Hollywood Goes Hollywoke—And Pays The Price

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At a time when parents are waking up to the threat of critical race theory in schools, Hollywood is doubling down on it.

In fact, they’re eating their own. Just read the primary criticism of the latest work of Lin-Manuel Miranda—a man who literally cast black and Hispanic actors as America’s founding fathers in Hamilton: the actors playing Dominican characters aren’t dark enough.

After catering to a smaller and smaller group of coastal elites, La-La Land is finally collapsing into itself under the weight of the political left’s own contradictions.

It’s not enough for the left to set the agenda. They also have to rewrite the past—even some of the finest work Hollywood has ever produced.

Gone with the WindRemoved from streaming services for its depiction of slavery.

Peter PanDumboThe Aristocats, and Swiss Family RobinsonDisney blocked them for users younger than seven years old.

Leftist activists have even asked John Wayne Airport to change its name.

Of course, when an industry caters to a smaller and smaller group of political radicals, they lose most of their customers.

Even before the pandemic, box office revenues were declining. Take away the handful of superhero sequels, remakes, and reboots that studios release and it gets ugly fast.

Hollywood’s premier event, the Academy Awards, used to be a night on which studios, stars, and the rest of us shared a common cultural moment.

But it has morphed into an unwatchable, self-congratulatory, virtual-signaling, leftist rally in which critics and corporations alike fall all over each other to win “Wokest of the Year” awards.

After drawing over 20 million Americans last year, fewer than 10 million Americans watched it this year.

It’s no mystery why. Hollywood has seceded from mainstream America. As John Nolte, Breitbart’s hugely popular culture critic, has pointed out, the recent history of Best Picture winners reveals a sharp downtown in films with any broad public appeal. Consider the last seven movies to win the Academy Award for Best Picture: BirdmanSpotlightMoonlightThe Shape of WaterGreen BookParasite, and Nomadland.

Maybe you’ve heard of a few of them. Did you actually see any of them? One? Maybe two?

Compare that to the winners between 1994 and 2004: Forrest Gump, BraveheartThe English PatientTitanicShakespeare in LoveAmerican Beauty, Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind, and Chicago.

Don’t hold your breath for the Golden Globes to seize the mainstream either. The 2022 Golden Globes were cancelled after a former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association called Black Lives Matter a “hate movement.”

Hollywood’s long love affair with the left has gotten so extreme that it now carries water for some of America’s adversaries like China.

While the United States navigated a pandemic born in China, Hollywood studios enforced the Chinese Communist Party’s censorship for them, scrubbing scripts of anything that might offend the Chinese government.

Even Hollywood’s so-called “tough guys” have folded faster than Superman on laundry day.

Actor John Cena, who had the audacity to call Taiwan a country—a big no-no in China’s Orwellian double-speak—issued a video apology. Cena, a former professional wrestler who never wore a shirt he didn’t want to rip off, couldn’t have looked any weaker.

“I must say right now, it’s very, very, very, very, very, very important,” Cena said in Chinese. “I love and respect China and Chinese people. I’m very, very sorry for my mistake.”

And, in the upcoming Top Gun sequel, Tom Cruise—ironically playing a character named “Maverick”—has had the flags of Japan and Taiwan stripped from his flight jacket after they appeared in the 1986 original.

With bottom lines plunging, an American public losing interest in their product, and California seemingly doing everything it can to drive successful people and businesses out of the state, it’s decision time for studios and actors.

For actors, with California’s state income tax, the highest in the country, how much longer will they stay in Hollywood? After all, huge number of professional athletes make their home in Florida for tax purposes. Why can’t actors?

And if big companies like Oracle, Hewlett Packard, and Charles Schwab can move their headquarters out of California, why can’t Universal, Paramount, and Warner Brothers?

But the real question for studios might be: will they go to Texas? Or China?

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1 month ago

The days of Golan and Globus productions are over. It’s a shame.

2 months ago

FL, TX don’t want Hollywokes. Most of their films are in Canada. I no longer watch sports, new movies- very few, or tv. Most are completely vulgar, anti-American, porn level trash.

2 months ago

I haven’t been to a movie theatre in 2-3 years. I read the synopsis and watch the trailer and decide it’s not for me. I do miss the movie theatre popcorn! But guess what, you can drive over to your local theatre walk in and buy some popcorn, without having to pay to see a movie, and go home and watch a good black and white movie from the 40’s or 50’s on TCM and life is good!!

