Huckabee: Sprint Nextel Should Stay in American Hands

fron Newsmax – by Jim Meyers and Kathleen Walter –

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says telecom giant Sprint Nextel Corp., which is up for sale, should not be allowed to fall into the hands of a foreign company with ties to a Chinese firm accused of launching cyberattacks against the United States.

The Japanese conglomerate SoftBank Corp. announced in October that it was seeking approval from the United States for a $20 billion purchase of a 70 percent stake in Sprint, America’s third-largest cellphone provider.

Last month Dish Network, an Englewood, Colo.-based satellite TV company, challenged SoftBank’s bid for Sprint, offering $25.5 billion for the entire company.The reason for concern is SoftBank’s links to the Chinese telecom firm Huawei.

In October 2012, the House Intelligence Committee, after an 11-month investigation, concluded that U.S. firms should not do business with Huawei or another Chinese telecom firm, ZTE, because of their extensive ties to the Chinese government, and also found that the two firms posed a major cybersecurity threat to U.S. intellectual property.

The SoftBank offer “definitely needs to be not only scrutinized, it needs to be curtailed without some clear understanding as to what the implications could be,” Huckabee declares in an exclusive interview with Newsmax TV.

“We know that China has been illegally eavesdropping. They’ve been hacking computers. Their examples of intellectual theft have been really remarkable.

“We cannot afford to allow something as significant as our communications networks to be in the hands of a country that has proven not to be trustworthy when it comes to information and of that information being handled responsibly and honorably.”


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Humbled And Not Gulliable anymore
8 years ago

As more like minded corporate leaders move their corporate entities overseas,
they have intentionally avoid paying the normal taxes which all individuals are
subjected to. This is international money laundering. Something that the
international money lenders had advocated for milleniums. Still doing it.

“Be HANG”,
Be Humbled And Not Gullible Anymore:

In the seven editions of the King James Authorised Version 1611 bibles
(from A.D.1611 through A.D. 1769 Oxford University, Cambridge University,
and Trinity College), Apostle Paul’s epistles Romans through Philemon–
Beware of principalities and municipalities.
Principalities = leaders
Municipalities = bureacracy

After working in the fields thus long,
one can easily view,
be analytic,
and understand
that a significant number of humanity wants the rebuilding of a “Tower of Babel”.

They want one world entity,
one world corruption…
one world bureacracy,
one world theocracy,
one world religion (no Faith at all),
one world law,
one world economy,
one global citizenship,
one elite internationalist hegomony,
the (satan) easier to control everyone and everything.

All that internationalist, world citizen thinking will gain quicker self destruction.
The ship shall now sink faster.
This is what happens when everything is tied together.
Still believe they are so benevolent?
The individual will become nothing, just another number.
What freedoms, satan does not allow that huh.

Believe the word is “fornication”.
When one studies the definition and origins of this word from
the A.D. 1611 edition of the Oxford English Dictionary,
one shall rediscover it has nothing to do with anything anatomical,
rather to manipulate someone’s mental reasoning.
Do not be gullible anymore.

Hmmmmmm, does that seem familiar…
Remember Chicken Little placing all the eggs into one basket?
The eggs became scrambled,
there were no more genetic gene pool diversity,
the yolks became extinct.

Stop thinking like dinosaurs,
all in one,
and one for all,
they are all extinct.
God made quick work of that.

Remember that corruption is easy, but the cleanup takes
many years to complete.
A human generation is about 125 human years.
That is a healthy person of sound mind and body.
He and she may live up to about 125 human years even without modern medicine.
Just that these individuals were not well documented.
Most of these ancient generations understood that all time is of God.
They know not to celebrate birthdays and deathdays.
That means 125 years multiplied by seven to cleanse the actions of their ancestors.
The number seven in the King James Bible represents completion.

The ancient Chinese (the real and original Chinese, the Yue)
The Yue speaks Tai Shan which is not a dialect, but an ancient language is still around
after the real Chinese(the Yue) were conquered more than 6,700 years ago.
They have created a farming and fishing society, and were pacifists.
How efficienct were the Yue at fishing.

Hint: No man made fishing equipment necessary.
No fishing pole, no hooks, no nets, no harpoons, no baits, and no harm to other animals.
Cormorrans (fish seabirds) were trained to fish for the Yue people.
Appearently this species of seabird has a liking to cooked food.
Thus the seabird seeing that humans can cook his fish, deposited his fish to humans.
Over time, seabirds would place his caught fish next to human feet, and humans would
cook this fish and return half of the fish to the seabird. A sort of cooperation.
God made and place the animals on earth for human use and not abuse.
Ye can put to rest about Asians eating dogs, cats and other yechie stuff.
That is out of desperation because of the constant wars in China.
When people are starved– what do you think is going to happen.

