Keep Calm and Go To London

So you’re here for the London game, mate? Well, welcome to Town. I reckon you’ve got a date with Big Ben and Parliament, have you? You’ll probably even head up to meet the Eye, visit the Bard on The Thames-you’re saying it wrong, love. Look, just don’t press your face against the glass at the Tower of London, and we’ll be square. After all, London is more than Her Majesty, bobbies, and big Ferris wheels. Hey, you should take a trip with Back-Roads Touring Co. Oh, you’ll have a wicked good time.

Fancy a pint, do you? Well, look no further than the Old Pubs and Great Grub Tour. You’ll swing through Shrewsbury, Ledbury, and Ross-on Wye, sampling local wine (no plonk, chap), stopping by well-known public houses to eat and staying at some rather fine set of homes like the Chase Hotel, a charming bed and breakfast in Central Britain. You’ll also stop by the 200-year old posh Eastnor Castle, the remains of the Goodrich Castle, and the Shrewsbury Market Hall for local, fresh treats. For a more sophisticated bite, take the Flavours of Southern England Tour. The extra “u” adds class as do gourmet meals from three celebrity chefs, an exclusive culinary experience with a head chef or head sommelier in Isle of Wight, and a private wine tasting in Hawkchurch.

You want some good ol’ fun? Smashing! Visit the genuine Hogwarts and other sets as the Warner Bros. Studio Tour- London. This thrilling, half-day tour takes you to the actual studios where the Harry Potter films were shot. Gape at the props, costumes, and sets, including the Great Hall, The Burrow, Potions Classroom, and Dumbledore’s Office. You’ll also see the Hogwarts castle model and Privet Drive, and taste butterbeer. Afterwards, take the Harry Potter Black Taxi Tour, which showcases filming sites about London like Platform 9 ¾ , Gringott’s Wizarding Bank, the Ministry of Magic, Diagon Alley, and the Leaky Cauldron.

If you’re seeking a bit of London’s dark history, then the Jack the Ripper Tour is for you. The tour begins eerily in the evening, first visiting Old Bailey, the London’s Central Criminal Court from 1674 to 1913 where many convicts lost their lives; and Wallace Plaque at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital near where Braveheart was executed. Then, you’ll retrace the steps of Jack the Ripper’s death trail. No doubt you’ll get a case of the collywobbles.

We haven’t gone all dull on you, have we? Well, Paris is only two hours and 30 minutes away by train. From there, you can journey to see the Renaissance-inspired Palaces and Chateaux of the Loire, or savor a Vintage France Tour with Champagne, Burgundy, and the Rhone Valley which offers various wine tastings and vineyard explorations. If that’s not your cup of tea, head to the Emerald Isle for a comprehensive tour of medieval sites, popular icons, and of course, traditional pubs.

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