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Mass Mail-In Ballots – Never Again

mail-inAmericans are worried about the Republic – with good reason.  Election integrity matters.  We all know that.  The 2020 presidential election results are suspect.  We all know that, too.  They will remain suspect, indefinitely.  The question is what to do with this fact.

On one hand, we can hope that – in some yet-to-be-heard lawsuit – fraud will be proven, and a Biden-Harris administration prevented on the merits.  On the other hand, this looks increasingly unlikely – as election-shifting fraud is notoriously hard to prove, even when present.

So, what do we know?  We know that COVID set up a bizarre election year, hobbling the Trump economy, permitting media and social media bias to sweep the election process, and justifying mass use of mail-in ballots – which opened the door to mass irregularities.  Such heavy reliance on mail-in ballots must never happen again.  Look at the facts.

With COVID, Democrats pushed unprecedented pre-election ballot distribution – virtually swamping the electorate, sending millions of ballots to unverified addresses, without requests, signature cross-checks, voter identification, ballot collection, or traditional anti-fraud protection.

By election day, 84 percent of American voters – 198 million Americans – could submit ballots without appearing in person. Worse, ballots could be returned for others, potentially completed for infirm, dead, intimidated, indifferent, previously unregistered, potentially ineligible voters.

On the numbers, only five states required in-person voting.  By the time dust settled, 101.9 million votes had been cast early, 73 percent of the 2016 vote.  Of that number, 65 million were mail-ins.  Put differently, the number of 2020 mail-ins roughly doubled 2016’s 33.5 million.

In many states, mail-ins did not just produce a Biden victory margin – they exceeded all votes cast in that state in 2016.  In other words, mail-in ballots – in 2020 – wagged the dog.

Traditionally, mail-in ballots favor Democrats, although why is not clear.  Some say Republicans vote in-person more, but that is no explanation.  Some say Democrat mail-in fraud is common, but in most years marginalized by in-person voting.  Either way, mail-in ballots favored Democrats – by huge margins in 2020.

Some states push mail-ins, like California and Colorado, while others like New Hampshire did so for the first time. Ten states sent mail-ins to all voters. Nearly all states saw an absentee uptick.

Curiously, one in four ballots came from someone not recorded as voting in 2016, which could mean unprecedented participation, or an uptick in mail-ins from those usually not voting but “assisted” this year, such as the infirm, ill, disinterested, uneducated, and ineligible.

One variable stands out this cycle, above COVID, media and social media bias, socialist pressure, political violence, China, and a polarized electorate – mass use of mail-in ballots.

This is where the rubber meets the road, where the Republic perseveres, returns to honest vote-casting, or gives away the farm – loses election integrity.  While the next four years may be hard to bear, calling for the best from American patriots, including courage and stamina, one thing is for sure:  We must never again allow mass reliance on mail-in ballots – for any reason.

These ballots, whether the Supreme Court finds enough evidence of fraud to rule against them or not, are inherently suspect.  They are prone to wrong addresses, wrong parties, voters who have moved, died, become institutionalized, infirm, ineligible, or are simply subject to undue influence, ballot harvesting, vote buying, and other indicia of fraud.  That is incontrovertible.

So, to review the bidding.  Yes, lawsuits remain – and yes, they may not prevail.  Yes, the media – and social media – are unprofessional, biased.  Yes, a cover-up of Hunter Biden’s corruption may have tipped the balance, points straight to Joe Biden; not covering that was unconscionable.

But the biggest cloud over this election – if Biden-Harris are sworn in – is this:  Mail-in ballots set up potential for mass fraud, whether provable or not.  This twist undermines the idea of one-citizen-one-vote, and faith in accountable elections.  While we will have to deal with what can be proven this cycle, we should NEVER again allow reliance on mass mail-ins.  Full stop.

