Inside Left’s Secret Plot for Coup Against Trump

Trump At PodiumThe formula for a de facto coup against President Trump is pretty simple and it’s happening before our very eyes, according to one of the nation’s top scholars and most esteemed political analysts.

And evidence for that theory is backed up by equally renowned political observers.

This is how it works, according to classics scholar, Stanford fellow and National Review columnist Victor Davis Hanson:

    • The mainstream media pumps out anti-Trump stories to undermine the president.
    • That creates doubt and uncertainty among lawmakers, especially those from “purple” states (those that are not overwhelmingly Republican or Democratic.)
    • Removing the support of the “purple” GOP lawmakers gives Democrats a de facto majority to stop the Trump agenda, even though Republicans have majorities in both the House and the Senate.


Speaking with Tucker Carlson on Fox News on Thursday, Hanson described how it began with the creation of a narrative of a failing presidency.

“What were seeing here, I don’t want to be too dramatic, it’s sort of, historically, a slow-motion coup where you have a nexus of celebrities, academics, the Democratic and progressive parties, and then you have the media, and they feel they can delegitimize a president with a thousand nicks, none of them significant in themselves, but they coalesced to build a narrative that Trump is inexperienced, that he is uncouth, that he’s crude, that is reckless,” explained the scholar.

Those small wounds take a collective toll, paralyzing the administration and the government by disabling the Republican majority.

“Each day, the point is to drive his popularity down one half a point, one point, until he can’t function in Congress because purple state congressional representatives don’t want to take the risk to further his initiatives.”

Hanson described how the mainstream media doesn’t need to find any actual or provable wrongdoing by the administration to keep the Democrats’ anti-Trump agenda in the headlines and hobble the president.

“I mean we’ve had a whole cadre of Washington and New York reporters that have done nothing other than, for six months, using all of their tools at their disposal, their genius, their experience to prove that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians, and they can’t find anything. They haven’t spent commensurate time to look at who was unmasking individuals. That may come out from the House Intelligence committee.”

Even the Washington Post’s most accomplished and famous reporter, Bob Woodard, has warned the media about losing their objectivity by “binge drinking the anti-Trump Kool-Aid,” and advised them to “Stick to the reporting.”

Speaking on MSNBC Friday, Woodward observed, “One of the realities we have here is we have a good, old newspaper war going, the New York Times and the Washington Post and some very powerful stories.”

“At the same time, I think it’s time to dial back a little bit because there are people around … who are kind of binge drinking the anti-Trump Kool-Aid. And that is not going to work in journalism. Let the politicians have that binge drinking.”

Perhaps Woodward has been sobered recently by the sensational anti-Trump stories coming from his own newspaper that have turned out to be not true.

On May 10, the Post reported that FBI Director James Comey had requested more resources for the Russia investigation shortly before he was fired by the president.

The very next day, interim FBI Director Andrew McCabe contradicted that, saying, “I’m not aware of that request, and it’s not consistent with my understanding of how we request additional resources.” He added, “I strongly believe the Russia investigation is adequately resourced.”

Also on May 10, the Post reported that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threatened to resign after the White House said his memo prompted Trump to fire Comey.

The very next day, Rosenstein said that simply was not true.

Critics have cited a profit motive for newspapers to publish what could be considered fake news.

An article on the Post in Lifezette on Wednesday asserted, “Bashing Trump is good business, and the newsroom has gotten the message.”

The article discussed the reaction in the Post newsroom to a story that claimed Trump had improperly divulged classified information during a meeting, on May 10, with the Russian ambassador. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster forcefully called that story “false.”

False or not, the story was profitable.

Lifezette reported, “At the Washington Post, the newsroom broke into applause as the story surpassed the Post’s own record for most readers-per-minute originally set by the ‘Hollywood Access’ story, according to Glenn Kessler, the Post’s ‘fact checker’ columnist.”

