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It’s Time to Run From Government Schools

AMAC Exclusive – by Ben Martin


Country music has dispensed some prescient wisdom over the years.

Tim McGraw sensibly reminded us to “be humble and kind,” Rodney Atkins implored the downtrodden that if they are, “going through hell, keep on going,” and Lee Brice put theology to a tune when he sang, “don’t let your praying knees get lazy.”

All great advice. There’s nothing like three chords and the truth to inspire some good decisions.

But maybe the best advice for parents right now, at least when it comes to dealing with the abject failure of public schooling, comes from the great Kenny Rogers.

With the metaphorical muzzling of traditional family values, the literal muzzling of kids with mandatory masks, critical race theory invading classrooms, militant leftist politics, removing the American flag, and now in Oregon the complete elimination of any academic standards, Kenny crooned some wise words all concerned parents should take to heart.

“You got to know when to hold ‘em, when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, and know when to run.”

What has become incredibly clear is that many public schools – government schools – are a “train bound for nowhere.”

The movement to fight back against school closures and radical leftist ideology being taught in schools is inspiring. Seeing parents and teachers in Virginia and other states rise up to speak at government school board meetings and watching former NFL players lining up to run for government school boards is admirable. They are putting their cards on the table – playing their best hand.

But just watch the faces of those government school board members hearing the speeches. They aren’t moved. Sadly, it’s pretty clear that, as Kenny’s lyrics put it, we “know what the cards are by the way they held their eyes.”

They are patiently—and sometimes impatiently—waiting for those impassioned parents to sit down so that the schools can go right back to indoctrinating their children. Those government officials running the government schools have been here before, when they ended prayer in schools, when they stopped teaching the Bible, and as they continue to push schools to allow biological boys into the girls’ locker rooms.

The Gambler’s advice is sad, but wise. Fighting on their turf is a losing proposition, and those who want their kids to learn academics instead of social justice in school just don’t have the cards.

Thankfully, the story doesn’t end there. There is “an ace that we can keep.”

It’s time to “know when to run.”

That time is now.

In many school districts, there is no passionate viral speech, no school board seat, no poster board protest that is going to turn the tide in the foreseeable future.

It is time to take action though – for many parents who object to the content being taught in public schools, it is time to take our children, the most precious resource there is, and repatriate them to a real American education.

Send the kids somewhere else to learn. Or just keep them home. Homeschooling is at an all-time high in North Carolina, up almost 40 percent since 2016.

Thankfully, huge numbers of Americans around the country are making the wise decision to flee the failed government institutions, and many won’t look back.

By all means, concerned citizens should continue to fight to change the culture of education in America. But that could be a very long fight indeed. Don’t continue to subject your kids to the brainwashing in the meantime.

And for those parents and kids who live in liberal states without good non-government school options, maybe it’s time to listen to some Waylon Jennings and head for Luckenbach, Texas. Or head to the land of the free somewhere near the Florida-Georgia line where Governor DeSantis has extended the state’s school voucher program.

For many parents fed up with their local government school, it’s past time to fold or walk away, it’s time to run.

Ben Martin is the pen name of a commentator who previously worked in government and has worked in public policy for over a decade. He has testified before congress on several occasions, as well as before many state legislative committees, on domestic policy issues.

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Lee S McQuillen
10 months ago

Years ago my older son asked me to collect old history books and will them to him. I’ve been doing this for longer than when he asked me. My 4 children have all taught their children the truth about history and the meaning of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I can only hope that they will continue and teach their children the same. At least they will have access to real history books!

10 months ago

The progressive movement in public education is not new. It started roughly 100 years ago. Running from the system enables it to become even more extreme.
Involvement in the leadership of public education is critically important.
Get to know your local school board. Run for school board.
Transparency is a first key issue. What does your local public school curriculum include? Look at all of it. Talk about all of it. Publicly.
The progressive movement invested fortunes and careers for generations organized effort to become dominant in public education.
Turn around probably can’t be quick or easy, but engagement is critical.

10 months ago
Reply to  Mark

Homeschooling is best!

