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Medicare Seniors Postpone Care, Fret Over Covid-19, Survey Finds

medicareMedicare seniors are skipping needed care and struggling emotionally as the Covid-19 pandemic alters their lifestyles.

New survey data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services found 21% of beneficiaries reported forgoing health care due to the pandemic, while 46% reported feeling more stressed and anxious.

Nearly half of beneficiaries said they avoided care because they didn’t want to risk being in a medical facility, while 35% said they didn’t want to leave their home. And 23% reported feeling more lonely or sad.

The data released Friday comes from a nationally representative telephone survey of Medicare beneficiaries conducted in June and July.

Dental care was the most commonly postponed service, with 43% having delayed care. Thirty-six percent put off checkups and treatment for ongoing conditions, while 32% delayed diagnostic screenings.

Beneficiaries were increasingly able to use technology to bridge the care gap. Fifty-eight percent said their provider offers both phone and video appointments.

Reprinted with Permission from Bloomberg Law by Tony Pugh

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Robyn Schmalz
11 months ago

Friends tell me the cost of thrir insulin has dropped dramatically this summer!!

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