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7 months ago

On Feb 5-6th, 2021 on OANN, Absolute Proof was aired for two hours with no commercials. It presented compelling evidence of voter fraud with the major player being China. The voting machines were connected to the Internet which allowed this to happen. Trump votes were reversed and given to Biden. It is quite disturbing to watch plus it reinforces to me that Mr. Biden is not our legitimate president. Pres. Trump was elected for a 2nd term but was denied. I am sick of the corruption in our state, county and federal government. This cannot happen again. Our economy is already suffering under the leadership of the Left. The Democratic party has been hijacked by the Left. The Keystone pipeline needs to be reinstated. We’re in for a really rough time with the awful leadership of those who put America Last and support socialism and globalism. Our sovereignty and safety of our citizens are also being destroyed by the Biden administration because of its support of open borders. Who in their right mind would want this for our country?

Paul R. Jones
9 months ago

I will never do mail in ballots again if I can help it. I am very suspicious of this being a fraud presidential election, because of the overnight shenanigans that transpired, plus the Supreme Court not even listening to the evidence presented, all in the name of their extreme hatred of President Trump. It is unbelievable we are even having to witness such stuff as this in our country. All that said, I am not going to sit back and not vote on the January 5 runoff (I live in Georgia). It is our duty to vote. The encouragement by my own party to just sit back and wallow in self-pity and say, “well, what’s the use, my vote didn’t count in November’s presidential election anyway, so why bother January 5th” is shameful. Don’t “sit on your assets”, as Herman Cain always said–GO VOTE, or don’t go complaining after the fact when you didn’t at least TRY to do something about it. I’ll get off my soapbox now.

9 months ago

So only the left and Biden supporters “supposedly” pulled together in fraudulent voting (never proven). What was proven just very recently was that a Republican man used his dead mother’s SSN to vote for Trump in addition to his vote. He was later called on it and denied it when the state had already flagged his “mother’s” vote, as her name had come up as deceased. Now he is being charged. If you remember, Trump publicly said, “Well, go mail in your vote for me, and then why not, go and vote in person! Joking or not, it puts illegal ideas in peoples’ minds. He is supposed to be a leader, someone to look up to. Sorry, Amac, no one in their right mind should be backing Trump. We need a new, honest, good conservative president who will not put our country through the insane embarrassment that Trump did.

Louise Sultana
8 months ago
Reply to  K A

Blind partisanship. There are none so blind as those that cannot see.

9 months ago

“never again” Ya, right

9 months ago

Allow me to play Devil’s Advocate for a minute. There were people who were very excited because it was the first time they had been able to vote because the mail-in vote was so restrictive and they weren’t able to vote in person. There should be a way to allow all who want to vote the ability to do so, whether it is with a fingerprint or signature verification process. We decry the number of people who don’t vote in our country, and then fail to use technologies available to give them the opportunity. I expect America to find a way to use technology to improve the voting process and eliminate the fraud!

Victoria Johnson
9 months ago
Reply to  Glogg

Why would you “expect” that when the powers that be have designed the system specifically to prevent any safeguards from fraudulant voting. They depend upon those fraudulant votes to keep them in power.

William J. Mansfield
9 months ago

No photo I D then no vote.

Pixie (Sheryl) Rubin
9 months ago

“Never again” ? As if future elections will even matter after the Communists make D.C. and Puerto Rico states and pack the already irrelevant SCOTUS.

9 months ago

Photo voter ID, ONE day of voting, mail-in ballots for emergency only, no voter harvesting, no voting by non-citizens – otherwise the left has won, and no future election will be any better than those in Russia, Venezuela, China, or African dictatorships. Unfortunately, with the left now in control, none of these corrections will be made, and the courts have been rendered moot.

Phyllis Poole
8 months ago
Reply to  LibertarianJim

And where are we good people going to go?!
Some in my family have talked about north up by Canada and others like so of the border. I like warm weather but also like fewer people!.

