Mike Rowe Slams Smug Reader Accusing Him of Supporting White Nationalism

Mike RoweOn Tuesday, TV host Mike Rowe fired back against a critic who had attacked him for promoting vocational education. Rowe took to Facebook to share the negative message he received from the reader, a man named Chuck Atkins, and defend himself, his beliefs, and his organization mikeroweWORKS.

In the message, Atkins accused Rowe of aligning with white nationalists based on Rowe’s initiative to promote blue-collar work to Americans. Atkins smugly insinuated that Rowe and his Republican admirers have a lot in common with white nationalists, asserting that Rowe’s reluctance to discuss President Trump’s response to Charlottesville was a tacit endorsement of Nazism. Atkins linked Rowe’s non-profit organization with racist anti-intellectuals, arguing that the “dumbing down” of the country is largely the fault of Republicans.

Defending himself, Rowe said that he would not act like a partisan celebrity activist in front of his readers, and that it would be “annoying” if he were to constantly preach about politics as some entertainers do. Rowe concluded his response by mentioning the millions of dollars his organization has raised for work-ethic scholarships, along with the bipartisan support he enjoys among Democrats and Republicans alike.

See him pointedly shut down the critic here:

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Willie P. Bowman
5 years ago

As a African American Christian conservative, I support Mike Rowe in his attempt to put all people back to work. After watching Mr. Rowe for a number of years on his Dirty Jobs program, he appears to me to not have a racist bone in his body. In fact I suspect he may be a brother in Christ. Hang in there Mike and don’t give ground to idiots like Mr. Adkins.

D B Dougherty
5 years ago

Mike is 100% correct. I have a degree in Industrial Arts Education with a concration in printing technology. Schools across the country have been closing down printing and other IA programs. Today yoi can not function without printing. When was the last time you heard of an art program closed at a school. I retired as a professor of printing technology at a technical college.

Eton Slurdlu
5 years ago

The Universities waste too much time and resources educating fools who are barely literate enough to become reporters much less waiters.

David M Wagner
5 years ago

Kudos to Mike Rowe!!!

5 years ago

Mike – Finally, I can breathe easier. You said in a few paragraphs what I have been saying for years about fascist left-wing nuts. They lie, scream, and throw food without ever providing facts. It’s all about what “feel” and what they “think”, not about facts and/or outcomes. It is a curse of the 1960s student activism.

I have an MBA, an MS, and sit on an advisory board of a large liberal university. I donate thousands of dollars a year to that and other universities because I still believe the greatest gift of a liberal arts education is learning how to think, not what to think. I’m as far from anti-intellectual as one can be. Yet, I have to face this liberal hysteria day-in and day-out.

I know, without a doubt, that college isn’t for everyone. It does not solve unemployment problems. There is a far greater need for those who gain skills outside of a four-year college degree. The only people who don’t seem to understand that are academics and their “elitist” followers.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

5 years ago

Mike Rowe does great work and he champions the need for real people to do real jobs that have value. Our society has been brainwashed to believe without a Degree you are a loser and he stands up and proves the detractors wrong. He doesn’t support White Nationalism, the last time I heard him give a political opinion he lost me as a fan and admirer.

Thomas E Pyles
5 years ago

You can’t fix stuid Mike gos to show the length people will go to get the attention and see they B.S on the screen

Douglas L Perle
5 years ago

Mikes right. I could care less how you spell, don’t associate anyone with some leftist organization or right wing unless you have the proof. People who try to create a political allegiance, for or against someone, do so because they haven’t go the skill or gut to ask that someone if they are supporting this or that. Then they read into the persons belief and try to degrade them as a way to make themselves look like the smart one. You see this all the time in politics, your side is wrong because our side knows it all.

T. McKenzie
5 years ago

Mike, I love you. . . . you make so much sense, and you hit every note to boot! Please show us Atkins’ response, should he dare!

5 years ago

Mike made an eloquent reply to a fool’s comments. Unfortunately, many of this Atkins ilk will not bother to read any of Mike’s reply but will instead focus all their attention on Atkins statement and agree with everything he said. Too many individuals see only what they want to see and hear only what they want to hear. Sadly, we see this every day.

5 years ago

The dumbing down is real, but it does not come from encouraging trade schools. It comes from forcing so much paperwork and garbage on teachers that there is no time left in the day for any actual teaching, and from administrators who and laws which give teachers NO recourse when students misbehave.
Public school has become a farce. Students are passed on from grade to grade with no advance in learning, and “awards ceremonies” are held, where teachers are required to give everyone an award for something, whether they have done anything in class or not.

