The Media Have Already Impeached Trump

from – Washington Examiner – by Eddie Scarry

Many in the news media have already indicted President Trump for breaking some unspecified law by firing former FBI Director James Comey, which they theorize is an attempt to cover up his ties to Russia.

In the immediate days and hours following Comey’s unexpected firing, some news outlets and TV commentators have indicated that they’re convinced Trump is guilty of something.

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Bill McClintic
4 years ago

President Obama should have fired FBI Director Comey last summer. Comey identified Hilary Clinton’s violations of national security laws and then declared she was not sophisticated enough to be prosecuted. Was she sophisticated enough to be a US Senator and then Secretary of State? Comey’s pronouncements revealed that, without permission, he had appointed himself to do the job of the Attorney General, or the jobs of the AG’s prosecuting attorneys. These were illegal actions that could have benefitted from a Special Counsel. Although no criminal actions have been found in the current investigation of Russian activities in the recent US presidential election, we now have a Special Council taking over this investigation. Perhaps this Special Counsel will find that the US media is not sophisticated enough to do their job properly.

Ivan Berry
4 years ago

It would be nice if the lame stream media and the fake news purveyors would just let Trump “get away with” doing the job he had promised to pursue for America.
These networks, outlets and celebrities are the real enemies of America, and, by extention, of all mankind. If lies are repeated often enough, their Communist training tells them, the lies will take root and be believed. That’s the training and that’s what their lies are all about.

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