The Yue have no need for warfare. Thus they were easily made indentured servants for
milleniums to work their own fields and the invader soldiers come to collect food crops
every season leaving only enough crops to feed the farmers.

These descents of the real and original Chinese (Yue) do not have surnames,
they were the property of emporers and warloards. They only have numbers for last names.
There were originally only seven tribes of the Yue people. These were also the people
where the origins of Gung Fu materialized, because they were not allow to have weapons
to defend their crops and fishing areas. Thus the long friendship between the southern
Chinese and the Okinawans (Javans and not Japanese). They both have farming and
fishing in common.

Today China is not for the Chinese, the population there speaks a foreign language
called Mandarin (Manchurians whom have ruled and controlled China for the last 400 to
2,000 years depending on which historian spoken to.) The real Chinese descendents
from the Yue still speak this ancient Tai Shan language and number 86 million people.
This ancient language will be around for awhile longer.

Most of these Tai Shan language speakers are Christians by choice today.
Matter of fact they do not have the traditional physical appearance of their ancient
ancestors, but they speak perfect Tai Shan language. The closet modern tongue
to the ancient Tai Shan language is the Cantonese language which is modern
and spoken in the areas of Guong Dong (Canton) and Kwan Si provinces,
in Hong Kong, Macao, and especially in the USA, Canada, and Australia.
Many of these descendents came to western nations to sustain their families,
and also to contribute to society. The Tai Shan speakers had left China early
beginning in the B.C. 410 because there were no peace and no freedoms in China.

When one travels around the world, every corner has real Chinese descendents
speaking Tai Shan and or Cantonese languages. Was even surprised to find a
Welshman speaking perfect Tai Shan to me in NYC. And in Alaska found an
Inuit Indian speaking Cantonese to me- said his ancestors were from Asia and
Europe thus meshing Scotch-Irish-Gaelic-Celtic-Scandanavian-Chinese languages.
Thus speaking another language for the Yue descendents is natural.

Thus the most important characteristics of the Tai Shan speaking
people is they believe in the spirit of God.

Family matters most next.

Maintaining a healthy and moral society is next.
Means good cooking practices and moral education.

Of course not all “Chinese” in China think and perform like the
descendents of Yue people.

Perhaps when people come together and forget the superficial nonsense,
then just maybe something can be really done
to improve the lives of everyone.

That day is not here yet.
Thus we continue to pray to God, the One, True, Wise, and Living God in Heaven.
May God bless ye all.

Rickie Fontenot
8 years ago

Please keep our Technology and communications edge on the world Totally American !!

8 years ago

It’s up to the shareholders of Nextel as to who they agree to sell their company to unless the United States government can prove such a sale would effect national security. Then of course, the government has the right to stop the sale. So that means it’s time for the Obama administration to actually do some real work, not merely fund raising, and properly investigate Huawei. If they find something that would prove the possibility of a national security threat, then by all means halt the sale. However, if they find nothing, then you cannot simply stop a sale, because the buyer is “a foreigner”.

While I think everyone would prefer that Nextel stay in domestic hands, if there were a domestic buyer interested in the company and willing to make a competitive bid, one would have emerged by now. None has. So given that market reality, I have to agree with Carlos’ view below of letting the free market work.

Humbled And Not Gulliable anymore
8 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Mr. Paul E. is correct…

Warning: Nextel has its own Iridium Satellite technology network in place.
this means all the communication going through their satellite network can be
listened to and manipulated. (Best to keep it all American.)

Anytime a corporate entity that is controlled by any government in this case China,
the security and freedom from persecution by a principality and municipality is questioned.
By this we mean all activities!
As one Russian academian had said, “Trust Not.”

There are places on earth when better communication networks are truly appreciated
and without fear of encrouching into our freedoms…

Western New York Government:

Are you listening?
We may be rural out here, but we can make very good use of that satellite technology,
improve upon it and keep it safer right here in Western New York.
That shall be 100% USA maintained and protected.

Buy that satellite-phone and celluar-phone network for Western New York,
and real American engineers will show the world how its done properly.
We need better than Time-Warner Cable and Verizon FIOS that refuses
to service all of Western New York State.

New York State is not the “Big Rotten Apple”, busy body politicians
did that to the Empire State.

It was called the Empire State because as scattered as the Western New York
population was they made the world’s first practical commercial steam powered vehicle,
the world’s first practical electric powered vehicle, and the world’s first practical mass
produced fossil fuel (bezene, petrol) powered vehicle.


