Mr. Reid, This is No Lie!

from Kim Hoops – I have read some very tragic articles on the repercussions of Obamacare and luckily ours isn’t quite as devastating as some but not good all the same. My husband and I have been self employed our whole adult lives so we know what hard work is. When I was in my 20’s (25-30 years ago) I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. We had insurance but it didn’t cover outpatient which is what most of my treatment was. It almost put us in the poor house to pay for my meds but we managed. We survived the financial burdens and I came out strong and healthy. Point is, we TOOK CARE OF OURSELVES!
We now have an HSA which we really like. High deductible with lower monthly payments. We don’t expect everything to be paid for us but we need insurance to cushion the blow if something big were to happen to us. Then came Obamacare, the “ENFORCED LAW OF THE LAND” (for everyone except unions, politicians, and any other liberal affiliates). How can the government FORCE us to PURCHASE ANYTHING??!! We will be fined!! Nice…so much for land of the free. Anyway, our once low and affordable monthly premium more than doubled!! Yes, MORE THAN DOUBLED!!! 125% increase!!! How is that affordable healthcare? We never have had dental or optical or maternal coverage. Always managed without it. I’m assuming those we are now paying for have that coverage and probably don’t work, never have worked or aren’t even legally here. Gee thanks Obama, Reid, Pelosi and all involved. Why are you all exempt? Hmmmmmm. May you get what you have forced upon us. And Mr. Reid, this is no lie! We need to get rid of Obamacare!!!!!!!!!!!!

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8 years ago

Well, Obamcare is affecting us in a slightly different way. We have Obamacare for no cost to us. We have no income, not by choice, but by the way life has been. I finally had to go back to college because even after putting thousands of job applications, I could not get hired anywhere. Well, my wife and I were skeptical of Obamacare, even though we were getting it for “free”. Well, we were right to be skeptical. Our daughter, who is developmentally disabled and is unable to work because of it. She has been denied necessary therapy that could help her grow to a point where she could a productive member of society. She had already been in speech therapy and was making steady but noticeable progress. Her speech level is not high enough yet to have her being proficient in a job, but she was getting there. just because they are trying to cut cots, the wonderful government, because of Obamacare, determined that our daughter no longer needs speech therapy and refuses to pay for it. She does need it still, her speech therapists have proved it and they have proved that it is beneficial for her. And yet, she was cut off in the middle of her progress. We are not happy with this at all. So, the payment for Obamacare is not just in cash but also in services being cut to the most vulnerable populations just to fund the extra people receiving “free” health care. If it is free, why is our daughter losing her services?

Sally DuVal
8 years ago

We are not having the terrible problems many people are having, yet we do see the co-pays and premium’s not only going up, but out of sight for our income level. I am 77 my husband 79. Picked up some meds at the pharmacy, Insurance, we will cover this one time, but not again, without this med I would have ended up in the hospital. I am sure it will get much worse as it is so bad already. As for Harry Reid and his, we are liars, well the only lie I see is Obamacare,

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