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Millions In Federal Funding Granted For Organ Harvesting Of Aborted Babies


According to newly released documents from a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have been harvesting the organs of aborted babies while the babies still have a beating heart. Organs that were collected include the kidneys, ureters, and bladders. More disturbingly, the organ harvesting was made possible due to millions of dollars in federal grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

In an application for a grant from the NIH to collect the organs from aborted newborns, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh admit that they use “labor induction” to obtain babies and their body parts. The application also reveals that researchers would “Record the warm ischemic time on our samples and take steps to keep it at a minimum to ensure the highest quality biological specimens.” According to the NIH, ischemia time is “The time a tissue, organ, or body part remains at body temperature after its blood supply has been reduced or cut off.” This means that the aborted infants were delivered, then cut into while still having an active heartbeat, and the cause of their death was the forcible removal of their organs. According to the CEO of The American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG), Dr. Donna Harrison, “It is likely that these babies are being delivered by induction abortion, and likely that a substantial portion of these babies are actually alive at the time of organ harvesting.”

The age of those aborted ranges from 6 weeks to 42 weeks of gestation. This means, in many cases, babies who were in the second trimester, third trimester, fully developed, or even overdue were killed. For reference, live-born infants have a chance of survival beyond 90% at just 27 weeks and a 95%+ chance of survival at 30 weeks, assuming an average rate of organ maturation. Furthermore, back in 2020, a child was born in Minnesota after a mere 21 weeks of gestation, weighing a minuscule 11 ounces. Despite doctors claiming that the baby had a zero-percent chance of survival, he went on to thrive and recently celebrated his first birthday.

It should also be noted that abortions after 24 weeks are outlawed in the state of Pennsylvania unless the woman’s health or life is endangered. It is also a felony to experiment on a living fetus or fail to provide medical care to a baby that is born alive in Pennsylvania, meaning researchers at the University of Pittsburgh potentially violated state laws when performing their abortions and experiments.

The GUDMAP program is part of the University of Pittsburgh’s goal to become a “tissue hub and tissue collection site.” In 2015 alone, a total of over 300 samples were collected from at least 77 aborted babies. The NIH has since provided over $3 million in funding for the program between 2016 and 2020.

The harvested body parts from the murdered infants were allegedly used to research treatments and cures for kidney disease. However, this is not a valid defense for the obviously inexcusable actions. If someone removes your organs without your consent and kills you in the process, is it somehow justifiable if they use your organs for a good cause?

The program is not the only form of horrifying experiments on aborted humans that have recently occurred at the University of Pittsburgh. In another federal government-funded project, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh removed the scalps from 5-month-old aborted babies and stitched their scalps onto lab mice. The purpose of these sickening procedures was to create a “successful co-engraftment of human skin, autologous lymphoid tissues, and autologous immune cells.” The University of Pittsburgh received an additional $430,000 in funding for these experiments between 2018 and 2019.

These disgusting experiments are not stopping anytime soon. On the contrary, they are becoming more prevalent than ever before. According to estimates, the NIH will spend a record $173 million on fetal experimentation over the next two years. This comes after the Biden administration reversed a policy previously implemented by the Trump administration in June of 2019 that restricted federal funding for human fetal tissue research. The policy barred the NIH from funding research that involved newly obtained fetal tissue. The policy also required all that engage in fetal tissue research and apply for NIH funds to be reviewed by an ethics advisory board. The Biden administration officially ended the policy on April 16, 2021.

Consequently, cities across America are voting to ban abortions within their own city limits. A total of 37 cities have joined the so-called “Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn” movement. The cities are Waskom, Texas, Naples, Texas, Joaquin, Texas, Tenaha, Texas, Gilmer, Texas, Westbrook, Texas, Rusk, Texas, Colorado City, Texas, Gary City, Texas, Big Spring, Texas, Wells, Texas, Whiteface, Texas, East Mountain, Texas, New Home, Texas, Morton, Texas, Ackerly, Texas, Grapeland, Texas, Goldsmith, Texas, Carbon, Texas, Gorman, Texas, Murchison, Texas, Latexo, Texas, Hayes Center, Nebraska, Blue Hill, Nebraska, Lubbock, Texas, Abernathy, Texas, Poynor, Texas, Lebanon, Ohio, Levelland, Texas, Sundown, Texas, Sterling City, Texas, Centerville, Texas, Eastland, Texas, Leona, Texas, Crawford, Texas, and Brownsboro, Texas. While nearly every city above is in the state of Texas, the city of Naples, Florida, is likely to join the movement in the near future. This would expand the movement to 38 cities in four states.

American taxpayers should not be forced to fund nightmarish medical procedures on aborted newborns, yet they are, and many are not even aware of it. Those who provide abortions and experiment with the organs of those aborted babies should not be rewarded with millions of dollars in taxpayer funding. The American people deserve more answers as to where their tax dollars are going. If millions in federal funds are being provided for gruesome programs at just one American university, how many other babies across America have died or will die at the expense of U.S. taxpayers?

