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Outrageous Media Hypocrisy

MediaSometimes I wish Bill Buckley and Russel Kirk were alive – as they somehow found new phrases to describe crazy liberal behavior, when old ones lost their punch. To say media hypocrisy is “outrageous” is to say the obvious.  Needed is a more powerful way of describing the betrayal of public trust and increasing deception practiced by our “professional” press.

Standards seem to have gone out the window, as “journalism” becomes propaganda, pushing political agendas, dressing up activism as fact, seeking coordination to control the public mind, while deftly denying the big lies.

With rising audacity, artificial impartiality, and little accountability, modern digital and hold-in-your-hand media are embracing the power to deceive, mislead, and shape public opinion through insinuation, omission, and cause for doubt in established freedoms, institutions, traditions, and norms.

Critics sound off, but are undercut, shutdown, censored by powerful digital media and social media giants.  We know this is happening – having seen false stories elevated, insinuations sown, facts left unreported, inaccuracy championed, and the political process twisted by foreign and domestic actors.

Examples are legion, so common they no longer need citation.  The costly, prolonged, politically-driven, institution-damaging “Russia collusion” probe, ending in bland vindication; accelerated impeachment without due process, premised on an innocuous phone call; a presidential campaign surveilled, then a second upended by non-scrutiny of one candidate and vilification of the other.

We have seen what we think is everything – only there is more.  The “more” is what we should fear.  The “more” is organized, coordinated suppression of facts key to public decision-making, such as potential criminal behavior by the family of a candidate, objective review of a candidate’s mental capacity, and stories not written about life choices, organizational affiliations, personal allegations, character indictments, and policy contradictions in a leftist Democrat ticket.

Conversely, we see attacks launched with impunity at Republicans, indefensible narratives blaming a foreign-source virus and social unrest on a president, as both were propagated by Democrat governors, mayors, city councils, and street activists.

All this is prelude for what may come – unless those who believe in America’s freedoms, accountable institutions, free and fair elections, competition for truth in the marketplace of ideas, speak up.

The most recent “outrage” – where is Bill Buckley? – is a New York Times story which, rather jaw-droppingly, confirmed everything Trump argued about Communist China’s cover-up of COVID-19.  According to the paper, the truth is even more damning than Trump alleged.  See, e.g.,;; and

“Thousands of internal directives and reports reveal how Chinese officials stage-managed what appeared online in the early days of the outbreak.”  When the Chinese doctor who discovered this man-made virus died, China moved “to suppress inconvenient information” and “censors decided to double down,” lying to the world and “reclaiming the narrative.”  China “ordered news organizations not to issue push notifications alerting readers” to the doctor’s COVID-19 death, “told social platforms to gradually remove his name from trending topics pages.”

China “activated legions of fake online commentators to flood social sites with distracting chatter,” directing social media to “guide public opinion” while working to “conceal their identity, avoid crude patriotism and sarcastic praise …”  They were told to “be sleek and silent in achieving results.”

Here are layers of irony.  Not only was Trump right about China’s intentional, pervasive cover-up of false, immoral, unconscionable behavior, misleading their own people and the world about a pernicious, fast-spreading, deadly virus – one now circling the planet – but liberal media bashed a US President for saying the truth, making him villain not China.  Now, after the election, they decide to come clean –admitting China was devastatingly deceptive.

The “story within the story” is what causes a shudder.  Trump was right about China. Liberal media refused to credit him, instead blaming him.  Media waited until after the election to speak.  The kicker:  Before the election and now, how did Democrats, broadcast, cable, and social media behave?  How have they treated pro-freedom, pro-American, pro-Republican, pro-Trump facts, stories, opinions, and tweets?

Have they not – just as China did – worked “to suppress inconvenient information,” operated as “censors … to double down … reclaiming the narrative,” suppressing, omitting, manipulating time-sensitive information – on which Americans depend for decision-making, including for elections?

Did they not, like China’s state-controlled media, seek to “guide public opinion,” weigh what we saw, shape public “alerts,” “media platforms,” and “trending topics?”  Did they not work to defend, deceive and “conceal their identity” in ways “sleek and silent in achieving results?”

