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House GOPers Say Pelosi Has No Plan to Bring House Back Safely as Rest of US Returns to Work

pelosiSpeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has no plan to bring the lower chamber of Congress back to work in the nation’s capital until 2021, according to Republicans on the committee that administers the House of Representatives.

“As an overwhelming majority of the country, including Washington, D.C., has moved into phased physical re-openings, the House’s operating status has not changed,” Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.), the ranking Republican on the House Administration Committee, told Pelosi in a June 12 letter obtained by The Epoch Times.

Also signing the letter with Davis were Reps. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.) and Mark Walker (R-N.C.), the other Republicans on the administration panel, which is chaired by Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.).

“The numerous congressional district offices that have reopened throughout the country have done so with little to no support because of failure to provide support in real time,” the letter continues.

“Furthermore, a transparent plan with clear guidance, timelines, and benchmarks to support a transition to phased reopening has not been made available to offices.

“This has resulted in unnecessary confusion and led many to conclude that House Democrats have no plans of physically showing up to do their job for the remainder of this Congress.”

The current Congress, the 116th since it first convened under the Constitution in 1789, will likely end its official work in late December, but won’t officially conclude until Jan. 3, 2021. The 117th Congress will convene the same day.

A spokesman for Davis said his office hasn’t received a response from Pelosi. A spokesman for Pelosi declined to comment to The Epoch Times about the letter, instead deferring the request to House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), whose “office manages the floor schedule.”

Hoyer answers to Pelosi, who as speaker has the final authority to control House proceedings.

The three Republicans told Pelosi they know of no official plan to make the hundreds of offices and support facilities in the Cannon, Longworth, and Rayburn House Office Buildings safe from the CCP virus.

Most House members have Capitol Hill office suites, which consist of three large rooms in which anywhere from 15 to 18 staff members work, as well as varying numbers of offices and staff members working in their home districts.

In addition to the Congressional Budget Office, Library of Congress, and Government Accountability Office staffs and offices, there are also multiple other support staffs that work preparing food, delivering mail, managing parking facilities, overseeing media services, and a host of other activities required to keep the House functioning.

The Capitol Police have continued working throughout the current session of Congress despite the absence of most members and staffers.

Davis, Walker, and Loudermilk said in their letter to Pelosi: “The House must now play catch up to establish specific occupancy recommendations; retrofit and reconfigure spaces; support implementing health monitoring programs, including some level of testing; establish service level agreements for House support offerings and making common-sense adjustments, like the acceptance of digital signatures for routine transactions; provide reopening guidelines for House facilities, such as daycare, fitness centers, and others; adjust business processes for events and visitors; and provide adequate support for committee activities.

“In the limited time remaining in the 116th Congress, there are many important issues that Congress needs to address. We should not be wasting time by making it more difficult for members to do their jobs and should catch up with the rest of the country in a safe physical reopening of the House of Representatives.

“We therefore ask that you immediately expedite the roll-out of support assistance to offices, making it possible for staff and members to work in a safe environment.”

Statewide lockdowns that began in March saw all but the most essential businesses close, and employees, including the more than 20,000 who work for Congress, begin working from home.

The 100 members of the U.S. Senate and 435 House members also stayed away from the Capitol complex for more than six weeks. The Republican-led Senate returned May 4, but Pelosi hasn’t committed to a specific date on which she plans to bring the full House back into session in the chamber on a permanent basis.

Meanwhile, congressional committees have held remote hearings with witnesses and members participating via teleconference, and the House was returned temporarily to vote on Pelosi’s $3 trillion Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act (HEROES) economic recovery package and a proposal to allow House members to vote by proxy.

House Republicans led by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) have sued in federal court claiming the proxy voting process adopted by House Democrats violates the Constitution’s requirement that House members be physically present in the chamber to vote.

Reprinted with Permission from - Epoch Times by - Mark Tapscott

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Keith Liss
1 year ago

these crazy liberal politicans are looking to start a civil war!

Cheryl Brown
1 year ago

Why should they come back to work, they just voted themselves a pay raise of $8,000 a month while hard Americans receive a drop in the bucket $335.00 per year from the stimulus for a year. Is there something wrong with this picture!!!!!!!!!! Their suppose to work for us but we get the shaft. All Dummy Crats are toxic morons. God help us all.

Susan P
1 year ago

Vote out every Democrat in the House in the November 2020 election by replacing them with conservatives who actually keep their Oath of Office and support the Constitution. We will all be better off without them.

Dr. James Madison
1 year ago

Work? what work of value do they perform,even when they are there. 

Old Silk
1 year ago

Democrats using the WuFlu for money laundering…er…campaign fundraising…er…”shoring up commitments” from abroad?

