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Nancy Pelosi Personifies Democrat Hypocrisy

pelosiHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi was caught on tape getting her hair styled at a San Francisco salon last Monday afternoon while not wearing a mask and while salons were currently closed by local orders. Pelosi claims to have been set up by the salon’s owner, something even uber liberal CNN host Don Lemon wasn’t buying. The optics for Pelosi as one of the faces of the Democrat party were horrible and deserved to be shared far and wide.

But she is not alone. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney was photographed at a Maryland restaurant while dining establishments in his town remain shuttered because of the coronavirus. Now, the Mayor wasn’t breaking any law as diners in Maryland are reported to be allowed to serve guests in a limited capacity, but he has also been a vocal proponent of social distancing and mask wearing, actions he clearly wasn’t practicing in the photograph. The photograph went viral, forcing the Mayor to tweet a half-hearted apology.

Speaking of social gatherings, some Democrats have gone to the extreme in their efforts to control them. Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell has gone so far as to ban all social gatherings inside and outside, including in private homes! But that doesn’t seem to stop his Democrat brethren like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo from being repeatedly spotted not wearing a mask while demanding that New Yorkers wear them.   Or how about New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s trips to the gym? His flimsy excuse for doing so? He stated that he needed “to exercise to be able to stay healthy and make decisions.” But to hell with the health of the rest of New Yorkers, right, Mr. de Blasio? Oh, and your decisions need a lot of work, too.

It appears preening Democrat leaders just cannot help themselves from keeping their hair well-coiffed. Remember literally watching your own and your neighbor’s hair grow during the early months of the shutdown? Or how about the various facial hair styles sported by your colleagues on Zoom calls? You could not find an open barber shop or hair salon and those stylists who dared to make house calls were rounded up and punished in some cities.

That did not stop Chicago’s Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot from getting her hair styled in early April. You see, in the Mayor’s estimation, instead of commiserating with her suffering constituents, it was more important that she, in her opinion as the “public face” of Chicago, look good for the cameras and social media outlets. Tell that to the first responders who pulled 24-hour shifts in the early stages of the pandemic, Madam Mayor.

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker’s wife, M.K. Muenster-Pritzker, left Illinois for the family farm in Florida to avoid her husband’s stay-at-home order, while the rest of Illinoisians had to shelter in place. Life is certainly good when you can escape to your $12.1 million equestrian estate in South Florida, isn’t it, Ms. Muenster-Pritzker?

Democrats talk a good game regarding the seriousness of the pandemic, but their actions tell another story: one set of rules for them as the ruling class and another quite different set for the rest of us. Take a close look at their behavior, because there is no reason to believe that it will change should they acquire power this November.

Andrew Mangione is Senior Vice President for AMAC’s advocacy affiliate, AMAC Action. He leads AMAC’s grassroots efforts, represents AMAC’s membership in Washington, D.C., and helps chart the association’s policy course. He also serves as a national spokesperson.

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Richard Kraus
11 months ago

democrats are liars .
Always have been and always will be . But now their supporters really do not care .
Sheeples ….. unable to think on their own and believe anything they are told .

1 year ago

Ha, like usual Demonrats think they are entitled.

1 year ago


Jesse Tiede
1 year ago

No, no reason to expect it to change! Quite the opposite, in fact! You can expect to see it get progressively worse for you and better for them… No man know the hour or the day of the Lord’s return, but, I pray that it’s SOON! Praise God…

1 year ago

That picture encases the “three Stooges”. Forgive me Larry, Curly, and Moe!

Allan Brem
1 year ago

This lady needs to go.

1 year ago

It is truly amazing, my god, what is wrong with you people? Are you blind and ignorant at the same time? This draft dodging President just degraded every veteran that ever served this country. We are NOT LOSERS, we are NOT SUCKERS, we fought to protect you and this country and yet,,,, there is not one mention of this. Your news station FOX even confirmed this idiot presidents remarks!!!! You worry more about Pelosi’s hair than you do about the men and women who fought and DIED for YOU. All of you should be ashamed, I dont CARE what political party you belong to, I do care that you do not support your military and all of its Veterans by not speaking out. I feel sorry for all of you.


1 year ago

Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat.

1 year ago

The thing is, these photos will never see the light of day in media that is more widely seen/heard/read by Americans.

Len C.
1 year ago

Bust out laughing where Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago said she had to look good because she is the public face of Chicago. dear Lori tell who ever worked on you that they failed miserably.

1 year ago

Nancy Pelosi. Maxine Waters. Bill de Blasio. Andrew Cuomo. Schiff. Nadler. Feinstein. Ocasio-Cortez. Tlaib. Omar. Pressley. Lightfoot. The list goes on, and , sadly, contains too many female politicians, of which I have thinking (for over 50 years) would make the nation a better place. Growing up in Texas, back when the Democrats held the VAST majority of political offices, always said “You get what you vote for”, but always held out that the next election would weed out the miscreants, and replace them with honest folks seeking public office. My parents/family, on both sides, grew up ‘poor folks in South Texas, married during the Depression. Most of the men served in the military when the “call” came during World War Two, Korea, Vietnam (my war). Those folks were adamant in their belief that the Democrats would look out for the country and its people, and I know how crushed with disappointment they would be to see the BS that passes for Democrats in this day and age.

1 year ago

I cannot understand how these so called dems (should change the name) can get away with what I would call treason in one form or another. You could make a list of the stuff they have said or done and condemn them for any of it be it Talieb (sp) saying “we’ll get rid of the “m,fer” referring to the President or Pelosi (sp) tearing up her copy of the State of the Union address, etc. (many more examples). And how has Clinton been able to avoid prison, lock her up! Heads need to roll, why aren’t they rolling? I mean we are talking “name” people like “quid pro Joe” for example or even Obama who wanted to be kept up on what was going on with the spying on Trump. All this talk, talk, talk. I am a bottom line guy. I want to see justice served to those who deserve it. It seems like the left can do anything and get away with it!

1 year ago

Lori Lightweight wouldn’t look good no matter what she did. She looks like she just stepped out of a coffin.
T-P 2020!

Stan d. Upnow
1 year ago

“Inside every Progressive is a Totalitarian screaming to get out.”

1 year ago

In addition, they obviously don’t think the Dempanic is serious since they keep not socially distancing or wearing masks. They have deliberately terrified a large part of the population of the United States.
BUT THEY ARE NOT SCARED! What do they know that they are not telling the public?

Stan d. Upnow
1 year ago

All of that clearly points to the Progressive-Socialists using the virus as an excuse to inflict pain & suffering on the populace and then blame Pres.Trump for “incompetence” in his response to the pandemic. More outrageous political BS to depose the “Orange Man.”

1 year ago

The Sheeple need to rise up and ignore the crazy left that is demanding that America falls as they ignore murder and mayhem in Democrat run cities and states.
I am appalled by the numbers that
ride in cars by themselves, on motorcycles, bicycles, walk down empty streets and yes, even wear masks when home ALONE!
While the people giving these demands and orders all but ignore them.

The compliance, lack of ability to use common sense, and sheer stupidity of the majority of Americans…amaze me!

Kyle Green
1 year ago

The party of hypocrisy.

Gregory Barber
1 year ago

I may be getting old and forgetful. Who was it that demanded a government-paid-for personal airplane as large as Air Force One, since she was such a powerful political person?

Timothy A.
1 year ago

It still amazes me that there are people in the United States who actually believe what democrats say and do. They seem to believe their ears but not their eyes. How do so many Americans stay so ignorant to all the facts that are right in front of their face? Hopefully enough of them will realize the facts and vote for Donald J. Trump for President.

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