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Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

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As we watch the world beginning to open up and we plan our hugs with loved ones, reunions with family, and a return to normalcy, we are happy to provide some helpful travel tips to make your next trip all that it can be!

What day of the week is best to make my booking?

The majority of hotel bookings are processed from Monday to Wednesday so you are more likely to find lower prices later in the week and particularly on Friday and Saturday!  The simple change of your day of booking your next trip can make a real difference in the prices you pay!

What days of the week are the best to stay at the hotel?

The least expensive days of the week to check-in for your stay are Sunday and Monday for leisure hotels and the weekend for more traditional business properties.  If you have the flexibility to travel on different days you can save 10-15% off of your stay!

Let them know of special occasions!

Hotels can and will want to give you a great hospitality experience! Adding a note about a birthday or anniversary on your booking notes or calling ahead to tell them of the special occasion is a great way to up your experience.  Don’t be shy about reminding them at check-in how happy you are to be spending your special day with them and you could be looking at that upgrade or great amenity with a bright smile!

Group bookings can have hotels compete for your business!

If you are booking with a large group, go to the group booking form and fill out the request for price (RFP) on the AMAC travel site.  You can set a budget and criteria for your stay and the hotels will reach out TO YOU to try to win your group business.  These rates are incredible for business trips, weddings, reunions or just a large group of fellow AMAC members traveling for a memorable experience!

Let’s make sure to check those reviews!

It is important to check some recent reviews for the property you are interested in.  These can give important details on how the property has maintained quality during the past 15 months and what property amenities are open and/or altered.  This can be key to a great trip by taking 5-10 minutes to make sure that the Hotel you are giving your business to has been taking care of theirs!

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Debbie Reynolds
1 year ago

It’ll probably be years before I can travel. I can’t wear a mask, even briefly, and I refuse the vaccine. I did have the disease, and I have a strong immune system despite being “in a high risk category.” But I will not be allowed on planes, trains, etc.

Charlene O
1 year ago

Please don’t blindly give in to these mandates. How would you respond IF you learned that the injection wasn’t a vaccine, rather bio warfare? We all need to do our research and stand up for our beliefs IF we have been victimized. IF we remain silent and compliant, without knowing our Rights, then we are part of the destruction of our Country. Just sayin’.

K. Lockwood
1 year ago

Hey, I am 100% with you Sister! They will Never force their Nightmarish B.S. Vaccines on me. As for Travel, I too will Not be going anywhere soon,as I will Not subject myself to those Totally Useless face masks, that Actually Have next to Zero Efficacy Rate. Never Fall for any of that Political Correctness Nonsense!

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

Kudos to you Debbie… Stick to your guns. You have done nothing wrong.
Perhaps your loved ones can come to you?
Bill on the Hill… :~)

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