Illegal Border Crossings Down 40% in Trump’s First Month

from – CNSNews.com – by Susan Jones

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is hailing “a marked change” in immigration trends – a 40-percent decline in illegal border crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border between January and February; and a 55-percent decline in “inadmissibles,” who present themselves at Southwest ports of entry but are turned away.

President Trump campaigned on a promise to slow illegal immigration, and he issued two executive orders boosting immigration enforcement on Jan. 25, five days after his inauguration.

In February, a total of 18,762 individuals were apprehended between ports of entry on the Southwest Border, compared with 31,578 in January (a 40.58-percent drop) and 43,255 in December,” CBP said.

Also in February, a total of 4,808 people presented themselves at ports of entry on the Southwest Border and were deemed inadmissible, compared with 10,899 in January (a 55.88 percent drop) and 15,176 in December.

CBP said the recent drop in illegal border crossings is “encouraging” because it means “fewer people are putting themselves and their families at risk of exploitation, assault and injury by human traffickers and the physical dangers of the treacherous journey north.

CBP also noted that recent changes in immigration policy have prompted human smugglers to increase their fees for taking people to the U.S. border.

“As directed in my memoranda implementing the President’s executive orders, we remain committed to carrying out fair, impartial and humane enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws,” Homeland Security Secretary Jack Kelly said in a news release.

“We will remain vigilant to respond to any changes in these trends, as numbers of illegal crossings typically increase between March and May. However, the early results show that enforcement matters, deterrence matters, and that comprehensive immigration enforcement can make an impact.”

Appearing on C-SPAN Thursday morning, Rep. Steve Pearce (R-N.M.) said a border wall, by itself, “is not going to work” when it comes to controlling illegal immigration. “They come over it, around it, under it, through it, so the idea that we can cure it with just that is just a mistake.”

Pearce said there are places where walls do work, but he said out in the wide-open expanses, drones and other technology are more effective in spotting illegal aliens.

Pearce also called for a “culture change” inside CBP’s upper management levels.

Pearce noted that President Trump signed two executive orders on Jan. 25 that for the first time will allow federal border agents to pursue illegal aliens onto Indian reservations and wilderness study areas, and other areas that have been off limits to them until now.

“The Organ Pipes National Monument on the Arizona southern border was just a wide-open way to cross through, because Border Patrol agents were not allowed to go into that area.” The congressman said Trump has “changed that one cultural piece.”

“The second was, agents were told to catch and release. That’s another cultural thing that was not in keeping with the law, it was just the practice that was generated from very high levels of Border Patrol, so that’s the cultural shift that I’m saying we’re going to have to have, and we’re beginning to see that right now.”

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Maria Winter
5 years ago

NO federal funds for Sanctuary States! WE Are a UNION , That means we are all bound by the same Federal Laws. IF an act is ILEGAL, then the act is illegal in all states! If not, then it’s like saying that a water pipe is fixed if it only leaks in a few areas, because it isn’t gushing profusely anymore. Just as Murder is a universally illegal. Every country has boarders, If we our government cannot say who should come and go between those boarders, why bother having them? Lets stop pretending we want to do something about the invasion of our country! Or if we are serious about protecting our citizens and vetting everyone, as it should be!, Then our constitution is enough and our president is in fact within the law to issue an executive order for the purpose of preventing anyone and everyone from coming to the U.S. Even for US citizens, living in this country is a privilege not a right. There are people in this country that fee entitled even though they are not US born. How did it get this far? WE did it! We gave privileges and rights to people that don’t belong here. They break into our house, uninvited, of course. The first thing they do is have a kid and through the kid they are allowed: free medical, free education, free protection, free emergency services, and they are given amnesty and they are also in our jails and welfare….etc, They are a drain to our social life, economy and our overall way of life including changes in laws just to accommodate them and all their way of life. What ever happened to, “Assimilation”? Muslims wearing Burqa’s with only the eyes showing, or foot bath room at airports, how about having sharia law in their neighborhood in the US? By the way, If we put a sign up in English and Spanish are we also going to translate that same sign in 50-100 other languages and dialects? I think we should change every sign and book in our country to only have English or translate every sign into every country’s language so we are not just partial to Mexicans. Just pointing out the obvious insanity!

Randy Fox
5 years ago

We need to get rid of the judges that are doing all they can to hamper our attempts to protect our borders. I don’t know where the get the idea that we have the RIGHT to block ANYBODY we want from coming across our borders. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY!!!