The question is an open one, but sure as night follows day, we must defend free speech, open access to real information, end social media and media manipulation, or face a future that resembles China – not the America we grew up in.  If Bill Buckley or Russell Kirk were here, they would hatch a fitting phrase for the moment.  For me, it is just “outrageous media hypocrisy.”

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1 year ago

Where is Buckley you ask.
Where is Rich Lowry? NR is lost to us. They are so off the rails against Trump with their selective indignation and lack of realization of how they are empowering those who will destroy us as they find faults with Trump that don’t seem to bother them as much in liberals.
I do not believe Buckley would approve of what has happened to his magazine.

1 year ago

Yes, we so need a William F. Buckley!!! A great speaker for America. The left would hate him. The liars of the Democratic party did hate and fear him.

Bill Brown
1 year ago

Conservatives have cause to doubt that the Republican Party is their HOME!  The Republican Study Committee is 150 out of 199 Republican Members of the House.  Where are the other 49?!!  From the traitors Paul Ryan and Romney, etc., many Republicans are Conservatives “IN NAME ONLY” (CINO’s)!!!  We will NEVER succeed against the DemocRat/Communists tied down with the Establishment “Republicans”!!!  The 2020 Election PROVED  some 65 to 80% of Americans are READY!!!  Minorities are READY but CANNOT accept being Republicans!!!  Merge the Trump Movement & – The American Revolution 2.0!!!  Become Counter-Revolutionaries!!!  Stand-up for Our Republic!!!!  President Trump’s Movement and have consolidated the base!!!!  Form a new Political Party – The Freedom Party!!!!!  Soar under OUR Banner – The American Eagle!!!!!

Bill Brown
1 year ago

Wake-Up!!  There are no Republican and DemocRat Parties!  There is only the “Unity Party” “RINO’s & Socialists”!!  They run a giant SCAM with the Media to keep us “sheep” entertained and in line!!  The group and the Trump Group thought they were changing the Republican Party!!!  FORGET IT!!!  Ryan, McConnell, Romney, etc. are the tip of the “fake loyal opposition iceberg” helping the DemocRats lead all Americans into a SOCIALIST HELL-HOLE!!!!  Form a new Political Party – The Freedom Party!!!  President Trump’s Movement combined with plus Minorities who refuse to be Republicans have consolidated the base!!!!  The American Revolution 2.0!!!!!

1 year ago

JOE BIDEN is a fool and CHINA is so HAPPY!!!

1 year ago

Can I invest in the Sequoyah softwear and the Dominion machines that were used to rig our election ?
What riches will be made by these owners as they continue to hand out the fake results the dims want.

1 year ago

Our media is a propoganda machine bought out by the Chi-Coms, big tech, much of corporate america, and big money
(Gates, Soros, Bloomberg, et al). That is a formidable force. Watch carefully how quickly these players move their
personnel, capital, and investments out of the US that they are selling out. For some reason , they are not happy with
where they are. I wonder why ? They know that when communism becomes reality here they will be the annointed
class and can stamp out the [email protected] middle class they abhor.

1 year ago

This is WAY BEYOND hypocrisy! I’d venture to say it’s treasonous! The CORRUPT, leftist billionaire owned, beholden to China, media, openly censored (blocked) factual stories to protect Biden. A significant number of Biden voters polled after learning about the China/Ukraine corruption, said they would not have voted for Biden had they known. THAT was enough by itself to throw the election to Biden. The CORRUPT MEDIA IS PUBLIC ENEMY #1 IMHO! It’s staggering to watch how CORRUPT the courts, social media, print media, TV & cable networks, and BOTH political parties have become! I have 0 trust in any of them!

1 year ago

Talk is cheap, the good people of America need to band together and take our country back – NOW!!

Therese Brezin
1 year ago

Am I allowed to ask why I have to verify that I’m not a robot several times within this same discussion? Just because I comment on more than one post? Do we all have to do this all the time? It gets kind of old after 3 or more times when I want to reply.