The Ahren Fox steam powered fire engine was made right here in Western New York!
It was the engineering marvel of that time in the 1920s.

Western New York is also the dominant player in Matrixed Titanium Alloy
technologies producing the world’s first musclecar engine assembly to
safely spin at 37,000 rpm producing well over 7,000 net horsepowers and
weighing just 236 pounds running any fuel!
Unfortunately it did not go into production at Buick’s “1970 GSX Stage-7”
(a.k.a. first musclecar to exceed 733 mph running just avaition fuel.
No fuel injectors, no turbo-superchargers, and no electronics, just great engineering.)
Oldsmobile’s Hurst/Olds W52 project was also halted by corporate dum dums.

M-18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer was made by Buick Motors.
It was and still the world’s fastest partial armored fighting vehicle.
At better 50 mph with the speed governor controlling the drivetrain.
And better than 85 mph without any regulation of the drive train!
(Buick also made the aircraft engines for the B-17, B-25, A-26A/B.)

You bet the Tiger and Panther tank drivers was perplexed at the
Battle of Normandy! And all this was made by women in WW-II.

Yeah, Western New Yorkers know technology and will use it
properly. Stop the brain drain. Ivy League graduates need work.
Twelve to Sixteen hour farmers and farm workers also need good jobs!
When a person work that many hours a day seven days a week, he will
become very proficient and intelligent, or not survive at all.
Remember it was farmers and sons that help win WW-I, WW-II, Korean War.

Stop the blame game.
Most American citizens I know of already speak English, French, Spanish
and also many other languages.

Western New York is ready to compete…
from the Extreme Table Tennis teams and their marathon table tennis tornaments
all the way to innovative integration of uncommon technologies.ake it 100%
Why are folks talking of nano technology when we are already ahead
with 1 x 10 +18 technologies!

America has already got aircrafts and tractor trailer trucks that?
are the most fuel efficient in the world!

Some run on recycled cooking oil, some runs on just sound energy!

Why is General Motors being hippocritical?
First they move the most profitable car manufacturering- Buick LeSabre ParkAvenue/Ultra
to China, now they want to move the Cadillac CTS-V, CTS, ATS models to be manufactured
in China. Are you tired of this game yet?

Start your own company and make it 100% here in the USA.
Sell as “Made Only in The USA”
and conclude by saying…
“A product of the USA, by the USA, for only the USA.”
That will make it 100% make in USA only for the USA market.
No more international dependencies.

God gave each human being a brain.
Now go exercise those brain cells.

If the Chinese, German, etc. can do it.
You bet the United States Constitution that America can absolutely do it best!
We have freedom of thought and God given free will.
That is why we are Americans.
(a.k.a. Cowboys)


David Dunbar Buick
Alvin C. York
Audie Leon Murphy
Kelly Johnson
Thomas McGuire
Richard Bong
Alan Sheppard
John Glenn
many other humbled and not gullible anymore Americans.

Still think America is just farmboys and hicks?

The USA is the best place to live, if only Americans believe…
Appearently most immigrants already believe and still coming to the USA.

A.D. 2076 is just around the corner.
My family will be ready, are yours?
The USA is the only nation on earth where every language and dialect is spoken,
including some fantasy language.
Improve your immediate neighborhood.
Its your God given free will.
Do not wait for others to pick up the slack.
No lackeys, and no slackers.

As my 119 year old GrandMaMa would say…
“Cut the crap, and get to work.”
“Stop whining, start improving, or you be Gung Fu fodder.”

Why invest in other folks problems?
Start your own business and improve America’s economy right now!
Not enough brain cells, then hire some that can help your business.
No idle hands here.
No work, no taxes, no food. Got that?

May God bless ye all.

8 years ago

Americans should stop investing in, saling assets to or promoting any communist country or their partners.

8 years ago

And huclabee should quit robo calling. I won’t support any media he involved in as long as his calls come.

Rickie Fontenot
8 years ago
Reply to  Gary

Well then Obviously you miss the message and welcome communism !!

Guy Smith
8 years ago

If Nextel-Sprint is for sale, then why is Nextel-Sprite doing buying U.S.Cellular? Just received a letter from U.S. Cellular last month that their sale to N-S had been approved by the F.C.C.. WTF is going on all these cell phone compa.ies being bpught and then resold to foreign companies? Just saying sohmething smells rotten with this entire mess.

8 years ago

I will like to stay in US hands, but no one come up with any offers, then let the free market get it way.

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