2 months ago

Hope they keep their crazy politics in California and stay there. The left destroys everything it touches…..

Lee S McQuillen
2 months ago

They can all go to China! Every awards show is nothing but politics. We stopped watching them years ago because of this. Not entertainment anymore. Won’t go to any movies, either since politics is at the base of what they do.

2 months ago

I worry about my grand children who are brainwashed. It’s impossible to discuss truth with them. They support BLM with tears in their eyes about how badly we’ve treated them and how racist their parents and grandparents are. How to get through to them? I pray a lot.

2 months ago

I hope they stay in California! Please don’t let them corrupt the rest of our country!!!

Therese Brezin
2 months ago

I ONLY watch 2 channels on cable….neither of them are news channels. They are only tv shows from long, long, long ago! I haven’t watched ANY movies that’ve been made in the last 10-15 years because most are terrible remakes or just plain garbage. I refuse to EVER watch any “reality tv” crap or ANY actor who spouts the woke crap.

2 months ago

I have not been to “the movies” in over 5 years! Until the elite celebrities stop being so political, I have no interest in paying my hard earned money to liberal celebrities!!Wake up world!!

2 months ago

They are welcome to come to Texas… as long as they don’t bring the contaminated social communism way of thinking that brought California to it’s knees.

2 months ago
Reply to  B

That’s just it! They will!

2 months ago

I haven’t seen a new movie in three years nor watched the Academy Awards in over 50 years. Too political and leftist.

Willy Evershave
2 months ago

Hollywierd hasn’t made but half a dozen movies in the last 4 decades worth watching. Haven’t been to a movie for about four or five years, but doubt there has been any improvement.

2 months ago

Great article

JJ Johnson-Smith
2 months ago

I have not rented, bought, or watched a movie on TV in so many years, I can’t remember what I saw last! I never DID go to theaters, and never will. So far as television goes, the only thing I EVER watch is the local news, and the I.D Channel. It’s ALL Liberal garbage and evil indoctrination.

2 months ago

There is literally no such thing as quality, ability, truth or true entertainment coming from Hollyswill anymore. Prices for “movie” tickets are ridiculous, and the last time anyone I know wasted a few minutes on the so call “emmys” or “oscars” or any other nauseatingly phony “ain’t I just grand” kissy kissy trash, was years ago. Even most of the TV shows any more are just plain pornography and filth.
And then there’s the advertising!! Apparently toilet paper manufacturers believe the American public is baffled by how to use toilet paper…women’s razor ads might as well be featured in porn magazines and that’s just the beginning of how really ugly it’s going to get…and lest we forget the mega hypocritical “stars” admonishing law abiding American gun owners for “violence” but of course omitting the repeat violent criminals who get out of jail free, while Hollyswill vomits out the most violent, bloody, pornographic shoot’em’ ups like a canning factory!! It even makes my cat cough up a hair ball!!

2 months ago

Why even use actors and have studios? Just do it all with a computer, and pay nobodies a nice wage for the use of their physical image. Hollywood is archaic.

2 months ago

Hopefully they won’t bring their nutso politics to Florida or anywhere elde and destroy it.

Friedrich von Harenberg
2 months ago

Last film I saw in the theater was Harry Potter 7 Deathly Hallows II. Now I look to Acorn TV and Britbox, until they start the same stupidity. Then It’s books by non-woke authors.

2 months ago

China is already here. They own pino biden and his family.

Ed J
2 months ago

“Hollyjoke” is a more apt description than “Hollywoke.” But then again, just consider that the greater number of the denizens of Hollywood are just not that bright, often lack any meaningful education, and live almost entirely in a pseudo-reality bubble isolated from 99% of the rest of the country. Many of these people would never be able to find a real job in the real world if they ever had to.
Hollywood constitutes its own asylum; if you are an actor, you are automatically a member (excuse me, inmate). The unfortunate part is that these inmates are allowed out in public to prate their pablum and suck their unwitting fans into their psychopathology. Our nation suffers as a direct result since we have to deal with all the mania surrounding the “woke” hype along with all the other aspects of the Libtards’ dystopian ideologies.

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