Hollywood, It’s Time to Give President Reagan His Overdue Honor – Sign the Petition

Ronald Reagan PresidentSince Hollywood is a known liberal bastion, it should come as no surprise that the film industry has been unwelcoming – hostile, even– to those who hold conservative political views. Along with facing mockery, threats, and cancellations, Hollywood conservatives are silenced by the media as well, their contributions to the industry often overlooked and unappreciated.

However, Mark Weinberg, former Reagan aide and author of memoir Movie Nights with the Reagans, hopes to change this.

Weinberg is part of a nationwide effort to encourage Hollywood to show more ideological diversity and embrace entertainers who hold conservative viewpoints. Weinberg has created a petition asking the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to award a posthumous Honorary Oscar to President Ronald Reagan.

In his lifetime, Ronald Reagan appeared in over fifty Hollywood films and played an important role on the Screen Actors Guild board of directors. He later rose to 3rd Vice President and was ultimately elected SAG President in 1947. Reagan appreciated the lessons he learned while working in Hollywood and was known to speak often and fondly of the film industry.

According to Weinberg, however, Reagan began to feel a disconnect from the industry later in his life, concerned that the love he had for the business was not returned. Hollywood’s refusal to recognize and celebrate the fact that one of their own had risen to the highest office was not only a sore spot for Reagan and his supporters, but evidence of the liberal bias that would soon dominate the industry.

“You would think that after what I’ve done, being the only one from that profession to do so,” Reagan once told Weinberg, “they would commemorate it in some way. But I guess their political agenda has taken over good manners.”

Ronald Reagan was not only a talented actor, but a strong leader who changed the world. It is time for the film industry to put politics aside and recognize President Reagan’s contributions– both to Hollywood and to our nation.

If you wish to join the effort for Hollywood to welcome ideological diversity and award President Ronald Reagan a posthumous Honorary Oscar, sign the petition here.

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3 years ago

Everytime i see this headline it gets sillier and sillier. For why would this happen?? President Reagan is too good to be affiliated with Hollywood. Really, those liberal, socialist,elitist don’t have a right to drag him into their den of stench. Hollywood was just a place where Ronald Reagan got his start.

3 years ago

Mainstream Hollywood would rather cut off it’s nose to spite it’s own sordid, hypocritical face before it would honor someone like Reagan. Just look how they treat Trump.

3 years ago

Hollywood scum of the earth. They are grasping at straws. I will not watch or support it! Should be renamed Molesterville or Gomorrah! I wonder if Sodom is the nearest city!

3 years ago

Who cares what Hollywood thinks?

Richard Weise
3 years ago

Awarding this to Reagan is a very nice gesture and deserved; however it’s really of no consequence, good or bad, to our political circumstances today. Sorry, but I’ve never been a fan of mutual admiration societies. I wonder if the Academy is making this posthumous award because they want to offset their member’s less than nice comments and speeches about the Trump administration…?

Ross Flavel
3 years ago

Looking at the qualifications of past Academy honorary award winners, such an award to Ronald Reagan (for his conservative views and rise to the Presidency) would be unprecedented. I, personally have a problem with such an award being presented for political reasons. That would simply reinforce the very thing it seeks to remedy.
Cirteria for the award includes “extraordinary distinction in lifetime achievement, exceptional contributions to the state of motion picture arts and sciences, or for outstanding service to the Academy”. Mr. Reagan’s rise to the ‘highest office in the land’ certainly is unique (“extraordinary distinction”), but, to my knowledge, no honorary Academy award has been given for accomplishments outside the industry.

3 years ago

Trying to take the focus off all of the perverts and the negative publicity? No way would I like to see this great man brought into the spotlight of these hypocrites.

3 years ago

When the Hollywood progressives talk diversity it applies to everyone else – not to them. They talk the talk, but they don’t walk the walk.

3 years ago

Most people give up play-acting when they go through puberty. The Hollywood elite are basically children with the idealism of the very young. Anyone they honor, I have little or no respect for. I stopped going to movie theaters years ago when our heroes became cartoon characters, and films became a forum for LGBTQA, or whatever the current alphabet soup is, and when moral bankruptcy prevailed. It is not necessary for that bunch to honor someone I respect since most of their honorees are so ethically challenged.
It’s only since the 1950’s that the anti-hero became the role model for young film-goers. Before that, the good guys triumphed over the bad guys and got the girl. All the moral confusion of this type of cinema contributed to the ethical decline we’ve seen ever since. The pervasiveness of drugs, sex and crime in our films, rather then good stories, good characters and good outcomes have a major affect on our culture. Truth becomes relative rather then firm, moral decrepitude has no consequences, and everyone stays beautiful forever.

3 years ago

They want!! He’s a repub… Remember,,,,, it’s “MEXICALIFORNICATION” !!!!

Gayle Makin
3 years ago

The pretty people of Hollywood are just like the mental midget mega-millionaires of the NFL. Disrespectful to our country and think we should care about their political views. They are entertainers and their only talent is to repeat scripts others have prepared for them. Not enough common sense to be leaders in any field.

