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OPINION: Ten Lessons Learned

Atlas shrugged real life lessons learnedFirst, self-rule is hard.  Keeping democratic principles alive – even in our 230-year-old republic – is a challenge for each generation.  Autocrats, theocrats, kleptocrats, and totalitarian governments do not worry about caucuses (or primaries), impeachments, or feedback or “State of the Union” speeches. American leaders – and We, The People – do.  That is the benefit, and burden of self-rule.

Second, we are resilient.  Despite acrimony, political gesticulations, and unnecessary histrionics, We, The People, did ok this week.  Yes, the Democratic Party has leadership and math problems.  The Iowa caucuses were a mess.  The impeachment vote confirms what we know, it was a show.  The State of the Union made us proud – to be who we are, Americans.

Third, enthusiasm matters – we know when we see it, and when you don’t.  In Iowa we learned that when Democratic voters have poor choices, they stay home.  Expecting 240,000 voters, they got 172,000.  Conversely, when the choice is good, we come.  Trump got huge turnout, won 97 percent.

Fourth, we are a country of laws.  Two teams of lawyers helped educate the nation on the meaning of our Constitution, impeachment, responsibility, and abuse of it.  The White House legal team was platinum, presenting timeless truths.  Lessons recited, logic levied, historical context provided, their lessons should be taught in law schools.  The Democrat case was painful, partisan, an unforced error.

Fifth, our union is strong.  Another way to say this is, when all is said and done:  We know America is exceptional.  We are believers in the possible, designers of our own destiny.  We are doers, dreamers, and self-made by choice, not content to be led, fed and left to entitlements.  We are about making things happen, not letting them happen.

Sixth, domestically we are a powerhouse – strongest economy in the world, not because we are lucky, although we are, but because we are individuals who use our freedoms, use our constitutional rights to improve our lot.  We are workers, glad for a job.  We are not afraid to compete, do not retreat, and win because heart, eyes and minds are aligned on winning.

Seventh, in foreign policy, we are leaders.  Our friends see what we can do, will do, and – once again – recall what we have done.  From past to present, Normandy, Anzio, Okinawa and Iwo Jima to ending the terror wrought by ISIS, Baghdadi, and Soleimani, we are unafraid to do what is necessary.  Our enemies, competitors and detractors see this too.  America is leading; they are pulling in their horns.

Eighth, clear-eyed Americans will not be hoodwinked – not in Iowa, the Senate, or beside a fireplace in the Heartland.  We know truth from talk, action from posing.  Most are glad impeachment is over, aware Iowa is just a frustration, and glad for the leadership of an authentic, unbowed President Trump.

Ninth, we have fight.  In standing his ground this week, and for three years – President Trump taught something else.  If you know you are being unfairly pursued, pasted, persecuted, whether by prejudice, jealousy, antipathy, or collective political angst, stand your ground.  Truth will eventually out.  Fight.

Finally, as if we needed to learn it again, we are reminded by recent events that noise and knowledge are different things.  Media whine, political actors decry the constitutional process, and critics twist into knots trying to change what is and should be … into what isn’t and shouldn’t.  But we are patient, discerning, and strong, We Americans.  One more thing:  We really are lucky to have each other.

Robert Charles is a former assistant secretary of state for President George W. Bush, former naval intelligence officer and litigator. He served in the Reagan and Bush 41 White Houses, as congressional counsel for five years, and wrote “Narcotics and Terrorism” (2003) and “Eagles and Evergreens” (2018), the latter on WWII vets in a Maine town.

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2 years ago

This is exactly how I feel, and apparently most of your readers. But the sad truth is that a large percentage and growing of Americans don’t want self rule, want entitlements, are not taught to sort through the propaganda and find the truth, have no earthly idea how hard fought for was this democratic republic, or the many lessons of history that teach us that other forms of government simply don’t work and leave a large percentage of the population in poverty and under totalitarianism or worse. They are content to follow the leader who makes the most promises to give them whatever they want without having to work for it. How else can you explain outright communists, socialists, radicals and anarchists gaining so much steam over the past years? I often think that if this nation was put in the position of sacrificing like the generation during World War II was, we would never rise to the challenge. I think we are in for the fight of our lives if we want to keep that America that you so eloquently described.

