Judge Forces State to Publish Clinton Emails Before Nevada, S.C. Primaries

hillary-clintonfrom – Washington Examiner – by Sarah Westwood

A federal judge ordered the State Department to publish the rest of Hillary Clinton’s private emails in four different batches spread across the month of February, and rejected the agency’s request to delay the final document dump until the end of the month.

In a court order entered Thursday, Judge Rudolph Contreras…

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5 years ago

It makes no difference to me. I know she’s dirty Alinskyite and nothing will change that. She has sold America to the highest bidder — whoever funds her “Foundation.” The degree of dirty that she is, and how it has hurt this country and our allies’ allegiance to us, is important and should be posted on billboards everywhere. Her incompetence (or pseudo-incompetence) has done more to harm this country and its people than an enemy could have accomplished from the outside.

Ivan Berry
5 years ago

So what? Makes one wonder what’s in those 37 emails withheld.

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