1 year ago

Hello: I have always said that Pelosi was “certifiable” and now I can add others to that statement. Wake up America and smell the “liberal progressives” taking over this country as did Hitler a Socialist, Lenin, Stalin and any other regime who wants POWER! I worked in the soviet union and in the middle east and my husband left East Germany at the age of 18 to the west and later to this country in the 60’s and became a citizen of this country legally after we were married for several years. He told me at the time he became a citizen he did not want to live under communism again. Never did we dream we would live to our 80’s and see what is happening here. Thank you for reading this. I will continue to pray for ALL of our brave police, military and those who speak out and yes I will pray that God will change the hearts of those who have let themselves be used as “useful idiots” and those who have lied to us about what is happening. Carol

Jeannie Huppert
1 year ago

I agree w/comments. (‘having computer “issues”.) Pray! God Said this is His country; & He Is Getting the rot out. No one should expect & take pay for -0- work . . . . Revoke pays for anarchy, treason . . . .

1 year ago

So it’s ok for them to have photo ops but they can’t get back together to do the jobs they are paid for. If they won’t meet and do their job, why do we have them. Why are we paying them to do photo ops and sit at home eating their pensive ice cream

1 year ago


1 year ago


1 year ago


Robin W Boyd
1 year ago

Pelosi needs to step down and let someone who is willing to work for American citizens take her place. This Democrat coup against the U.S. government has to be stopped. We need real representation, not Progressives only working to promote their agendas.

joe p
1 year ago

Pelosi has an extreme case of egomania. “Don’t mess with me” is her motto. She is the highest ranking official in the “Catholics in favor of abortion” crowd, which tells you all you need to know about her ethics. And, don’t forget she, as a good Catholic, does not HATE Trump, she prays for him. (To drop dead I presume). …Press conference Dec 5, 2019.

dino deplorable
1 year ago

Kick their lazy butts out of our lives.All that the dense oc rats are good for is,,,,,,, Sorry,i really can’t remember anything that they are good for.

Edward Vagnoni
1 year ago

First of all, Pelosi should be fired! She is holding the country hostage with this nonsense, of not showing up for work. Anyone who does not show up, should no longer be paid. I don’t think any employer would put up with her Gaul. If the Democrats don’t show up within 3 day’s, they should all be terminated, and the Republican representatives should carry on without them. Or, put out warrants for their arrest, so they can sit in a jail cell, without any recourse. Also make them refund any of their pay that they got since the COVED 19 emergency. Cut of any benefits that they get, so they can pay their own medical bills. This is all being done to outrage Trump. He should steamroll them, and ignore any legal hurdles they come up with. If they continue to play hardball, put them in Guantanamo Bay Prison, have president Trump pick out who he wants for their replacements. Outrageous fines would also be nice, and a doctors note will not be honored.

Lucille Ritz Mortimer
1 year ago


Carla Anderson
1 year ago

No, but she can cross the line and give a flag to a felon’s brother!!!!! This woman is pure evil and needs to go ASAP!!!!!!!!!!

1 year ago

Attention needs to be brought to this across the country. The Lame Stream Media won’t do it but American’s can. I think Fox would cover hoards of people gathering, (safely of course), to protest what Nancy Pelosi is NOT doing by not ordering the House Democrats in Congress back to work and NOT upholding her OATH to her duty as an ELECTED official!! It’s time people, gotta take a stand against those who refuse to abide by our Constitution!! Btw, how is it fair to not allow people wanting to come live in this country who won’t assimilate to our way of life and values, to allow these cretins in the Democrat Party to do that exact same thing? They do not represent America any longer, and THAT started with the America hating Obama’s. They represent THE DEVIL!! Everything they’ve been doing has been a disruption in our government. LET’S GET THEM OUT WHILE THERE’S STILL TIME!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Judy
Don Pierce
1 year ago


Rexford O. Ames
1 year ago

From where or whom did the Authority come, that allowed the Government to shut down the United States of America? That isn’t in the United States Constitution or in the Bill of Rights! So who in the hell decided that this was authorized. My God, look at the Devastation our country is enduring.
Lives shattered, Businesses shut down, Riots and State Government Officials cannot or will not stop the thefts nor prosecute the ones doing the beatings, looting. Seattle and Washington State, allowing a bunch of thugs to take over a portion of Seattle. My God, Talk about a Third World Country. Black Lives Matter, What an abuse because of a human skin pigmentation?
Question: If anybody dares to answer- Just how much Influence does China have with the, Political Parties of the United States. Not just the Democrats but the Republicans as well. (There just not in the Majority now). When they did have the Majority, They did nothing and then the democrats got the Majority and are least showing their true colors by being evil and the money they have stolen? In order to pay back their debts to: ? Mr. Soros and / or China and God knows who else they have bribed or extorted.
Does one really believe that this ( Pandemic), right after the Impeachment failed, and the Collusion Failed about Russia and the Ukraine was exposed just happened? OH Gosh, CHINA let loose a Virus that came from their Labs in Wuhan and it appears that Mr. Barrack H. Obama and Dr. Anthony Fauchi of the N.I.A.I.D. did indeed ask China to continue with this Virus and was supposedly paid 3 Million Dollars, to continue the research. Research, by the way, that the F.D.C. informed N.I.A.I.D., to cease and desist with the process of COVID-19. Was there a video, in 2017 ” Predicting” this outbreak by Mr. Fauchi and Mr. Obama?
Just how much of this is real and how much of this is crap is not, will in its entirety, never be brought to light?
Talk about the Crap that created the Great Depression?

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