3 years ago

Is this hollywoods way to try to get past “the bubbel’ of bad news that surrounds them??

Papa Doug
3 years ago

Ronald Reagan was a decent president and a mediocre actor but neither of those qualifies him for an Oscar. Oscars are supposed to be for excellent performances, directors, music scores and so on that exceed the standards for that year. Despite his accomplishments I believe even he would refuse the honor.

3 years ago

Should the man be honored?
At this point in time, it would only be an empty gesture by a small, shallow group of people who value appearance over substance.

W Norton
3 years ago

No it’s not time and here’s why: It is simply meaningless to have anything to do with Hollywood and their opinions. I love Jesus Christ and have a biblical world view perspective. These people in Hollywood are not on the same train as a general rule and mostly ridicule God, family, especially marriage, and biblically based moral values. We know Ronald Reagan was a great man and President without their help.

Ruth Makowski
3 years ago
Reply to  W Norton

Of course he should have been honored by the movie industry but they didn’t do it. For conservatives now to push for it would only endorse Hollywood’s liberals’ ideas that they are the most important people on the planet and that their opinions actually matter to the rest of us. I no longer go to the movies and only watch the “oldies” on TCM. Ronald Reagan doesn’t need a silly oscar from the film industry; his grace and wisdom was far beyond them.

William Blanton
3 years ago

Ronald Reagan spured my interest in politics as I was his property man (age 19) while we did LIVE commercials at ABC Net for G.E Thezter. He was a well informed man years before he became Govener of Californif and later President.

3 years ago

I think that Ronald Reagan deserves recognition for his acting career. His movies were “family friendly,” which is something this world has lost sight of.
I totally support an Honorary Oscar!

3 years ago

Ronald Reagan was a great president. I don’t really care one way or the other, but isn’t anything special any longer. I thought an oscar had something to do with movies. I’ve seen President Reagan in westerns and war movies, never in a leading role. He was a supporting actor, never deserving an oscar. Just saying….
What cause does this enhance? It’s about nothing. The Gipper could care less.

3 years ago

Union-scale wages seem to be the allure of liberals. Of course, if we all were in professional unions, our wages would become average. Until then, union-scale is “overpaid”. Hollywood is OVERPAID. We don’t see Hollywood lowering the price of entertainment for everyone.

3 years ago

At first I thought this was some writer’s idea of sarcasm or maybe even a bad joke with a hidden punchline at the end. However, this is neither as it turns out to be a serious article. Just one based on a fantasy that will never happen. Of course Ronald Reagan should be honored by Hollywood with some sort of special Oscar award for his life’s work to promote American values both on the screen and in the White House as President of the United States. The problem is it will never happen. No matter how much Mr. Weinberg tries to encourage a diversity of ideological opinions in Hollywood. The few conservative actors, directors and writers that exist there have to hide their beliefs or risk being blackballed from the industry. Even when Reagan was first elected President, Hollywood was a liberal cesspool. It has since gotten much worse and now all you have to do is watch any award shows to see how openly far left liberal the industry truly is. One speaker after another, all denouncing American values in favor of various socialist policies that have created widespread pain and misery elsewhere. They don’t even try to hide it anymore for fear of loosing their audiences, because in most cases, their audience now reflects their same distorted views. Say thank you to the wonderfully successful public education system of this country, run by like-minded Progressives, that has done an outstanding job of indoctrinating two generations of Americans into hating capitalism and embracing socialism.

The all powerful 18 to 49 demographic, which is all advertisers and the entertainment industry cares about, is largely made up of the same foaming at the mouth screaming liberals that occupy Hollywood. Sure there are some exceptions to the rule that hold the same conservative values of Ronald Reagan and most older Americans, but their numbers are a small minority. Hollywood shows no signs of being interested in changing their total embrace of liberal ideology one bit. As Oprah said a while back in an interview, those that hold conservative values “just need to die off”. That is the person many in Hollywood want to see run against President Trump as the Democrat nominee in 2020, as she represents their viewpoint. So good luck to Mr. Weinberg on getting Hollywood to be more ideologically inclusive and honor former President Reagan in any positive way.

Ivan Berry
3 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Been waiting to see, what with the enormous response to the poll, who and how many would respond to your excellent comment regarding the petition, PaulE.
Guess the comment about the format no longer supporting dialog is accurate. At least, it seems so.

3 years ago
Reply to  Ivan Berry

Yes Ivan, it seems the only area of the weekend edition getting any sort mass feedback since the new format change, although for the most part it is now just highly repetitive posts with no real dialog occurring, is the poll question. The rest of the weekend edition might as well be discarded in favor of some additional product / service ads.

As for the quality of the poll questions, they seem to be more focused on illiciting a desired response from most members, rather than either providing any level of education on a particular subject or provoking a dialog on the subject. Not that most recent poll subjects have been worthy of either.

3 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

I can’t get over how i have such a difficult time understanding you and Ivan. It seems like you guys are joined at the hip. Look President Reagan no more deserves an Oscar than daffy duck. Plus he’s way too good to even be affiliated with Hollywood. Man boys, you guys crack me up.

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