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AMAC Supports ‘Keep Your Health Plan Act of 2013’

by Andrew Mangione –

Fighting to keep America great in Washington, AMAC continues to stay up-to-date on important legislation passing through the chambers of Congress.  Today, AMAC is proud to announce its support for H.R. 3350, the “Keep Your Health Plan Act of 2013.”  Introduced by Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI), this bill ensures that Americans satisfied with their current health care plans will be able to keep their plans when the individual mandate of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), known more commonly as “ObamaCare,” goes into effect on January 1, 2014.  Over the years, President Obama assured the American people that if they liked their health care plan, then they would be able to keep it under PPACA.  Sadly, many Americans have been notified that their coverage has been cancelled now that implementation of ObamaCare is underway.  H.R. 3350 allows insurers to continue offering these plans on the individual markets and prohibits the government from penalizing individuals who choose to keep their plans.  With a letter of support delivered to Rep. Upton’s office earlier this week, AMAC is pleased to give its stamp of approval to the Keep Your Health Plan Act of 2013 – a critical step in restoring the authority to make personal decisions about health care to individuals and families.

Read AMAC Letter of Support                                                               Read H.R. 3350

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Steve T
7 years ago

No matter what Congress or the President thinks they can reinstates, some states, like Texas, control through their Insurance Commissioners what is reinstated and the process does not appear to be simple or in time for those like my Mom that lost their retirement health plans to have insurance for next year.

7 years ago

This bill only allows current insurance plans to continue into 2014. There is no reason that limitation had to be included. The language could have let it go indefinitely. The writers, sponsors, and endorsers of this bill are hoodwinking everyone, AMAC included.

Kim Long
7 years ago

I believe we should all be able to choose and/or keep the plans we have. I also think that no one should be forced to pay for coverage that they don’t need or can’t use. I am 57 years old, my husband 64 years old,non smokers in good health, but both of us no longer can produce children and therefore I don’t think it is right that we are forced to pay for maternity coverage or coverage related to birth control etc, that we will never use. I would like to be able to have a check list when signing up and choosing my policy of the type of coverage “I” want instead of what the government tells me I should have and it should be reasonably priced accordingly. We don’t need a universal health care law, we need lower medical costs that everyone can afford. And if the insurance companies, hospitals and medical groups are hurting so bad from people skipping out on their their medical bills then maybe they should stop sponsoring and contributing to such events as big golf tournaments, race car events etc with all the premiums that us hard working folks pay them. In that case we all should have front row seating any time, at any event we want to attend that they sponsor, after all it is our money paying for it right?…..think about that one. I’m mad as h*** about this health care law (can you tell) and I don’t think us Americans should take it anymore.Oh and by the way, all of you who think you will be getting free medical care, think again, somehow you will pay for it somewhere down the road, just wait and see. But hey, just my opinion.

7 years ago

I think we should be allowed to keep our health plan with the premium that was in effect before all the add-ons.

7 years ago

What about employer provided insurance that IS the same plan and you can keep it, if you want to pay triple for it??? I haven’t heard anyone talking about this!!!

Amelia Josephine Matlock
7 years ago

How about a petition we can all sign to show our Reps that we demand they support this Bill?

Judy Cook
7 years ago

I agree with this bill allowing people to keep their own insurance if they so choose. I completely disagree that the American people should be forced into something that even the President and powers that be in Washington aren’t willing to be a part of. That is pure hypocrisy on their part.

And I disagree that the IRS should “police” who has insurance or not. And disagree that the government will have a say to what care a person should receive.

Judy Cook

Stacy Tettemer
7 years ago

Pass this bill. Make an honest, make that less a liar, out of our Commander and Cheat

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