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Joe Biden, White Privilege, AMAC

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This week we watched President Biden backtrack after telling the world that Facebook is killing people. Always quick to talk, now he is running away from the comment. Also – a shocking video has been released revealing what college students are being taught about Critical Race Theory. Ben shares the shocking audio on this program. And finally, AMAC Action President Bob Carlstrom joins with an important update for AMAC Members!

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5 months ago

This is about AMAC offering a USA Bible on its website: get out of the religion business AMAC! I don’t want your (or that singer’s) version of the Bible! This is one field AMAC should not be touching!

5 months ago

Next up, the “Land Reform” a la Mao’s China.

Regina L Mitchell
5 months ago

Great News Update.

5 months ago

I was really happy to hear Mr. Ferguson refer to a conspiracy theory as something that after six months is recognized as a fact.

In a conversation with a liberal friend of mine she asserted that, unlike me, she does not waster her time on conspiracy theories. She was proud of herself as she said this.

Here is someone who falls for every terror about Covid CNN reports and if I try to calm her down, she doesn’t want to hear what I have to say. She is also completely convinced about global warming.

But if I tell her something that alarms me about today, say anti semitism on the rise, or the threat of socialism or Communism overtaking our country, or violence in our big cities, she is considering my worries as conspiracy theories. Too funny.

Wild Bill
5 months ago

If I hear JIM CROW from this LIAR (go back and watch BIDEN with TEDDY BOY back in the day GRILL CLARENCE THOMAS really WHZo are we kidding?? What a hypocrite and a traitor of the Irish Catholic fools who voted for the ??

Barney C.
5 months ago

On the CRT section….I would have told the teacher that the black applicant would have gotten the job because the interviewers feared of being deemed racist if they didn’t higher him. What do you call that? Reversed Rasicsm? Martin Luther King must be rolling over in his grave with all this BS about CRT.

Barney C.
5 months ago

I’m getting fed up with the comments like, “….we have a president…” Truth be it, we have a puppet.

Barney C.
5 months ago

And just WHO deems what is or isn’t misinformation? Most everyone has an opinion and there are several sides to every story. However, in today’s informational world, the ones controlling the way opinions and stories move, can and do censor opinions and the other side of a story if it does not agree with theirs and what they want the public to hear.

RobbieAnn White
5 months ago

Well, having been in HR field and being the boss, I had many friends who got promoted over me because they had dark skin. It didn’t make me mad because I knew the law was toward the people of color and they had as much talent as I did.

5 months ago

She isn’t in touch with anything!!! So there for, she’s lieing! The misinformation is from is from the this administration and big tech. They’re are in the pockets of big tech.

5 months ago

I was born and raised in California, and I thank God that I got out of that Horrible state almost 20 years ago. Forty years ago I was denied a position in any medical schools in the United States (I was a 4.0 student) because I was a white female. Another white young man acquaintance had his father “buy” his way into medical school with about $50,000. A friend of mine (100% Mexican heritage) was very angry when she found out in her 3rd year of med school that she was only accepted because she was not white: Mexican.
Around 20-25 years ago, while living in California, I was forced to leave 3 places of employment and fired by two. I was fired “because I was white.” That was the specific reason that I was given for my termination. At the other 3 employments I was forced to leave due to heavy persecution due to my race, because I was white. Those are only specific cases. I was, generally, treated, very poorly in most if not all aspects of life.
I have suffered more persecution than any other person of any other race that I have ever known, Yes, I thank God that I was able to break free away from California for that “privilege” for being white.That is What “white privilege” is: persecution of white people. Now, just in general, it has become mandated by law that all white people are wicked racists. I live now in the much better (red) state of Idaho, however instances still occur (especially if I have to travel into Washington state) in which I need to apologize for my skin color.
Racism IS alive in America! It is racism against the whites. I have suffered greatly from racism in California particularly and in the United States in general…and it is only getting worse…

5 months ago

THEIR mantra for years on Education was “A mind is a TERRIBLE thing to Waste!”????
So WHAT in the name of WOKE is this ANTIFA— BLM— SOCIALIST, Fecal splatter is THIS?????

Edward B. Irvin
5 months ago

Pleaase don’t refer to those 2 frauds in the White House as president and vice president. They are total frauds and should be referred to as such!

Jessie Green
5 months ago

Hear, hear!

5 months ago

Why doesn’t anyone mention the Speaker of the House has big investments in Big Tech, via her husband. Seems like a conflict of interest to me.

Enuf Said
5 months ago

As a WHITE male–I didn’t know I had “WHITE” privilege until the incompetent liberals said I did. Now, trhat I know I have it– I intend to use it EVERY chance I get. If I got to do the TIME– I might as well do the CRIME!!!

John D. Beach
5 months ago

Instruction in and obedience to the rule of law were the substance of “white privilege” and account for “white supremacy.” Principled living, adhering to high moral and ethical values produce a quality of life that is less prone or susceptible to the negative effects and consequences of liberal, wanton behaviors.

5 months ago

I guess from the video that if you are ignorant, you can be taught. If you are stupid, you try to teach others. Obviously, stupid teaching others is killing this country!

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