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June 3 Coronavirus Update from the Trump Administration

coronavirusTreasury, IRS Announce Delivery of 159 Million Economic Impact Payments (HERE)

  • The U.S. Department of the Treasury and IRS announced that 159 million Economic Impact Payments, worth more than $267 billion, have been distributed to Americans in two months. Payments have been sent to all eligible Americans for whom the IRS has the necessary information to make a payment.

COVID-19 and Beyond: Oversight of the FDA’s Foreign Drug Manufacturing Inspection Process (HERE)

  • During the coronavirus pandemic, FDA is continuing to utilize and implement additional alternative inspection tools and approaches while postponing foreign and domestic routine surveillance facility inspections.

Army Targets COVID-19 Vaccine by End of Year, Human Testing in Summer (HERE)

  • The global race to field a lifesaving COVID-19 vaccine may be nearing its last lap, as the Army aims for a vaccine by the end of this year, the force’s top medical research officer said.

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Sharon Rogers
2 years ago

The more and more money the government is giving out to EVERYONE except dependents on someone else’s tax return is making me livid with anger. There is no justifiable reason for it. Everyone in America is allowed a personal deduction when filing taxes. Why does it matter who takes that deduction? If someone is allowed to be claimed as a deduction, you can bet the person claiming them is shelling out more money than they get back in claiming the deduction.

It seems to me no one is even addressing this issue that affects millions of Americans. Won’t someone please take notice?

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