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Inflation Reduction Act: Reordering America | EP 143

Is the Inflation Reduction Act Worse than Obamacare? Only in Washington can you call a piece of legislation the Inflation Reduction Act when it does the exact opposite for the working class and fixed income earners in America. Dr. Kevin Roberts, President of the Heritage Foundation joins the BFA podcast to highlight the damage this bill will do America. As he puts it, The Inflation Reduction Act is a giant down payment for AOC’s Green New Deal. Dr. Roberts obliterates the AARP, who is a major supporter of this bill claiming it is “better” for their members. Rebecca and Dr. Roberts discuss what America needs to get back on track to limited government and fiscal responsibility. Tune in for a dose of reality at what this bill is designed to do: reorder America so that we simply don’t have access to those reliable sources of energy we once had.

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1 month ago

Stop the misnomer. The proper name for this abomination is–
“The Joe Biden, Joe Manchin Inflation Production Act.”
Repeat it and repeat it and hang it around their necks. Write it on billboards and put signs in windows. Both these leaders have sold their souls and the American dream with it. Should this monstrous money and freedom grab survive there will be peace in America.

1 month ago

Biden signed yesterday & made point many times that all Republicans voted against. He did not bring up how many things are in this bill that will increase inflation & pork barrel projects that spend money. What did he mean when he said Corporations pay no taxes now, but I will make them pay 15%. And how do taxes relate to Trump tax cuts for corporations during his term? And from what I remember, Trump did tax cuts with an Executive Order? Any comments. & do Democrats really think that $400K per year is earned by a majority of Americans?????

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