10 months ago

When the (puppet) dictator came into power I immediately began researching history books ranging from picture books through to high school. I needed to get the history books quickly before our written history was changed. I chose 7 books encompassing that age range. They are for my grandchildren. I presently only have one 14-month grandson, but confident will be more. They will all be homeschooled, for as long as possible. One daughter was a preschool instructor, another has 2 degrees and I have 15 years of higher education and 3 degrees under my belt so we have a lot to share. But the most important thing was to get true, unviolated, educational material for our future. I pray there are multitudes of patriots that will also bring proper education and true history to their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.

10 months ago

Hmm. The public schools have failed our children. The teachers unions are a disgrace to the Nation. They want money money more money and power. They DO NOT care about the kids!
The kids are pawns in their sick demands!

Willy E
10 months ago

I wholeheartedly agree. It is time to move away from the current public educational system the CCP infested government promoting. However, we must remember that these parents have been programmed by the Deep State for two or three generations and may not be equipped to educate their children properly. If you plan to educate by “home schooling” I believe you should be sure you get some training from some legitimate teachers, those who are actually for the USA. We have a lot to do to undo the damage these idiots have caused with their CCP/Anti-USA policies and destructive agitprop. Good luck to all of you that wish to get back our country!!

10 months ago
Reply to  Willy E

I understand the frustration. Thank you for your post, Willy E. To all parents out there, Don’t run. Stay and fight. There are many good kids out there who do not have options like home schooling. If we run, we will not ever have options. They will win. Support the many good teachers out there – and there are many. Take our education system and our country back. Please don’t run. Don’t give up!

10 months ago

Using public schools and controlling staff and teaching content is already to some slight extent in some places being practiced. If the DemoncRAts continue to RULE the Nation, that will be increased greatly to enhance the Communistic control the DamnocRats will empower to insure that the Communist propaganda and control is solidly in place. It seems that the DemCommieRats already have a throat hold on the News Media….. to me it seems.

Jesse Tiede
10 months ago

This “Education Failure” in Public Schools did not start yesterday! It started back in the 1960’s! It’s NOT going to be fixed overnight, but, it IS fixable! BUT(!), we NEED to DO SOMETHING about this RIGHT NOW, if we are to have any hope for future generations of American youth! Time for some realistic, HARD ACTIONS, and, the longer we wait, the harder it will be to accomplish! Thank you, Mr. Khrushchev…

10 months ago

It’s not just Public Schools we need to be leary of. We need to be wary of what our young people, pre kindergarten and up are watching on TV and at the theaters.
I was watching TV this morning…Kelly and Michael of all things, and they had as one of their guest on the show some Hollyweird bimbo type promoting her latest animated children’s film that she was staring in/lending her voice to. When Kelly ask her to tell them what her character was like in this film, she went on to tell how the pony she was lending her voice to was and activist, all inclusive pony that wanted to change the old establishment and get rid of all the backward evil ponies and make their domain safe for all ponies.

Sounds like brainwashing at an early age to me.

10 months ago

Between the Weak Lefty Government and the Lefty Teacher’s Union many of our traditional family values have been kicked to the curb. What is wrong with focusing on Reading, Writing and Math. The government and Teachers seem to be on track to force parents into their Socialist indoctrination of our children and grandchildren regardless of parental concerns. Defund and Dismantle the corrupt teacher’s union now and kick out the traitor Governmental officials now. It’s time!

Don Pierce
10 months ago
Reply to  Walter

If the liberal government gets their hands into something its going to soon smell like week old fish guts in the garbage can.

Bob Olden
10 months ago

Looks like we have to “tear down and build better” when it comes to all kinds of cultural institutions, starting with the public education system. It’s a dinosaur anyway. Charter schools seem to have the best chance to do this, although they aren’t perfect. Republicans must make school choice a key tenet of their platform and we must support those candidates who will fight for this!

10 months ago

The public school system has given me a good education & some of the best times and memories of my life. Do not get rid of public schools, just fix them.

Al Wunsch
10 months ago
Reply to  johnh

Sounds like my wife. Kenny is right – know when to run. After decades of this propaganda schooling, the folks teaching in the government schools are not your teachers of old.