5 years ago

Once the wall is built, we can release California’s 35% Mexican national prison population back into Mexico. I look forward to the day that the crime syndicates are broken up and the neighborhoods are set free from gang violence.

5 years ago

Hallelujah finally something is being done. I read a bunch of the other comments and I concur with them all. If you live in crappy California like we do you see it all right before your eyes. The ridiculous regulations. And now some moron is trying to pass another bill stating we need affirmative action in the teacher realm. EXCUSE ME we need good teachers, not based on race. We already have the problem with common core brainwashing our children NOW THIS?

5 years ago
Reply to  mike

What I wish on these liberal politicians is a free lobotomy from an affirmative action surgeon.

5 years ago

I’m really glad to read that since President – Elect trump has entered the Oval Office he has shown to the American people that his promises (for the most part) are being kept. I truly hope that he will go forward and enforce his executive order on the initiative of the 90 – 120 day (stay) travel ban for vetting purposes . What’s amazing is that Trump’s Travel Ban was merely an virtual exact “blue-print” of the previous Obama administrations’ Travel Ban which was unanimously approved by the Congress. I feel that the travel ban is perfectly legal and if more of the 9th Circuit Court Judges as well as the 11th Circuit Court Judges still put forward obstacles to impede President Trump’s Executive Order they should be impeached for “Dereliction of Duty”. President Trump as well as all of the previous Presidents swore an oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution of the United States. This includes protecting the United States and its’ citizens.

5 years ago

I hope they don’t stop “Catch and Release!” Catch them and release them on the south side of the border!
And I hope that number is just “illegal” northbound border crossings. The really interesting number would be the number of crossings from the US back to Mexico – I hope it’s climbing exponentially!

5 years ago

It’s time to make English OUR National Language! … if you can’t speak or learn OUR language, then DEPORT THEM ALL!!! Look at all the wasted money the state and federal government spend on printing forms in different languages. A friend recently told me that she has a friend that applied for a well paying job with a California business, was interviewed and lost the position because she couldn’t speak Spanish.
Here in America, that’s absurd! … I told her to contact the American Civil Liberties Union and sue that company. Haven’t we all had enough of these Progressively Communist Democrats??? … I sure have!

5 years ago
Reply to  Rik

Why are there few white men in the NBA? Time to desegregate it!

5 years ago
Reply to  MeToo

MeToo, I totally agree, I was personally screwed by LBJ’s Affirmative Action law back in 1974 that ended up costing me an extremely well paying career that I have never been able to replace. Now at 69, I’m having to still work and can’t find a decent paying job since I’ve spent 44 years in print advertising sales and print is dead, dead, dead!

5 years ago
Reply to  Rik

Hi Rik,

What about printing posters, banners, and stuff like that? If you have the funds, you could buy a franchise in a store like that. Or you could open your own.

Ivan Berry
5 years ago
Reply to  Rik

I miss those old cigarette aids, but then the magazines are gone, so what’s to print?
Reading was always more enjoyable than TV, but times and tastes change, as well as do generations.
We were once much more self-sufficient.

5 years ago

We as citizens of the United States, must also do all we can to stop illegal immigration in the form of letting our elected town officials and legislators know that we don’t appreciate and won’t stand for having criminal trespassers in our cities and towns, and don’t appreciate having to pay for everything that these people have. We have to make noise and continue to call our elected officials in our city, state, and our federal congress people NON STOP. Only when they are harassed, followed, and when we don’t shut up will they pay attention to those of us who elected them and WHO ARE STUCK WITH THESE DO-NOTHINGS.

Criminal trespassers seem to think we are here merely to make them comfortable, that we willingly pay for their keep and for all of their goodies. NOT TRUE, NOT TRUE…. They don’t learn English, work under the table since they cannot work or they steal our fellow citizens social security numbers, won’t assimilate, and cause much of the crime in our cities.


Hen3ry H
5 years ago

Its a good thing to see the federal agencies enforce the law
Unlike the previous administration
Especially on our Southern border
I don’t believe that the Open Border crowd appreciates the destruction that their agenda will bring us.
Or maybe they do ?

5 years ago

This is good but IMO much more needs to be done and faster. I would love to see a huge sting in some bigger cities like SF, seattle, Miami etc

God Bless America

john boy
5 years ago
Reply to  Trap

just require all employers to verify or go to jail for hiring Illegals….DONE DEAL??

5 years ago

Great start from a great man. The laws have to be enforced and America is a soveign nation.

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