be made to look thirty times worse than Ebenezer Scrooge.

The people who watch FOX will get a fair and balanced view of the positions taken by the candidates but those who watch ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and MTV will get very biased coverage from the liberals who run those organizations.

Any Republican who wants to cut the size of government will be made to look thirty times worse than Ebenezer Scrooge. Any Republican who supports the Supreme Court decision on Hobby Lobby will be painted as a hater of women who wants to send them back to the stone age. Any Republican who wants a strong military and a stern warning to Muslim terrorists will be painted as a war monger.

What does it take to overcome this bias? An unsavory amount of money to reach the populace with the truth. A GOP candidate has to outspend his Democratic opponent three to one in order to get an equal amount of positive coverage.

Jedediah is correct in stating the candidate will have to have charisma in order to win. He or she will also have to have a strong platform with the emphasis being on economic issues and foreign policy. However, social issues can’t be completely ignored.

ECONOMY – Support a flat tax, cut burdensome & job killing regulations, adopt a free market health care plan, promote a strong dollar and criticize the Federal Reserve, promote free trade, build the pipeline from Canada, open more federal lands to energy exploration, abolish the department of education while killing common core, end farm subsidies, reduce the size of the welfare state.

FOREIGN POLICY – Keep the military strong by promoting peace through strength. Stop trying to be nice to our enemies (especially the Muslim terrorists). They hate us. You can’t negotiate with a terrorist. Do not send troops into Afghanistan again. The populace is tired of war and doesn’t want boots on the ground.

SOCIAL ISSUES – Be prepared for strong accusations that you are engaged in a war on women. The GOP isn’t anti-woman but you are going to need to be prepared to fight these charges. Know the facts and be ready to articulate them.
The Supreme Court has ruled on the issue of Gay marriage and judge after judge has been overturning state laws that ban same sex marriage. Defend the Hobby Lobby decision by continuing to emphasize the truth, it was a ruling on Religious liberty. Keep your pro life position.

One last comment before I close. I am the youngest in my family and my oldest sibling is sixteen years my senior. Twenty years ago I argued with him about the 26th amendment which reduced the voting age from 21 to 18. He thought it was a terrible mistake while I defended it. As I have matured I have reached the conclusion that he was correct. Many people in that age group are not well informed and should not be voting. The best example is the college kids who flocked to the poles to vote for Obama in 2012 and 2016 simply because they thought he was a cool guy.

Yes, Jedediah is correct in saying the GOP must reach out to the college students but they shouldn’t pander to them.

David Stites
7 years ago

Gringrich would be my first choice to run the country but I don’t think he can get elected. So, Carson, Cruz, Paul? Who has the most charisma?

7 years ago

All excellent points Jedediah, but I fear many in the GOP leadership don’t want to hear any reality at this point. The GOP leadership lives in an echo chamber of “Things are so bad on so many fronts right now, that ANY Republican nominee is just going to sail to a landslide victory in 2016.” Already the usual GOP pundits and advisors are making noises about “ways to ensure a Republican victory” by selecting “the right moderate candidate that can appeal to independents, as well as conservatives”. That’s code for picking either Jeb Bush, Chris Christie or any of the other fiscal moderates / liberals in the Republican party (none believe in true fiscally conservative policy), that would end up have zero chance of actually winning. Why? Because the only difference between them and whichever Progressive candidate the Democrats put forth is the speed and degree following the Progressive playbook of higher taxes, more regulations and more wealth re-distribution.

Also, if the marketing effort running up the mid-terms is any indication, we still don’t have any sort of unified, coherent messaging strategy. It is still everyone pretty much saying whatever they think should be done and hoping something sticks in individual elections. Not an effective campaign strategy for ensuring the GOP re-takes the Senate by enough votes to make a real difference.

So I have to agree with you that the GOP has a number of issues it has to address, if it wants to actually win in both 2014 and 2016. Otherwise we’ll be looking at either a President Hillary or a President Warren. Both would be devastating for the country.

7 years ago

Definitely, Hillary is beatable! … But you are right, it’s going to take a candidate with charisma, common sense and the ability to convey a conservative message that can resonate with the common people … And there is only one candidate that can do that, a candidate who is beyond reproach, a man with integrity, that is “Of the people, For the people” … a man who is not owned by the special interests of big business, wall street, or lobbiests … This man is the only person who can defeat Hillary, in my opinion … That person is Dr. Ben Carson !!!

I believe the Socialist Democratic Party is scared stiff of only one candidate because he has all the characteristics described above, with one additional KEY component, He is African-American!

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