Coralyn Collins
5 years ago
Reply to  Sarah

Dumbing down? The epitome of that phrase is what the new teaching standards are AWARD EVERYONE even if there is no initiative, sportsmanship or learning going on. I agree with Sarah that the educators just hand out awards until they become no more valued that the liberal newspapers are today. Educators from pre-school to Doctorate degrees want all to be the same no matter that we are not all the same. Create confusion, frustration and chaos until the new workers come with no will to succeed in a job or initiate to try and make something of themselves. Incredibly ignorant and these educators are educated????
Coralyn Collins

5 years ago

Unfortunately we didn’t get to see him shut the smug reader down because the post has been removed. I would love to know what Mike said.

CF Gotter
5 years ago

Thanks Mike. It is good to hear someone stand up for actually having to work for a living. All you have to do is look at our educational system to see how screwed up it is thanks to the liberal morons who, by the way, are educated. Everyone is entitled to their opinions in a free society, even me! The sad thing is that we are becoming less free all the time as you can see by the little pissants protesting with violence today.

Burnt Orange
5 years ago

This is so typical thinking of too many on the left. The idea that college makes you an intellectual and being involved in trade blue collar work is some how anti-intellectual is beyond stupid. ALL the education in the world can NOT cure stupid. We have all met and been amused by individuals with great educations and little common or any other type of sense. I’ve crossed paths with many self educated and well read people from all walks of life whose occupation has NOTHING to do with their level of intellectualism, common sense or appreciation of arts and literature.

The person calling himself Chuck Atkins is so immersed in politics and social profiling that he appears to be a caricature of just what many see as the elitist liberal establishment. My guess is he does not know ANYONE from the world of individuals working with their hands and/within the trades.

To link decent hard working American citizens with the neo-Nazis and radical right wingers is the height of plain old ignorance. The gratuitous insults that roll so easily off the tongue of individuals like Mr. Atkins are one of the reasons the left is so reviled by working class men and women in this country.

Yet those same people claim to care so much for the “working man or woman” that they empower the government to oversee every aspect of those oh so uninformed citizens. Maybe he thinks that grown adults without “higher eductions” need people like him to run their lives. Arrogance, hubris who knows.

J lee johnson
5 years ago

Mike, That was beautiful and right on point. I pray for the control that you displayed when dealing with a simpering, whiny leftist. I seem to be incapable of that. And I am mindful of that fact. Thank you for saying what my rational and non-emotional self desires to share with those on the far left. Do you accept donations to your foundation?

5 years ago

At least what students are learning at Mike Rowe’s institution is a lot more useful than what a lot of students are learning at these so called universities. A trade is much better for our economy than a degree in liberal, communist, socialist, fascist, ideas or principles taught at some of our more prominent institutions of higher learning. Of course, if the “professors” at these institutions would limit their teaching to the actual subject they are supposed to be teaching, maybe these students would learn something besides how to riot and destroy things. Then again, not all kids want to go to college, and would rather work at a trade and earn money instead of paying off student loans.

5 years ago

Face it Mike, some pseudo intellectuals have been educated beyond their ability to learn! Chuck Atkins seems to fall into that category!

5 years ago

Good for Mike Rowe. I knew I liked him for all the right reasons. He is my kinda guy,bravo. And to the insignificant fly detractor grow up,get a job and try actually thinking critically for a change. Dumb ass.

Leslie Hickey
5 years ago

I am so tired of this “White Majority” nonsense. Has anyone ever LOOKED at “The Human Races” who TRULY ARE the MAJORITY of this world’s human population? They are in INDIA, they are in CHINA, they are AFRICAN and ASIAN! Wake-up world. I actually am “Caucasian” and my ancestors came from Ireland, Norway, Finland. THREE VERY SMALL countries! I travel widely around the world. Believe me when I say that I do often find myself in crowds of people, worldwide, and NONE of them are “white” like me.
Vocational training has nothing to do with the color of one’s skin. Vocational training has EVERYTHING to do with one learning “A useful trade” so that one can support oneself, and support one’s own family.

Leslie Hickey

Jim Price
5 years ago

The only dumbing down has been done through the higher education facilities that do not teach accurate history or modify same. This is Progressive politics, not
Republican. Even at the Middle school and High School levels we see serious selective teaching of many main historical events. Now they want to remove History
in the form of monuments for Southern ideal. Sorry folks, but it is still history. If we do not learn from it we will most likely repeat it.

Burnt Orange
5 years ago
Reply to  Jim Price

While you are correct in some sense it should b stated that these Southern monuments should NEVER been erected in the first place. In an effort to heal the wounds of the civil war the North basically allowed the South to return quickly to self governance. The result was a brutal suppression of and segregation of the freed former slaves who were in fact citizens of the United States. The continued celebration of the Southern white ethos went on and has now come home to haunt our society today.

The South held a big grudge and never truly integrated back into the U.S culturally or within its’ laws. They seemed to remain apart and nurse their resentment until within the last fifty years many individuals from around the nation moved South and those living there moved about the nation. Time and reality should allow the past to become the historical past and hopefully our grandchildren will see the civil war and slavery as a historical event and NOT some on going feud.

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