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“Do as I say, not as I do” seems to be the status quo as liberal leaders continue to ignore their own COVID mandates. Ben tells us how they keep getting away with it. And in NYC, restaurants are welcoming patrons back with open arms – as long as they have a COVID-19 passport. To close out this week, AMAC Action SVP Andy Mangione joins Ben to share AMAC Action’s legislative success for the first half of 2021. You’ll see that we are more than just talk!

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Mary Anne Cormack
1 year ago

Before I join, I’d like to know if AMAC is actively supporting certain candidates in the upcoming elections. Organization should great but I don’t want to be supporting candidates that don’t personally approve of. Do you make political donations and if so to whom?

Melissa Bryant
1 year ago

Unfortunately, so many people’s ideas were canceled from public forums that we did not get the full truth. My boyfriend caught Covid at work through a mask and gave it to me. As soon as we found out we had been exposed the previous week, we started taking 4000 mg Vit c, 2000 iu Vit D3, Zinc w/ Copper, and Lomatium (an endangered Native American root used for over 1000 of years to cure respiratory illnesses). We ate no sugar and ate cuties multiple times a day. 2 days later he came down with a mild 99 degree fever with a massive sinus headache and backache that lasted 3 days. As soon as his was done I had a similar 3 day fever with severe sinus headache and backache. I am 6 years older than him and also had fatigue for weeks afterward that reminded me of when I had mononucleosis. I completely lost my sense of smell. I registered no smell while applying Icy Hot to his back, even though it made my eyes sting a little. Since onions kill viruses, I started sniffing up raw fresh cut onion vapors deep up in my sinuses early in the morning. I could smell nothing but felt a slight burning sensation. After repeating the inhalation of onion vapors off and on all day, by night time I could smell the onion and the next morning I had my complete sense of smell back.

The headaches (which I never had before) continued off and on for weeks, if I inhaled onion vapors they would go away.

Wisdom gained from knowledge is power. Let us communicate freely, we are not children. We are the only freedom born country in the world. Stand up to government bullying or we will lose our freedom. Help up others who don’t know what you know or have what you have. You can impart wisdom and lift up those less fortunate than you. That is not the government’s job. Socialists should not be in charge of our education system. Most young people today are so ignorant of basic life skills we learned 40 – 50 years ago it is sad. They can’t reason things out if they don’t know how things work. They have been pre-programmed to respond to triggers. It is actually scary that they are going to be in charge of our future.

I chose to invest in people rather than 401k. At least 5 people are better off because of it. Who have you helped besides your family? That is what Jesus does.

Patty K Dozier
1 year ago
Reply to  Melissa Bryant

Good Info. Thanks.

Wendell W
1 year ago

Until we all say enough and ignore these draconian “mandates” the Left will continue to take away our rights. Refuse to wear masks. Refuse to do business with places that require them. And file suit against all state legislatures that have allowed these restrictions on our rights. Here in the People’s Republic of Connecticut we will continue to be at the Libs mercy until we vote them all out.

Barney C.
1 year ago

If it’s so easy and simple to show proof that you are vaccinated; why is it such a big deal to show an ID to vote???

1 year ago
Reply to  Barney C.

Because then you can’t move around busloads of illegal aliens to several different voting locations in a single day to vote repeatedly for the Democrat candidates the community organizer is paying them to vote for.

Patty K Dozier
1 year ago
Reply to  Barney C.

Totally agree!!!

Miranda DeGroot
1 year ago

I think each individual should decide how to confront this Covid-19 nightmare. The government, politicians, scientist and the leftist news lost all credibility. Personally; I have being around people with Covid-19 for the last couple of months, because they lived along and are in need of assistant. I take all the precautions to assist them, so far so good. Although, I am vaccinated; that does not mean that I am protected 100%. I have friends in the ICU and others gave died because of complications of Covid, and they have being vaccinated. This disease is cruel and pernicious.

1 year ago
  1. China has created this cleaver way to destroy our western society. Thru the Wuhan virus, the economy has been shot down very seriously across the world. Every business, schools, churches, sports, outside, inside you name it. How strange that the pharmaceuticals are becoming extremely rich developing the vaccine and in addition are connected to China! This whole mess is, in my mind, VERY political by creating POWER. I will not be vaccinated nor waring a mask. My body belongs to me not thee ! ! ! !

By the way, this vaccine has been so quickly developed soooo. why are we still waiting to
eradicate CANCER. Guess that is not important enough ?????

Patty K Dozier
1 year ago
Reply to  Trudi

Spot on. I’m will you on no jab and no mask.

1 year ago

I know this disease is cruel, but if you’ve been vaccinated and are still getting sick then the vaccines are not that effective! Americans have been lied too. We have been given a false sense of security – and believing that the koolaid is safe is not true. Wake up America!! If the CDC said that opioids will cure Covid would you pop a few!!

Shane Conway
1 year ago

There is no reason why we all must wear masks. If you have medical issues, you know what you must do. This entire virus scare was invented in order to influence last year’s elections. I think the democrats and the CDC will lower the boom on America again next year in an effort to steal the midterm elections. There is no reason for any of us to surrender our freedoms and comply with the commands of bureaucrats whom we know nothing about. I have not, and will not, comply with their commands unless I see solid and uncontroverted proof of a need. And so far, they have contradicted themselves so many times that they simply lack any credibility.

1 year ago

I’m OK with the vaccine mandate; just like I’m in favor of showing ID to vote.

1 year ago
Reply to  DBM

Why would you be okay with the government mandating your health decisions? Showing an ID to vote is a common sense tenet of keeping elections honest, free and fair for every AMERICAN CITIZEN! Government mandates about personal health choices is tyranny! Two very different things.

Philip Hammersley
1 year ago

DIMMs do NOT practice what they preach! They travel freely, don’t wear masks, and keep their pay while putting thousands out of work and prohibiting people from going to stores, weddings, graduations, and funerals!
I decide what is ESSENTIAL, not some Marxist bureaucrat!

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
1 year ago

Hey AMAC. Could you boost up your print some? Gettin a little hard for us old folks to read.

Martha Hurd
1 year ago

I am okay with wearing a mask especially in crowded indoor areas. What I am not ok with is a shut down. If there truly is concern for increased transmission of a variant, then let businesses make their own restrictions i.e. limiting the number of customers, mask mandates, social distancing. There is so much information being thrown around every 15 minutes, it is not possible to make an informed decision that can be considered a hard and fast fact or rule. I will use my common sense in view of my medical history. I expect it will be several years before we sort of know “the facts”. I remember hearing as far back as the 60s that trouble was coming in the form of resistant germs thanks to the overuse and misuse of antibiotics. And remember “AIDS” has so far not been “cured” ,but we have learned better treatments and ways to avoid it.

Elizabeth Nunn
1 year ago

Haven’t worn a mask since day one of this insanity and won’t again comply. Won’t shut down again either . Why isn’t some one doing something to get the criminals out of Washington DC? How many laws broken does it take? ???? Doesn’t make sense to have our Constitution slM dunked
America ???????? ???????? take bake our land and freedom

Ken Adams
1 year ago
Reply to  Elizabeth Nunn

I’m 100% with you. Wearing a mask is a win for them unless you need it. No shutdown will stop me. It’s the only way to keep our freedom and constitutional rights

1 year ago

If you have your card that shows you had the vaccine..why a Covid passport…Cuomo’s idea?

1 year ago
Reply to  Jeanette

That is your covid passport.

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