Lee S McQuillen
10 months ago
Reply to  johnh

I have to agree with you. But, that was then and this is now. Things have changed. When American History is the history of the railroads, farming, etc., something is terribly wrong – and that’s what my now 28 year old grandson was taught! I know as I saw what was in his history book. Thankfully, his mother taught him better, with help from the rest of the family.

Beth SloanSills
10 months ago

Great article, well written. I’m almost 70 so way back to first grade back in the 1950’s, I was given a several page form for my parents to fill out and sign. As a 6 year old child, I didn’t understand what it was all about, but schools were requesting Federal Funding to make education better. My Mom wrote across the first page of that for in big, block letters “Keep the federal government OUT of our schools.” She knew what would happen to education! Any time you get funding from the government they have the right to dictate what you do with every penny. So “we” got ourselves into this, now we need to provide true factual education!

10 months ago

Agree, but I doubt teachers are teaching students to be immoral. These kids are getting it from other sources like internet, movies, TV, etc. Do not forget that one of Communist Goals in 1950s was to destroy family values & morality in any country they could.

10 months ago

This is a great article & I love the analogies with country music But, I strongly advise against shutting down and stopping govt.schools. First: Home or private schooling do not fit the schedule of parents who are working & cannot afford to do this. SECOND: There is a lot more to public schools such as making friends, learning rules & discipline, chance to participate in school activities, and more chances to view the world events, and list goes on. Just fix the schools, so that you get an education like America had from 1950-1980 & make you proud to be American.

Bill T
10 months ago

This entire pandemic has allowed us all to See the true EVIL intentions of the haters of America and it’s constitutional freedoms that we all have , this opportunity has allowed the elites and far left socialist party to lie and steal everything. Our commander and chief did not win a fair and honest election and we all know this including our president (the demented fool admitted it several times) This was a well thought out strategy on the woke lefts part to destroy everything while they have the Opportunity to, never ever let an opportunity go to waste! Millions of Covid and diseased stricken human beings from everywhere are now entering our country and being transported to very specific ares throughout our country (to get votes only , they could care less about the cumulative damages being done in the short and long term to our great country. Teachers union should be shut down for the betrayal and distain they have for the children of our country! Just imagine all this not to mention out of control inflation and national security implications with our borders wide open , and all of our allies now questioning our alliance with them? This is only a few huge problems with this administration I could go on for days with this disaster! God bless and help us all.

10 months ago

I can appreciate everyone bringing to light all of the stuff which is happening to our country, schools, Government, and other areas. It seems just bad news all the time! When is there going to be a real plan to remove all of this???? Tired of hearing how our country is going to He!! in a hand basket and we are all to stupid on how to fix or stop this. Who is really behind all of this anyway. I have spent hours attempting to find a way to fight back with others however it appears it is going to take someone or some organization to fix all of this

Tom R.
10 months ago

It’s pretty simple, we need to wake up to the fact the leftist socialists are trying to ruin our country. And they are succeeding. History has shown that when people what to turn a country to socialism they do two main things; they make the citizens dependent on the Government, and they indoctrinate the youth. If you want to fight back with others, start forming groups to get out the vote for all anti-left and anti-socialist candidates.

Beth SloanSills
10 months ago

When Christ comes!

10 months ago

If I had kids of school age I would be home schooling. Our public schools have gone from teaching our children the 3Rs to teachers giving their personal opinions on today’s problems!

Marilyn Sherod
10 months ago

Yes, it’s past time really. Years ago, Rush Limbaugh talked about the dumbing down of America and now we see it’s happened! May the Lord have mercy on us all!

R.S. Helms
10 months ago

The heart of the whole issue is our teachers are being taught and certified at a liberal college or university, we do not have teachers who are not liberal and we have the Teachers Union and Teachers associations running the train to nowhere. In this present age, it is like you have to gamble at the casinos where winning is in the odds making. The article is right, it is time to let your feet do the running while there is still a place to run to. There are states where the child can still get a great education, but you have to still contend with the power to be, as the ‘social services’ will force you to either go to a government school or lose your children.

Marilyn Sherod
10 months ago


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