Money Speaks: Macy’s Halts Funding of Planned Parenthood

planned-parent-hoodfrom – NewsBusters.org – by Katie Yoder

This Christmas, pro-lifers should consider shopping at Macy’s. Because, as it turns out, the giant chain listens to its conservative consumers.

In a Wednesday press release, corporate watchdog 2ndVote revealed that Macy’s no longer gives or matches donations to Planned Parenthood. Macy’s decision comes after MRC Culture reported in October on 2ndVote’s updated list of 37 companies that fund Planned Parenthood.

Thanks to shoppers, that number is now 36.

But it’s unlikely that the liberal media – which boast strong ties to Planned Parenthood and have been instructed to cover for the abortion giant – will publicize Macy’s funding halt. (Unless it’s to attack and pressure the chain to reverse its decision, as they’ve done with others in the past).

The press statement emphasized the timing of Macy’s announcement.

“In the spirit of thankfulness and celebration that comes this time of year, we have a special update that our research team recently made,” the 2ndVote release began. “Macy’s confirmed with 2ndVote last week that the company no longer gives and no longer matches donations to Planned Parenthood.”

The release attributed Macy’s decision to pro-life consumers who complained.

“We wanted to share this great news with you because the credit is due to our 2ndVote members who have engaged these companies for their position on the Life issue,” it continued, “It’s because of your decisions and conversations with these companies that the funnels of corporate dollars to liberal organizations are starting to close.”

“Isn’t this a great (early) Christmas present?” the release ended.

As 2ndVote’s director of communications, Robert Kuykendall gave an exclusive comment to MRC Culture about what prompted Macy’s decision.

“Macy’s has listened to its customers and this shows that informed consumers are able to effectively engage companies for taking positions on the issues,” he said. “Ultimately, people don’t want to support organizations like Planned Parenthood that don’t match their values and they would rather do business with a more neutral company, especially on the life issue.”

He recommended consumers consider Macy’s for their Christmas shopping.

“Macy’s might have a troubling record for conservatives on some other issues, but Christmas shopping at Macy’s this year would certainly be a way to say ‘thank you’ from conservatives who have decided to shop anywhere but Target.”

Around Thanksgiving, 2ndVote began the campaign #AnywhereButTARGET, which encouraged consumers to shop at stores that didn’t promote a progressive agenda. Among other things, the campaign criticized Target’s gender bathroom policy – and was temporarily shut down by its internet page host for being “hateful.”

2ndVote, a self-described “conservative watchdog for corporate activism,” was launched in 2013 to “expose the corporate influence on major policy decisions” in order to “turn the tide on the attacks on conservative values and principles.”

Last year, 2ndVote made headlines in conservative news for revealing Planned Parenthood’s corporate donors after undercover videos exposed the abortion giant’s harvesting of aborted baby parts.

Corporate donors make a difference. “Over 25%” of Planned Parenthood’s $1.3 billion in yearly revenue “comes from private donations, including corporate contributions,” according to 2ndVote. (Never mind the $553.7 million from the government.)

Executive Director Lance Wray told MRC Culture in October that his organization “researches and publishes only hard and reliable data.”

“It scours over public records, official corporate reports, and other indicia of corporate sponsorships and public endorsements to which 2ndVote cites within its findings,” he added, and also pointed to tax returns and information found on corporate websites.”

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4 years ago

Macy’s change of heart means nothing don’t be fooled. Boycott Macy’s and Target. There are many, many, many, other places to shop.

Concerned Citizen
4 years ago

Has Macy’s stopped allowing men into the women’s fitting rooms? That’s why I stopped shopping at Macy’s several years ago. Same reason as I stopped shopping Target about a year ago. Fortunately, I have a choice of many other options, but folks in smaller towns might not.
However, I am glad that Macy’s rescinded its support of PP. If they also reverse their fitting room policy, I may shop there again. However, as I write this in January, Macy’s has announced they are closing many stores, as have Sears/Kmart. Aside from the political issues, it’s sad that so many local people will be losing their jobs as store clerks, warehouse workers, etc.

4 years ago

Don’t be fooled by Macy’s “change of heart” people. They want your money and that’s it. Plenty of other places to go.

gwen scott
4 years ago

Thank you for doing this.I have always bought baby clothes from Macy’s and now Do so for my grand children. I am very much PROLIFE.

4 years ago

Isn’t it ironic how liberals will promote infanticide, while denying the death penalty to convicted murderers and cop killers?

4 years ago
Reply to  MeToo

Great post. This is a point not mentioned often and should be.

4 years ago

What an excellent topic to be discussing! Real support of LIFE!
Thank you!

Steve Greenwell
4 years ago

Mazel Tov to Macy’s!

Brian Garrison
4 years ago

USAA funds Unplanned Non-parenthood. USAA funds Unplanned Non-parenthood. Dan Weber, are you reading this? I would be more than happy to sign a petition from AMAC, along with thousands of others, telling USAA to STOP. This is mutual company. They are spending OUR money on a cause we find abhorrent.

4 years ago
Reply to  Brian Garrison

Thanks for this info. I will follow up as a concerned member.

Bob Irwin
4 years ago

Thank you for standing for conservative values.

Bob Irwin
4 years ago

Theank you for standing for conservative values.

4 years ago

I don’t love Macy’s, but I like it somewhat, and this will make me more likely to shop there.

4 years ago

I am glad Macy’s got smart. Now if only some of these other companies would step up to the plate. I only hope Congress votes to
defund Planned Parenthood. They should be put out of business.

Jan S
4 years ago

It’s possible that Macys is trying to get back conservatives after they stopped selling Trump neckties and other items in the Trump line, when many folks closed their store cards and shopping at Macys. Ending support for PP may get some shoppers back.

Derlene Deal
4 years ago

I tried to place an order with Macy’s about two weeks ago and found that my credit card with them was discontinued for lack of use. With this news I will make sure to renew it and that it does not languish for that reason again!!!

John Degges
4 years ago

Why does anyone encourage people who are confused as to their sex and not encourage them to accept the sex that they were born with?
I applaud Macy’s for no longer funding an organization that approves of the murder of innocent people.

4 years ago

I quit Target years ago when I learned of there policy of not allowing Salvation Army, Boy Scouts or school groups, etc from setting up in front of there stores to raise money. The transgender bathrooms just enforced my beliefs and the planned parents support also. Go Macy’s.

4 years ago
Reply to  PBerry

I am the same way. No Target for many years. I have also stopped purchasing from places that push the radical gay agenda down my throat. Places like Home Depot. Highlights Magazine for children was a gift I wanted to get for my neighbor’s children and my own great-grandchildren, but I decided to go with Family Fun after learning that Highlights will no be joining the ranks of supporters of the gay agenda.

4 years ago
Reply to  PBerry

Target’s sales are suffering as a result of our boycott. They lost about 7.2% of their usual business. That’s not enough to get them to stop encouraging predators to attack women and girls in the bathroom, where they are most vulnerable. By holding to their bizarre bathroom policy, they are putting women in danger in locker rooms, bathrooms and dressing rooms.

Judy Smith
4 years ago

Thank you for posting this information. I shop occasionally at Macy’s but never have a lot. I think of the line spoken by the mother of the little boy in the movie who wanted the fire engine that squirted real water, and I’ll say, “I’ve never been much of a Macy’s customer, but now I’ll be a regular.” This is better than sending people to other stores like they did in the movie.

4 years ago
Reply to  Judy Smith

I wouldn’t shop at Macy’s under any circumstance, they stopped supporting PP because they (macy’s) are running out of time and money. They’ve proven who they are.

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