Jedediah Bila, Lou Dobbs Tonight, 8-09-12

Watch this Jedediah Bila video on Lou Dobbs Tonight, 8-09-12

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10 years ago

we the people,who are the real government,we the people by me,haven,t listened to any medias,in a long long time,we don,t care about the news/tv/radio/newspapers,we the people by me,know they are all treasonous traders,and are all bought and paid for by the treasonous trader ovomit group,of communist puppets,so what the medias say,means absolutly nothing to we the people by me,we have our own medias,each and everyday,its called talking everyday face to face,with all the people,we observe,hear,watch,and see whats going on around us,and we make our own minds up,without any medias telling us lies about this or that.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse,brian terry and family,chuck norris,frank serpico,and all american veterans/ nation under god

10 years ago

conservative superpacs, no good, socialist superpacs on murder and deceit, just like the private sector, doing just fine!!!

Arlinda Munger
10 years ago

Romney does need to act more enthused! We pray Paul Ryan is going to be a help in this area but I suspect the liberal press and Obama’s people are going to try to slaughter him over the air waves.

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