Norman Maas
9 months ago

Very few of the issues and politicians went my way in this last election but I say, let’s quit the complaining, accept the loss gracefully and go on with life. If some group of people can find proof of significant errors in how the votes were counted or how some major fraud was perpetrated on the election, let’s have some facts and put those responsible in jail. It looks to me like we have a narcicist for a lame duck president and he’s doing his best to divide the people instead of helping to bind them together.
We’ve never had such a poor loser in a presidential election in all the elections I’ve observed in almost 90 years in Washington state, where we have enjoyed mail in votes for years. Our president is acting very unpresidential and he’s trying to work up a fever among a small group that just can’t accept defeat. I’m ashamed of having voted for him.

7 months ago
Reply to  Norman Maas

You need to watch the Absolute Proof presentation. You won’t find it on YouTube which won’t allow it. It should open your eyes to the election fraud that occurred in the 2020 Election. Pres. Trump is not being a sore loser. He just is aware of what has happened, and was trying to call attention to it. You need to be better informed. And don’t look to the MSM, CNN or MSNBC to do that for you. They are all propaganda arms of the Democratic party. I stopped watching them a long time ago because of their obvious bias against Pres. Trump and conservatives.

George Zouck
9 months ago

The fraud has been proven in so many ways, most recently in Antrim county Michigan. I think the only alternative the President has is to put in place the EO from 2018.

walter D Gom
9 months ago

Because of our sissy, baby, I don’t want to fight Republican politicians we never will have mail in voting again. Why? Because when the dummorats get away with this election they will control everything for the next 100 years and it will be like Russia. They will tell us who won. Like Stalin said: “The election is not won by the voters but by the people who count the vote.” I for one would like t see more Trump like conservatives who don’t mind reaching across the aisle to beat the hell out of a democrat. Not to shake their hand and work with them. Just beat them into submission and step on their necks. If I offended you, well, then you aren’t true conservative.

9 months ago

Our Constitution provides the States with the responsibility of establishing its own election laws and procedures. In 1789 that might have made sense. Now, we need a constitutional amendment establishing nation-wide election procedures for national elections. The potential for fraud is now too great due to the internet and mail-in voting. Mail-in ballots should be used only in rare cases – where someone is incapacitated and cannot physically get to a polling place. Voting is our most precious right – and should not be governed by mere convenience. If one cannot exert a little effort once in a while, one is not worthy of voting.

9 months ago

Take it to the streets! Give back to the Democrats what they enjoy doing to others.

9 months ago

Bush 41 gave us justice Kennedy. W John Roberts. I used to respect those presidents

9 months ago

Is it time for election day to be a national holiday? All votes cast and counted that day.

10 months ago

I hope the Right will spend the next 4 years nonstop exposing and documenting all the various types of fraud committed. Seems a fair repayment for the left spending 4 years trying to remove a legitimately elected President with the fake impeachment, “Russian collusion” et al. Their s**tshow should be repaid in the identical manner.

Dr. C
10 months ago

President Trump needs to invoke the Insurrection of 1807 to stop the degenerate Marxist ( called democrats) from stealing America through their vile scheme to present false ballots to “fix” the false election of dummy Joe Biden and the bimbo Harris.

Betty Ware
10 months ago

Ithink it would be good to have in-person voting on election day only. Perhaps allow early voting in person only. When I had to vote absentee when I was in college, I had to have the ballot notorized by the college post office official. That was a good safe-guard as well.. Something needs to be done.

7 months ago
Reply to  Betty Ware

Amen. Great suggestions! I think early voting in person is good. We need a complete overhaul of voting. There was so much corruption going on in the last election. It makes me sick.

10 months ago

Please add Parler to your share choices. I and many I know no longer use FaceBook.
I am greatly disillusioned by the Supreme Court. There are more than enough eye witnesses and affidavits given under threat of perjury for the SCOTUS to have given all an in depth study. The Democrats have been plotting and conniving for at least a year — their perfidy worked and we will have a criminally dishonest, desiccated, demented man and his overly ambition VP, a woman w/o core values whose ideas float whichever way the wind tells her is best for her personal goals in charge. This is a dangerous tragedy for our country.

10 months ago

Scum bag thriving SOB’s

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