Among luminaries on the left, it’s not just Woodward who is worried about the current state of reporting at such venerated news outfits as the Post.

“I am appalled at the behavior of the media,” lamented the influential feminist philosopher Camille Paglia on Tuesday. “It’s the collapse of journalism.”

“I’m looking forward to voting Democrat again,” she remarked. But she predicted Trump would be re-elected because, “I feel that the media has so utterly lost its credibility that I think people are going to vote against the media again.”

Echoing Hanson’s observations, Paglia charged, “Democrats are doing this in collusion with the media obviously, because they just want to create chaos.”

“They want to completely obliterate any sense that the Trump administration is making any progress on anything.”

And why would they want to do that?

Rush Limbaugh had an answer for why the media seem to have become so desperate to stop Trump they would resort to tactics that would discredit their reporting even in the eyes of such as Woodward and Paglia.

On May 11, the top radio talk-show host painted stopping Trump as the defining life-or-death issue for the left.

“They cannot allow for the world to see that something like this (the Trump agenda) could make the country better,” Limbaugh explained.

“They cannot permit that to happen. They cannot permit Trump to improve the economy. They cannot permit Trump to make the nation more secure. They cannot permit Trump to win in international conflicts. They cannot permit it! It must not happen.”

He concluded, “Every victory Trump has is just another sign of how useless and phony the establishment is.”

How does Trump fight back against the coup?

He may have just decided not to play their game.

On Friday, the Washington Examiner reported the president’s enraged reaction to a New York Times story that he was about to shake up his staff and fire Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

“F— the New York Times,” Trump reportedly said.

“They’re not our friends. We’re never going to win them over.”


from - WND.com - by Garth Kant

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4 years ago

If you read Big Agenda by David Horowitz you will understand just what is going on. I realized that all the years I was working, i was not paying attention to what was going on in this country. Now I realize that is why our young people are so brainwashed when it comes to social issues. I have always voted conservative because I believe everyone should take care of them self.

Michael Millikan
4 years ago

Limit federal power and jurisdiction, no matter who is in power in DC! Support Convention of States Project! Visit our website to learn more: http://www.cosaction.com/?recruiter_id=1501881

MJ Alexander
4 years ago

The most pressing issues that we face in this country today are much bigger than those plaguing President Trump. Anyone who thinks his policies will resolve all our problems needs to be reminded that no single president got us into this mess, and no single president can get us out. Constitutionally, that office simply doesn’t have the power.

Executive orders alone cannot remedy the ills of the country today. Granted, he can roll back a litany of egregious and burdensome regulations. And he can start the long and arduous process of restoring constitutional balance to the Supreme Court, but it may take years to change any one of several disturbing precedents, if any are changed at all. And don’t even think for a moment that Congress will change its ways and risk political capital helping the president advance the more “controversial” elements of his agenda… Congress has been and always will be too busy raising money for the next re-election campaigns to take us seriously out here in fly-over country, let alone step up.

We the People in the states are the last, best chance to help our new president right the ship of state. We have the power and the authority to close the “loopholes” in the beautiful but vague language that the Founder’s used in drafting the Constitution, language that the Courts continually “interpret” to gradually strip us of our liberties.

Article V of the Constitution not only gives us the right, but the responsibility to remedy these defects. To do anything less out of apathy, fear or distrust of our fellow citizens, or to willfully ignore the creeping, soft-tyranny of incremental subversion of the Republic is to deny the legacy of our Founding Fathers. They gave us Article V as a weapon against such contingencies… all we need now is the courage to use it.

