Media’s Coverage only Spin Deep

trump media spin coverageThe liberal media has a philosophy on all things Trump: Guilty before proven innocent. Even the most innocuous stories become headline news from a far-Left press desperate to smear the administration — whether it deserves it or not. But don’t take our word for it. Everyone from Newsbusters to Harvard University have been astounded at the hostile coverage of the Trump administration, which is outpacing every president in history! By the end of Trump’s first 100 days, the major broadcast networks’ stories were 89 percent negative. Compare that to Barack Obama, who the media “gushed” over, and you’ll understand why trust in the press is at an all-time low.

Months into Trump’s first year, the Left’s spin is starting to color even routine government studies. Just this week, the press started fanning the flames of a non-story about the Civil Rights Commission. NBC News took one of the first swipes, claiming that the president was the subject of another investigation for his refusal to enforce civil rights laws. Claiming Trump is under the microscope for underperforming in the area of discrimination, the article goes on to suggest that the two-year probe was the result of the White House’s indifference on “discrimination.”

Hardly, fired back a member of the Commission. Peter Kirsanow could only shake his head at the liberties taken by the media. According to his column in National Review, this probe wasn’t triggered by anything the Trump administration did or didn’t do. “Not only is such review unremarkable, the Commission is required by statute to produce an annual civil-rights-enforcement report. Such report was done in each of the 15 years I’ve served on the Commission. And each year, the media yawned, if they bothered to report about them at all.” Still, he complained, the Left latched on to the news as if there’d been “some wrongdoing, scandal, or nefarious conduct by the Trump administration related to civil-rights enforcement.” Not so, Kirsanow wrote. “…[T]hese reviews are not unique or peculiar to this president.”

Unfortunately for Trump, the media isn’t the only one sharpening its knives. The liberal majority on the Commission itself, without waiting for the actually review, appears to already be issuing verdict on the White House’s record. The majority’s statement might as well have been straight off of a DNC press release, blasting the president for his proposed cuts to the office, which they claim would “result in a dangerous reduction of civil rights enforcement across the country, leaving communities of color, LGBT people, older people, people with disabilities, and other marginalized groups exposed to greater risk of discrimination.” That’s interesting, Kirsanow points out, since President Trump’s budget proposal actually “increases funding for the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division.”

Like so many agencies where Obama appointees are still burrowed into government jobs, the Civil Rights Commission is setting out to paint Trump in the worst possible light. Based on their statements — which Kirsanow explains were issued without calling even one witness or analyzing a single document — they’ve already made up their minds about this administration. If anything should fan the flames of uprooting these Obama holdovers, it’s stories like this one!

From - Family Research Council - by Tony Perkins

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