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Hurricane Irma – Important AMAC Services Update

Dear AMAC Member,

As Hurricane Irma approaches our shores, we are taking necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our employees, their families, and their property.

Our primary customer service office in central Florida office will be closed on Saturday, September 9, so that our employees will have additional and ample time to finish what is necessary to keep their families, pets, and homes safe. In the wake of the hurricane, our Florida office will remain closed on Monday, September 11, and possibly beyond that date depending upon the extent of the damage, power availability, and other factors that are outside of our control.

While our Florida office is closed, all customer service calls will be routed to our offices in New York and New Mexico, where our staff will be ready to assist you. We will do our very best to provide you with the level of customer service that you’ve come to expect from AMAC.

We apologize in advance for any delays that you may experience. We deeply appreciate your understanding due to the circumstances.

Finally, and most importantly, we ask that you please join us in prayer for those AMAC members and employees that stand in the path of the storm. Be safe!


David G. Weber
Chief Operating Officer
The Association of Mature American Citizens

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4 years ago

Wise decision. We all understand. Prayers are with them. I have friends and family there too.
Please let us know where we can send clothing and items for the victims. I have a load already to go.
Thank you.

4 years ago

I thank you, Mr. Weber for being aware of your employees safety as well as all others in Florida. Prayers are being sent from this home daily, many times daily. I also pray for all the folks in Ga, SC, NC and beyond where Irma will be strking. The Lord be with them all. Please be safe.

4 years ago

I respect Mr Weber for putting his
Employees and their families lives
I also admire his request for
Prayers for everyone in the
Path of the hurricane.

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