Be informed. Get involved. Sign this petition. ==> http://www.cosaction.com/?recruiter_id=2348 #COSProject

Carol Menges
4 years ago

As a nation, we need a coalition of many groups to pressure their state legislators to call for a reining in of the federal government, of term limits for all federal officials, and for fiscal accountability and responsibility: a convention of states limited to those three broad areas for proposals to the American constitution. http://www.conventionofstates.com

4 years ago

President Trump needs to do what President Reagan did. By pass Congress and the Media and go directly to the American People.
The Media, Congress and the GOP were opposed to much of Reagan’s agenda. Sad but their opposition to President Trump is far worse today than it was against President Reagan.
The GOP needs to change their mascot of the Elephant to a Mule. The leadership of the GOP is nothing like the Elephant, they have lost their memory on how to lead.

doc johnson
4 years ago

Sadly, this could break out into a violent civil war in our country. I suppose the MSM would have a field day with that, until the left lines them all up and has them shot a-la Vladimir Lenin.

4 years ago

I am so disgusted with the disrespect that some in the media and some politicians are showing our president. It makes me want to vomit when I hear friends and neighbors parrot back some of the talking points of these same folks. Tragically, no one has the time or ability to check the facts for themselves. How do we hold these people accountable for their dishonesty?

ed Rust
4 years ago

The “media” have totally sold out to the lib Dems. But what can you expect when 95% of them are lib Dems? I don’t know the answer to this, other than to boycott them and let them start losing money. That is the only thing that might wake them up. Otherwise, they will keep up this daily crap because that has become their agenda! Sick! PS; Trump could help a bit by limiting his sometimes mindless tweets/off the cuff remarks, etc. They just feed the frenzy. Just put out well thought out written statements and get staff agreement/input, so all are on the same page.

John Lose
4 years ago

Dr. Hanson is correct. One of the techniques is to tell a lie loudly and often leads the drone voters to believe the lie as the truth. If there is “fake” smoke there must be fire is one of the lies being told by the entrenched progressives. There is no smoke only a smokescreen.

4 years ago

Almost all of America has had way too much Obama Coolaid and Cookies and are now nothing but “BUFFOONS”. Their mind set is “IT DOES NOT MATTER IF IT IS RIGHT OR WRONG” When you have reached the status of “BUFFOON” your mental capacity is already compromised and gone!! So if you like putting your finger up your Arse and then in your mouth!!, then do it !!!

Thomas H
4 years ago
Reply to  Dalton

Unfortunately, some 60% of my co-workers fit the “buffoon” category.

Randy White
4 years ago

How can we force the media to report news and stop their left-wing agenda?

Thomas H
4 years ago
Reply to  Randy White

Take back the media from them.

Linda Fisher
2 years ago
Reply to  Randy White

Do NOT listen to any of those stations. Speak up about what you think to everybody that you know. Don’t be intimated by those that actually believe everything they hear.

Charlene Kimmel
4 years ago

I totally disagree with eh headline. I don’t think the Left’s plot is “secret” at all! Delegitimizing a Presidency has been done before, just look back and review what happened to Andrew Jackson when he became president as an “outsider”. The same scenario is playing out now, only 150 years later and with modern technology it will be even more deadly to Trump’s Administration.

Two things he can do to get above this mess: 1) Trump can use technology as well as the left does to address the American people directly about his thoughts, plans, ideas and actions. Use his surrogates daily to effectively to do this. He should not have to do this himself. He needs to use his surrogates: Pence, Spricer, McMaster ( he’s good!) and as many others as he needs to get the word out. I agree with Elena. 2) Trump MUST NOT take any of this personally. He MUST keep a vision of what needs to be done, and move ahead with all the strength and vigor he has. He MUST stop Tweeting. Tweeting gives away too much of what he thinks, where he is going with issues and shows his fully justified anger. But it is NOT helpful to his cause. The left only uses it to bash him and provide a nugget to begin a lie.

The people – vast majority of working, contributing people- are behind Trump. He needs to hear from us every day. Use Technology: Start a support Facebook page? Or other device that people can log on to show support. Perhaps there already is one? If so popularize it. Again as Elena said, he needs a public relations firm. He himself is great at it, but he can’t direct that and be Presidential at the same time!

