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Omicron, Medical Czar, Medicare

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Just when you thought you’d heard all of the Left’s COVID fear-mongering, Dr. Fauci does it again! But hey, he represents science, so dare not question him. To close out the week, AMAC VP of Sales Carl Hofsfield joins Ben with an urgent reminder that the Medicare Annual Enrollment period ends December 7th, and how AMAC can help you beat the deadline and choose the plan that’s right for you!

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19 days ago

It has never been shown that there exists any pathogenic virus. See the work of Stefan Lanka and the book written by Tom Cowan titled “Breaking The Spell”. This whole thing is for Bill Gates and a few others to control the human population.

In the human world, there is hardly anything worse or more hopeless than unjust government rule. –Josef Pieper.

Aida Walls
29 days ago

i am looking if your organization has any jobs available, specially in the following: a liaison to build relationships and ensure financial education and product solutions are available to all within their assigned community. This role is based in the field and works across a cluster of branches to develop a community outreach and engagement program. The person will be responsible for implementing a national community playbook to engage the community in a meaningful way and will own the planning, execution and reporting of events locally. I am a financial literacy coach and a HUD certified housing counselor with lots of experience. I would love to work for your organization.

James Thompson
1 month ago

I don’t care what they say, a fraudulent Administration can’t make fraudulent laws for me to follow.

David Millikan
1 month ago


The REAL meaning of Covid (CHINA VIRUS).

1 month ago
Reply to  David Millikan

Very appropriate Acronym

1 month ago

What I want to know is what they’ve put in these so called vaccines that they are telling any lie they can think of to get everyone to get it?

Harry Guzaliak
1 month ago


Miranda Elisa DeGroot
1 month ago

Fauci is the “faux pas” of the scientist community. Why we still tolerate his fake advice?

Mark L
1 month ago

Because half the population believes DemocRATS are honest! It’s absolutely amazing how stupid Americans DemocRATS have become!

1 month ago

This BS is nothing but another scare tactic put forth by the the totally corrupt US government!

Robert Zuccaro
1 month ago

Is it a coincidence that the anagram of “OMICRON” is “MORONIC”? Or that “OMICRON” is a planet in “Star Trek: TOS” (This Side of Paradise) where plant spores brainwash the crew but protects them from deadly beritol rays that kill all life on the planet? The same writer must have made the DCCC graph showing our “incredible two cents gas saving” chart…

Jim Jolly
1 month ago

Fauci is a liar and only wants fame. Doctors in South Africa have said it spreads at a faster rater but is way less serious. So lets see how long it takes Fauci to start setting off alarms so the DemcRats can again install their mandates

Stan d. Upnow
1 month ago

Viruses undergo many, many mutations during their span. Most of those are of little consequence–unless the virus was programmed to mutate into a more virulent form.

In the past, you hardly ever heard anything about viral mutations, did you? But, following the horrific effects of this lab-manipulated Covid virus, the govt. control freaks are playing on peoples’ fears to extend their control with endless vaccines/boosters, mandates, etc. I give them a big middle finger.

I believe this whole Covid thing was a trial run to test public compliance with authoritarian control. Watch for similar incidents in other areas– energy(in the works), transportation(mandated EV’s), food(planned shortages), financial matters(IRS spying on your every transaction), etc. Of course, all of those will require govt. “emergency actions” for the “public good.”

Understand that Obiden’s approval rating is 38%, according to a Rasmussen poll. All the Right pundits are smiling about that, but if it truly represents the country at large, it means that over 1/3 of the U.S.(100million +) approve of the planned destruction of our country, as we know it. Let that sink in.

1 month ago
Reply to  Stan d. Upnow

As a test of authoritarian control, I would say it has been a resounding success from the perspective of what the Democrats and the pure Socialists wanted to achieve. There are already a number of administration officials dropping little tidbits about “maybe people need to lower their expectations about (insert the topic of your choice)” or “I think we can drop the term transitory when referring to inflation”. All while the administration does nothing to correct any of the problems they have intentionally created.

While the vast majority of the public may disapprove of the ongoing dismantling of our economy and societal norms in general, the constant fear mongering from the Dems, MSM and their allies does seem to get significant compliance from the American public. Since the left ONLY cares about compliance (the public submitting to the dictates and edicts of the administration) and does NOT give a da*n about whether the American public likes them or not, I think there little experiment has achieved the results they desired. Now they just have to eliminate or negate the pesky voting process and it’s full speed ahead to hard core totalitarianism.

1 month ago
Reply to  Stan d. Upnow

It sunk in back when Clinton was in his second term which is why I am hate filled and want them all d**d!

Philip Hammersley
1 month ago

Dr. “Falsie” will end up going through ALL the Greek letters eventually. Dr. Coetzee of S. Africa, who discovered “omicron,” said that it is not that potent or dangerous. Very few bad effects in several African countries.

1 month ago

the Biden con artists and the demon rats and fake falsies are all nazi commies. they want Hitler and Stalin ideas back and what to take their place. they are in league of the great reset where the elites are gods of the world and we are their slaves.

Joe N
1 month ago

Love AMAC! We called yesterday and changed our drug plan. So easy working with our advisor at AMAC Medicare division. So grateful for AMAC.

1 month ago

Foulci is just another puppet that “is not going to bit the hand that feeds him.”

Barbara Peters
1 month ago

Have you ever unjumbled the letters of the new covid variant? Try MEDIA CONTROL.

Philip Hammersley
1 month ago
Reply to  Barbara Peters

Good post, Barbara. If you actually use the letters in “Media Control,” you get both OMICRON and DELTA. Interesting!

1 month ago

Absolutely worthless word games!!

Bev Minich
1 month ago
Reply to  Barbara Peters

It also spells Moronic! How stupid do they think we are??

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