McSally Drug Pricing Bill Receives Key Endorsement from Group Representing Millions of Seniors

drug plan costs lowerU.S. SENATE — The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) this week endorsed U.S. Senator Martha McSally’s (R- AZ) legislation to significantly lower patients’ out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drugs.

AMAC is made up more than 2.1 million members, including nearly 64,000 members who live in Arizona. AMAC President Bob Carlstrom penned a letter to McSally expressing the group’s support for her bill.

“Our members frequently tell us of the financial burden they experience when paying for their prescription drugs,” Carlstrom said. “We are grateful to you, Senator McSally, and your dedicated staff for recognizing the need to address the high cost of drugs for those living on a fixed income.”

“The bill empowers seniors to take more control over their prescription costs by requiring Medicare Part D plans to include real-time benefit information so beneficiaries know what’s covered on their formulary and how much they would have to pay out-of-pocket.”

“We encourage you to continue your advocacy on behalf of seniors and are pleased to offer our organization’s full support for the Lowering Prescription Drug Prices for America’s Seniors and Families Act of 2020.”

Click HERE to read full letter.


Sen. McSally’s bill, the Lowering Prescription Drug Prices for America’s Seniors and Families Act of 2020, will lower the cost of prescription drugs for all Americans through four key provisions:

  • Allow Medicare to directly negotiate prices of drugs that are past their original patent expiration but still maintain a monopoly for that drug.
  • Permit the safe re-importation of prescription drugs from Canada that meet FDA safety standards.
  • Curb the ability of drug companies to abuse the patent system to delay competition and prevent cheaper alternatives from entering the market.
  • Cap the out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs for seniors on Medicare at $3,100 each year.

This legislation also equips providers with real-time benefit tools so seniors on Medicare know what is covered and how much they would have to pay.

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.Jim A.
2 years ago

An easy solution to the drug over pricing is to remove ALL restrictions on ordering prescription drugs from Canada.
Hit the drug companies where it hurts the most– IN THE WALLET. Their prices will go down faster than beer at a frat party.

2 years ago

Senator McSally has proposed a common sense bill that will help all Americans. Also allowing the production of medicines from Canada is a good start to cutting our dependence on China, until we can produce these drugs ourselves.
Hopefully politics will not taint this bill

.Jim A.
2 years ago
Reply to  Bob

Bob– My sister-in-law lives close ton the US-Canada border, so she gets her Rx drugs in Canada. The, by far, greatest number of her drugs are US drug company labels– which means they are made in China. The drugs from Canada are 75%, or more, cheaper than those same Chinese made drugs bought in the US.

2 years ago

Sounds wonderful. However, do you realize that many older people are living on $400-$600.00 a month. Even $3100.00 will be hard for some.

Orice Walters
2 years ago
Reply to  Deborah

Glad Mc Sally did that but I never signed up for Medicare Part D and lots of out of Pocket is being paid Monthly for my Prescriptions that are now Generic so Medicare doesn’t pay anything for that in spite of it being prescribed in order to protect me from Steroids that are necessary and are working for me..so far.

2 years ago

Excellent start. But what I don’t understand is why a bill was ever passed that prevented Medicare from negotiating drug prices to begin with. Seems like the government is working against seniors. This bill is an excellent start but the question is would the phama companies ever let it get passed?

Vicki Fuselier
2 years ago

When will we see it in our meds?

Pete DeHaas
2 years ago

Good information, it is nice to see and legislators actually doing their job for the people they represent and not spending time on issues that would be a benefit to them personally.

2 years ago

Thats my girl! Way to go martha!

Warren Ward
2 years ago

Sure. Want to make things disappear? Put price controls on them. I joined AMAC BECAUSE they weren’t socialist pushing AARP. Maybe I was wrong…

2 years ago
Reply to  Warren Ward

Hope not

2 years ago
Reply to  Warren Ward

I remember when there were price controls on things like milk during the Nixon administration. That didn’t work out too well. The US is the great developer of new life-sustaining treatments but, due to so many regulations and taxes, they outsource production to places like China and India. 97% of our antibiotics and the majority of other pharmaceuticals and medical devices come from China. Where do you think Canada gets its lower cost drugs from? They’re not manufacturing them. Why do you think there are so many drug recalls do to presence on contaminants or because they contain no active ingredient? We need to stop demonizing our pharmaceutical companies and help incentivize the return of pharmaceutical manufacturing to this country. China recently threatened to halt shipment of pharmaceuticals to us to hurt us. China is an existential threat and we should not be dependent on them for anything. This is difficult in the present political climate when the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee arranged a billion dollar deal for his son and John Kerry’s stepson. And Mitch McConnell, Diane Feinstein and Other politicians on both sides have investments in China! We need to DRAIN THE SWAMP!

Anthony Anderson
2 years ago
Reply to  Warren Ward

Where do you see price controls? Have you looked at the bill? It’s loaded with patient protections AGAINST runaway increases in drugs while still allowing drug companies to fund research and development.

Edward Gotham
2 years ago
Reply to  Warren Ward

Warren, You did the right thing leaving AARP . When you join AARP that is like joining the socialist demon cratic party.Obama care should not be the law of the land!!!!! He was born in Kenya not the USA. He is not a US citizen. He was born in Kenya.Spent over 1 million dollars to cover his tracks He was propped up by the NWO New World Oder. Thank GOD for President Trump MAGA

2 years ago

Senator McSally is an astonishing person. I support her in any effort. I can only hope, as an old, white deplorable male Republican, that
she is able to rise to presidential candidacy.

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