Finally, pray to Almighty God for his safety and sanity. Pray hard, because he needs it.

Arthur Garverick
4 years ago

Fox News seems to be sliding to the left — not good for conservatives. The attack on Fox News is much like the attack on the President – fake news and anonymous sources to undermine the confidence of the listeners — throw in a few slanderous stories regarding women and minorities; the goose is pretty much cooked. A new conservative news network is needed to prevent the world order wanted by communists and left wing news hounds. President Trump can help by reducing the material available to the left wing news hounds – daily briefing papers handled out, remove press credentials of those that spin those briefing papers, hire someone to review news “tweets” (less shooting from the hip) before posting, fewer White House briefings, more written questions and responses — We need President Trump to succeed or our Republic is gone faster than the Roman Empire. Oh, remember “Anonymous Sources” are NOT witnesses.

4 years ago

Re: Daily White House Briefings: The White should immediately exclude (bar) all news outlets that scored over 60% in negative stories in the recent Harvard poll. They (CNN, MSNBC, etc), can get their news from the others.

4 years ago

Check out the “Vortex ” episode of today on Churchmilitant.com. It is really a coup attempt to bring down the Church, that represents the only thing standing in the way of the world doing all it wants to. Trump may not be the most moral person but he does represent an attempt to return to more moral times and progressives don’t like that.

4 years ago

Using an old Cold War term..
The progressive party and the media have become Russia’s “useful idiots”. The Russians are no doubt gleeful over this BS.

Robert Lindsey
4 years ago

Our President needs the people and all republicans to stand with him even the libertarians and this country will be where it belongs GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Tom Wilde
4 years ago

The Left is winning today. Not because they have a legitimate agenda that is pro-American and beneficial to all, but because they infiltrated the Republican Party with genuinely Leftist operatives.

Those “purple” states and “purple” politicians are either hard core Communists to begin with or abject right-wing COWARDS who kneel when confronted. Just take a look at the GOP. It isn’t Red, Blue or Purple. It’s YELLOW.

The 45 Goals of Communism in America calls for capturing one or BOTH political parties. DONE!

Right from the start Trump was opposed by the entire Democrat Party. More than that he was attacked by a hefty chunk of the GOP that hated him and was more than ready to turn coat and join the Democrats. We’ve been BETRAYED by the very people we chose to stand up for us.

I hate the Democrat Party of today. But I LOATHE the traitorous GOP!

4 years ago
Reply to  Tom Wilde

Great Post Tom….

Pete from St Pete
4 years ago
Reply to  Tom Wilde

I agree with most of what Trump wants to do: control immigration, build up the military, revise the over complicated tax code, etc. However, he brought on a lot of the personal opposition to him during the campaign by systematically using personal insults against anyone who voiced even mild disagreement with him. For example, “Marcos little hands” Cruz’s fathers’ implied association with and support of Fidel Castro, John McCain “was not war hero, I prefer someone who stands and fights”, etc. etc. Words matter and not everyone is willing to forgive for political purposes. Remember the old adage, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

4 years ago

While we would all like politics to be about civil exchanges of ideas and open discussions of the facts and proposed solutions by each candidate, that is not how politics operates. Take a look at the name calling and derogatory language used by Presidential nominees and candidates to describe their challengers all the way back to the early 1800’s. To say it was coarse would be an understatement. It’s always been pretty much an insult-fest during campaigns on both sides of the aisle. Today’s campaign language is actually quite mild in comparison. That’s not to say it should and could be a whole lot better. Obviously it could be, but every time a candidate tries to run a campaign that way, his or her opposition always resorts to insults. Some thinly veiled. Some overt.

