“Laurel” or ”Yanny” – Which Do You Hear?

A short audio clip has left the Internet perplexed and divided, as people debate whether the computer-generated voice in the clip says “laurel” or “yanny”.

Video source: USA Today Youtube 

While people took to social media to share which word they heard, researchers and audio experts figured out the reason for the confusion. As it turns out, there’s an interesting explanation for why some are certain the recording says “yanny”, while others insist it says “laurel”.

According to sound engineers and auditory researchers, listeners hear different words due to the frequency of the audio clip and their own sensitivity to high and low audio frequencies.

Those who can hear high frequencies well are more likely to hear “yanny”. Those whose ears cannot pick up on high frequencies very well are more likely to hear “laurel”. This is why those who hear “yanny” claim the clip is spoken in a high-pitched voice, while those who hear “laurel” say they hear a deeper, male voice.

Which do you hear?

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L Sauders
3 years ago

Why is AMAC giving this nonsense any press?

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