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Virgil V. Snoddy
1 month ago

We were warned by Jesus Christ in The King James Bible,that We should Not harm the children !
The Bible is Our Lords Living Word!

1 month ago

Isn’t there a Federal law against organ harvesting?

1 month ago


1 month ago

Thou shalt not kill!

Allison Hartwell
1 month ago

This is absolutely terrible. Unconscionable! I am a strong, outspoken Pro-Life advocate. I think that if this news was made public, that even “pro-choice” voters would stand against this. Of all of the awful things going on in this country right now, this, I think is the worst. In the Old Testament of the Bible, God was so gracious with His people, but you consistently see that the final straw for God in allowing His people destruction was when they began to sacrifice their children to other gods, a normal thing for pagans in those society. Time and time again in the Bible, God drew the line there. We need to speak out boldly and make this knows. Please make this news in an easily sharable campaign that can go onto Social Media and contact Fox News to do programs in this.

JJ Johnson-Smith
1 month ago

We all know that abortion in all it’s forms, is immoral, Barbaric, and in the cases of late-term or end-term, it is MURDER of a viable Human Child.Like I often say, this horror is another issue that is SO simple to deal with, yet has become a major battleground in our country, because GOVERNMENT got involved! Teaching young people about MORALITY and RESPONSIBILITY is the bottom line. Abstinence before marriage is the first solution, Birth Control is the Second. There is NO excuse for an unwanted pregnancy in America, and NOTHING that justifies the murder of a baby. Birth Control is free for those who can’t afford it, Abstinence is free, and Adoption is a Blessing.

1 month ago

NIH? Did Fauci provide the funding for this like he did the China virus? He needs to fry!

1 month ago
Reply to  Rick

Judgment day is coming upon us soon

Jesse Tiede
1 month ago

This nation is going to fall because of crap like this! May God have mercy on US…

Marvin G Garner
1 month ago

If these aborted babies are not human, How can their body parts be harvested for human use ?

Al Perpente
1 month ago

what wont the nazi democrats due for money ! whats next arrest all clergypersons and charge them with anti communist teachings. they ALL have to go. wake up americans your days of freedom are nearing an end ! murderous democrats.

1 month ago

Wonder why Ji Xinping didn’t think of this? Ha!! He did. CCP followed up on it years ago setting their sights on political dissidents. Falun Gong practitioners are only the latest victims. Selling organs to insanely wealthy people under the radar of ‘elected’ politicians and their cowardly and utterly useless news media acolytes has been going on since transplants were possible. CCP is alive and well in the what used to be The People’s House. American taxpayers no longer have representation. We’re back to square one in the 1700’s.

1 month ago

Abortion is one of the most selfish things that comes out of the heart. There is no reason that justifies the taking of an unborn child….no reason, no matter how it gets rationalized and justified. And added to this evil is the subject of this article….organ harvesting (for profit)…again, .rationalized and justified as some kind of life-saving tool for the benefit of mankind. A lie from every angle of exposure. The furtherance of selfishness in man. We have become blind to the truth….we are killing our prodigy, destroying our future and opening the door to greater evils down the road. People need to understand who is ultimately in charge of all things…..a Creator God. He alone has the capacity to judge, give or take life and bless or curse his creation. Take Him out of the picture and you will see this nation and world as it is today. Money talks, and the likes of groups like planned parenthood and others are all about the money….their smoke screen is that they are for women’s rights, health, but in truth they are about profit by every means they can muster. We have a government that condones, by funding, murder, condones, by funding, the wholesale trade in human flesh…..some of the deepest wounds any culture can suffer….and they are self inflicted.

1 month ago

Thank you for reporting this. People do not believe this happens in our country. Check out The People of the State of California vs. David Daleiden and the Xavier Becerra and Kamala Harris connections. What are we doing to ourselves?

1 month ago


Kathy West
1 month ago

Life begins at conception. Taking a life is MURDER. Murdering a fetus and dismembering and harvesting this child’s body with the apparent approval of the Mother tells me there is NO respect for the living. Since Roe v Wade came in through the ACLU and argued BY Ruth Ginsberg a once ‘lauded’ Federal Supreme Court Judge, abortions are NOW a form of birth control. Wake up people. Supposedly MEDICAL PERSONNEL are staging these abortions and harvesting. Do they also work in local hospitals? If so, I would never go to those hospitals because saving a LIFE is NOT their profession they are HIT MEN/WOMEN. And they are getting RICH on the organs harvested. Ghouls, this is what they are. And abortions are paid for with OUR TAX dollars. ENOUGH!!!

Stephen Russell
1 month ago

Watch God Judge or Judging now

1 month ago

why didn’t AMAC attach a letter here for us to write our Congress(wo)man ?!

John Serbeck
1 month ago

This is sick.

1 month ago

This is very sick

1 month ago

This is appalling. I can’t believe even the most pro-abortionist advocate would support this. I wish there were some criminal charges that would apply and if not, there should be.

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