As for Rubio and McCain post election, they are pretty much behaving as I expected both would. Rubio is back to straddling the fence, but leaning towards voting with Democrats on key issues as he positions himself for another presidential run in either 2020 or 2024. He is just repeating his first term performance. As for McCain, what can I say. Both he and Graham can’t wait to vote with Democrats on almost every issue. They are “conservative Republicans” only during their re-election campaigns. After that, they both go right back to being Democrats opposing most of the Republican issues on the table. Every time the media needs a Republican that is willing to speak out AGAINST any Republican issue, they go right to either McCain or Graham who are more than willing to denigrate the Republican position for the caneras. The one exception usually being defense of course. Both are for obvious shills for certain defense contractors.

Tom Wilde
4 years ago

The issue is not whether Trump said or didn’t say nice things about the people who smeared him right from the beginning, the issue is whether the two-faced lying cowardly GOP is or is not opposed to the Communist agenda of the Democrats.

They have claimed to be pro-Constitution yet they are already lining up WITH the anti-Constitution Liberal/Communists.

Trumps greatest enemies, and OURS, are not the Lib-Loons that are out in the open, his greatest enemies are the shadow creeping RINOs who are stabbing us ALL in the back.

If these GOP “conservatives” cannot take a heap of criticism from Trump or anyone else then they shouldn’t be where they are. Joining the enemy just because someone said something unpleasant about you should mean that we ALL should have joined the Democrat Party by now.

The GOP and the likes of Ryan, McConnell, Graham and McCain should GROW UP and be their age and actually do what they said they were going to. That is OPPOSING not furthering the cause of Globalist/Communism in America.

Frankly I believe they are using the excuse of Trump’s bluntness to be who they really are – turncoat, lying. two-faced snakes in the grass.

4 years ago
Reply to  Tom Wilde

Exactly! Trump’s plain-spoken English (versus the usual political speak you get from the likes of McConnell, Ryan and other life-long pols) and direct way in which he conveys his mind is NOT the issue here. Too many people responding to this article seem the magic solution to all this is to have Trump cease all tweeting (his biggest advantage to push back against the distortions of the mainstream media to EVERYTHING he is trying to do) and hand all communications over to some nebulous PR firm or only do handouts of written press releases (written of course by some politically correct strategists who will water down the main message to make it virtually unintelligible to folks outside the D.C. beltway). Believe it or not, but most senior executives in New York City business speak pretty much the same way Trump does. Most highly successful people do. They are very direct and to the point. Time is money in the business world as they say. So it is vital to get your points across as quickly and concisely as possible. No one in the rarified business world Trump is used to operating in would ever speak like the typical Washington pols do by speaking in meandering, almost completely non-committal terms, and taking 20 minutes to convey a simple message.

So if people think the answer to the overt attempt by not only the Dems, but the mainstream media and a significant percentage of the establishment Republicans to stage a not so quiet coup of the Trump Presidency is to get Trump to stop tweeting, then you’re missing the source of the problem entirely. All three factions that I just outlined completely oppose the Trump agenda, and thus YOU the American people that helped elect Trump, for slightly different reasons. Until the American people understand that and direct their combined efforts to aggressively pushback against it, the situation will only get worse.

Does Trump need to be more precise in some of his tweets? Of course he does. Then again, Twitter only allows for very small messages. So it is not like you’re ever going to get elegant prose across in such a limited format. The willingness of the GOP in Congress to either stand-by silently and say and do nothing against either the Congressional Democrats or the biased mainstream media is one of the main issues that needs to be addressed. Most of the establishment GOP are by nature cowards. Unable to either stand-up to media criticism or effectively pushback against it. Sorry, but it is true. As to the mainstream media, stop expecting them to be anything but what they are: The propaganda arm of the Progressives in the Democrat Party. Whether Trump, Bush or any other Republican was in the WH, the media would be savaging that person non-stop. Just for possibly different things, but the end result would be the same. That has been the case for decades now. The media has just dropped any pretense of objectivity after Obama has successfully pushed the country to the edge of adopting socialism. So understand where the issues are and focus your efforts are resolving those problems.

Sorry for the long response.

