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Medicare Beneficiary Preservation of Choice Act of 2015

This week, Congressman Keith Rothfus reintroduced the “Medicare Beneficiary Preservation of Choice Act of 2015” – a bill that AMAC strongly supported in the 113th Congress. AMAC is pleased to endorse this legislation yet again and to work to restore consumer choice when it comes to selecting a health care plan. Like Congressman Rothfus, AMAC recognizes that Medicare beneficiaries sometimes require flexibility as they work to navigate the complex waters of Medicare coverage. This bill enables consumers make the best choices possible based on their individual health needs – a freedom that was significantly hindered as a result of ObamaCare. AMAC believes the “Medicare Beneficiary Preservation of Choice Act of 2015” is a responsible bill that enhances economic freedom and gives Medicare beneficiaries peace of mind.


January 8, 2015

The Honorable Keith Rothfus
12th District, Pennsylvania
U.S. House of Representatives
1205 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative Rothfus,

On behalf of the 1.2 million members of AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, I am writing to offer our strong support for the “Medicare Beneficiary Preservation of Choice Act of 2015.” This important piece of legislation seeks to restore a degree of consumer choice for those attempting to find the best health care plan for their individual coverage needs.

The open enrollment and disenrollment period for Medicare beneficiaries was significantly altered under Section 3204 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known more commonly as “ObamaCare.” While described as “simplifying annual beneficiary election periods,” this ObamaCare provision essentially limits the ability of older Americans to make important changes in coverage. As a result, beneficiaries covered under Medicare Advantage can only change to traditional fee-for-service Medicare during the disenrollment period; they aren’t allowed to switch to other Medicare Advantage plans, change carriers, or make other adjustments necessary to obtaining the best individual coverage.

As an organization focused on the concerns of mature Americans, AMAC recognizes that Medicare beneficiaries sometimes require a degree of consumer flexibility, especially as they navigate the often complex waters of Medicare coverage. The “Medicare Beneficiary Preservation of Choice Act of 2015” restores some of that flexibility, allowing beneficiaries to make the best choice possible for their individual health circumstances. In fact, AMAC polled its members on this issue, and an overwhelming 97% of poll respondents indicated that they would support legislation that returns the open enrollment period dates for Medicare Advantage plans to the first three months of the year like it was prior to 2011.

Like a majority of Americans, AMAC remains very concerned about the impact ObamaCare is having on our health care system. We believe that freedom of economic choice is crucial to obtaining the best possible health care coverage for individual citizens. This key piece of legislation represents a necessary and correct step in that direction. Thanks to your leadership and attention, AMAC is proud to support the “Medicare Beneficiary Preservation of Choice Act of 2015,” a responsible bill that gives health care consumers the flexibility they need, while generally enhancing freedom of economic choice and giving American seniors peace of mind.

Dan Weber
President and Founder of AMAC

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6 years ago

The only way to achieve the “choice” this bill is supposed to achieve is to fully repeal Obamacare. This Congressman understands this simple fact I hope. You cannot have a federally mandated top-down, one size fits all model imposed on the nation and also expect there will be anything like true individual choice available as an option. Obamacare has effectively re-made the health care delivery system in this country, so the types of choices we had a few years ago are now deemed “non-compliant plans” and thus unavailable for purchase.

The GOP leadership announced this week that they intend to put forward their alternative solution to Obamacare this year. It’s supposed to be a massive bill along the same lines as Obamacare, which already raises a number of red flags with me. A realistic solution to restoring some semblance of what we had before Obamacare should NOT entail a bill that is thousands of pages long. So I guess my question to the Congressman pushing this particular bill is how does his bill fit into to the so-called grand strategy that the GOP is planning to drop on us later this year? Is there any sort of coordinated GOP strategy associated with all these bills related to modifications of Obamacare?

Ivan Berry
6 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

PaulE, don’t hold you breath.

6 years ago

Will this bill eliminate the free preventive services and annual wellness visits seniors can receive under the current Medicare/ACA?

Also because of the ACA the doughnut hole for Medicare part D prescription drug plan is slowly closing and will disappear in 2020. Will seniors lose this benefit if this bill passes?

These are some great benefits that seniors have because of Obamacare I’d hate to lose them.

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