Dr. Scott
2 years ago

Wait for the next 4 years of President Trump’s term. Balanced Budget (I hope he rolls out an Amendment with it after he cuts the bureaucratic fat wasteful government deep state nonsense out). Many more free and reciprocal trade agreements with nations that support freedom of personal rights. Enough of the USA being stepped all over by democratic socialist Marxist communist government entities. Let Freedom Ring all around the world!
I worry about overreach from all branches of government currently (I’m a believer in a 12/12 Years Max Term Limits for Congress Amendment). For overreach examples, besides the impeachment travesties of justice, the Iran War Powers resolution the President is about to veto.
I agree he should veto it, because it boxes him in should it be proven Iran developed nuclear weapons. Every President since Carter said they would not let Iran develop such weapons (along with others like North Korea). Empty threats caused by Congressional hamstringing, as this resolution does, will prevent the necessary immediate response, like it did with the Kim dynasty; or, any response at all. I fear this resolution gives Iran the same ability to produce those weapons that the previous Agreement the Obama Administration obtained, and President Trump pulled us out of, but this time it’s even worse.
Most Americans don’t know much about the Iranian version of Islamic eschatology (end times prophecies). Let’s just say, when they get the bomb(s), they fully and intentionally will use them. Their theological beliefs want the Armageddon destructions, Messianic return, along with their special 12th Imam’s reign and rule. This latter one’s a scary fanatic more brutal than any before. In my opinion, if you are guessing or trying to figure out what makes a good choice for antichrist Beast, that Shiite version fits the biblical models – almost to an exact type.
Of course, I’m not a prophet, I’ve worked with many Non-profit (prophet) organizations through the years.
God bless you all!

2 years ago
Reply to  Dr. Scott

You for some reason did not mention the most important and symbolic person we took out-Osama Ben Laden. I have to wonder why? Although the others we took out were very important, taking out Number 1 was a VERY BIG DEAL.
America came together again as evidenced by the crowds dancing and rejoicing , and waving American flags in the streets. Let us not ever forget that.

Dr. Scott
2 years ago
Reply to  Fran

Hey Fran, I think you wanted to put your comments about the actual article, and not just reply to my comment about it.
Anyway, yes, through the years of war, our military has been taking care of business against these Islamic extremists leaders and their fighters. It was a little surprise to learn that Bin Laden was just a short walk away from the Pakistani military training college. How they let this bad person live in such close proximity to their own military training facility without knowing he was there stinks. I’m grateful that the Obama administration took care of business by finally taking out this mass murderer. I’m also grateful for the Trump administration for removing the threats of three other such people. Actually, the true numbers of extremists now out of the fight against humanity isn’t a number we as Americans are aware of.
Yesterday, a family member shared some information about our guys patrolling the isis battle fields of the recent past few years. They were attacked by militants, and promptly took care of business, but it’s just one of many our military deals with daily on our behalf.
I’m a proud American that’s amazed at how capable our military is today as a result of this generational war. I was shocked at Congress last week trying to block the ability of the POTUS to respond to any future attacks by Iran. Instead, our elected officials should have declared War against all Islamic Extremists, and got the other nations to join us in this. Use of military force isn’t the same thing.
Nice to write back to you. Hope you are well.

Richard A Olmsted
2 years ago
Reply to  Dr. Scott

I agree President Trump could not tackle the deficits and debt in his first term, while rebuilding the military, building the wall, and fending off attacks from his enemies every waking hour of every day. I believe he will address the debt in his second term and succeed in putting us on a path to fiscal sanity. It would be foolish to bet against him.

Barbara Holmberg
2 years ago

Wonderful description of who we are as a nation. If only our children were taught these values in our schools!

Dale Single
2 years ago

Public schools are totally on the left.
People need more private schools and vouchers from the State to help with the tuition.

2 years ago

Mr Charles serves up well thought out and described optimism. Lets take a deep breath of it and try talking to someone who is shackled to communist media…. especially any youngsters we know.

Philip Hammersley
2 years ago

Great article! AMAC is the best!

2 years ago

God Bless America?????♥️

2 years ago

What a great day! … So many people are making a political statement today by wearing “Red”! …. If you’re a Republican, you’re celebrating that we have President Trump, if you’re a Democrat, you’re celebrating that your party is embracing Communism! … Isn’t that terrific!

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