4 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Well said Tom. I’m sick and tired of the establishment GOP. They cower every time the Democrats flinch. McCain may have been a hero in Viet Nam but he isn’t brave enough to stand up to the liberals of today!

Thomas H
4 years ago

If words matter, then direct your comment to the democRats.

Tom Wilde
4 years ago
Reply to  Thomas H

I do, on several other sites. Every day.


Lee McQuillen
4 years ago
Reply to  Tom Wilde

You’ve got good points but you’ve just got to stop yelling “communism” all the time – it’s pure socialism. Completely socialist. And they are terrified of their “piece of the pie” being taken away from them. They are unable to care about the country as a whole. I think you will find there are some Democrats left but the majority are Progressive/Socialists. And, I agree, the GOP has let us down consistently….

Tom Wilde
4 years ago
Reply to  Lee McQuillen

No. I will NOT stop shouting “Communism” because that is where this all leads to eventually anyway. I think it was Stalin who said the only purpose of Socialism is Communism. We’ve been seeing the “creeping socialism” become more and more wide spread and restrictive for decades. We are at the tipping point into Communism right now and just refusing to see it for what it is won’t stop it. THAT is what the Lefty-Loon Lib/Communists want!

Thomas Kelly
4 years ago
Reply to  Tom Wilde

Communism had to work with patience. It is a tool to enslave minds to capture the same exact motive to agree on rehearsed speech. Both political parties are not as genuinely different as it suppose to be. You couldn’t tell what principles they believe in by just the label of Title or there empty speech.
Conventional wisdom would say a third party is a solution, but the system is the same, it’s broke. For decades, the two party system has got worse through the years. No one agrees to disagree without mudslinging. Human nature holds on to traits by upbringing and experiences. It is a waste of time to equate people by force. Is it any wonder resistance is acquired in all society? We are not able to take away someone’s belief. It is engraved In our soul and mind.
This is the reason to have a Convention of States. The people should set the guidelines. We should decide on term limits, when you have job security, the effort to do well, is compromised.

4 years ago

Suggest Trump uses a major public relations firm — the way Obama did — to counteract all the false news. He also needs to DIRECTLY ADDRESS the fake media — by name — in their faces — like he spoke out in Saudi Arabia about radical Islamist terrorism. Call out the NY Times, Washington Post, Politico, Huffington Post and other subversive rags. Take away their WH press credentials and make fools of them.

A new conservative news network needs to begin. Also, Americans need to ditch being complacent, and speak out — it’s not behavior conservatives are used to exhibiting — but now is the time folks. Speak up and speak out. Our country is at stake.

4 years ago
Reply to  ElenaT

I agree with you Elena. Trump needs to STOP tweeting and undermining his own administration as well. If he is thick skinned as he claimed then he needs to ignore the insults and use the press to push his agenda. Talk to the American people and get in front of these clowns thru a PR firm! It can’t be hard to anticipate the left and use the bully pulpit to call out Democrats and the press with all the fake crap and let the American people decide what’s at stake. I pray that this Russian investigation brings out the lies of the Democrats and the press and humiliates all of them! And take the GOP Rino’s out with tax reform plans, immigration plans and REPEAL OBAMACARE!!!!

Richard Schwartz
4 years ago
Reply to  Carol

Who else will give us news? The pig media? lying scum suckers forgot what truth and integrity are. Just remember a liar is a liar. Must have mastered that at the Ivy League school.

Robert Taylor
4 years ago
Reply to  Carol

I like Trump tweets. It is straight from him. Go Trump!!

4 years ago
Reply to  Carol

Keep tweeting. It is the only way we can get the truth. Congress ,the media and the GOP won’t give us the truth.

4 years ago

The left wingers better stuff their coup ideas or there’s going to be a civil war. And we got all the guns.

4 years ago
Reply to  kkeennyy

Yeah, but they’ve got all the pressure cookers.

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