Casey C Matt
1 year ago

One has to question the “timing” of the China virus release. The original virus was found in a cave in bats, the virus was taken to the lab in Wuhan and according to a female head virologist there it had some “tweaking” done as in manipulation, as in possibly weaponizing the virus. Then “somehow” the virus was released to the China civilian population JUST BEFORE the Chinese New Year which annually sees tens to hundreds of thousands of Chinese traveling across the world to visit family…..then the Chinese with the help of the WHO claimed the virus couldnt be spread from human to human and was “not a problem”. SOMEHOW President Trump, as usual not trusting the CCP called for an unpopular travel ban… action DEEPLY criticized at the time but one that saved tens of thousand of lives among the elderly and or frail in this country…..but the timing of the release seems to me to indicate an act of biological warfare and the female lead virologist that had to flee China came out as late as September I believe to again state her claims about the virus only to be completely removed from the public discourse by the media and perhaps the hidden string pullers in our government……perhaps under pressure from Chinese “spies” that are known to be rampant in this country in government, business, education…….we were attacked and should respond. How do you respond to a country that has now killed hundreds of thousands of American Citizens? I would suggest revisiting the MacArthur approach he mentioned to the (Democrat), President at the time, Harry Truman…….who fired him for the suggestion. God help us if Biden gets into office…..he has been bought by our most dire enemy.

JJ Johnson-Smith
1 year ago

America is desperate to hear Conservative Voices and the truth they have to share! Few people are aware of how many innocent people are languishing in prisons, falsely charged with crimes they never committed, but they KNOW too much, have SEEN too much, and have objected to the Agendas they have evidence of. So they are made to appear as liars, felons, and nuts, and if that doesn’t work, they simply disappear or commit suicide. Others who attempt to blow the whistle are treated to the same consequences, which is why so few are willing to speak out. We are in DIRE need of of a TRULY Conservative, Mainstream News Outlet.

1 year ago

We are divided among at least 2 groups. The enlightened and the ignorant. The ignorant are not dumb.
They just do not want to think. Thus they are another victim class which is the holy grail of the dims.

1 year ago

Why don’t you inquire about the photo of Obama, Fauci, and the female in the background (either Pelosi or Hillary Clinton) when Obama gave 5 million to keep working on the virus in Wahun?

1 year ago

Free speech seems to be a thing of the past. I just read that the media are essential workers and need to go ahead of most of us in line for the COVID vaccine. This is so they can keep us appraised of the virus-really. Is this true? Most of the media have been lying and censoring factual information totally throughout the Trump Presidency. . What idiots are moving them up? I hate liars. The lying middle class Joe Biden is as corrupt as it goes. He doesn’t know what is up-if so why didn’t he fix it in his 47 years. The fake news will continue to protect him. Whatever media is with holding factual information from the American people and some of this can lead to riots and other criminal activity-these people need to be thrown in jail

Matthew Gabor
1 year ago

Looking at the “Bigger Picture” America has become the very same type of country that people have fled from since the 1600s! I do not know how we are going to do it but we Conservatives have to take America back or form a new country! We have seen people that are fed up with Leftist California leaving the state. People are leaving the High Tax High Crime Communist State of Illinois. People are leaving Socialist New York City. While it is not easy for everyone to pack up and move, throughout history people have made huge sacrifices for what they believe in. I want to thank all the nameless Americans who sacrificed before me to make America the greatest country in history. Keep praying as God is in control!

David P Nelson
1 year ago

America has got to, slowly but surely, stop doing business with Communist China. PERIOD!

aluminum head
1 year ago

Josef Goebbels told Hitler that he needs to keep telling the same lies to the German ‘folks’ and eventually they will THINK it’s the truth.
All these “jerknolists” keep spitting what the commie professors taught them in college. And stupid parents paid dear tuition rates to have their
kids converted to communism ! ! ! THIS is the crap you now have. Lies Inc.

1 year ago

they all belong to the “if I only had a brain” party

Gary Brooks
1 year ago

Agree with this well placed article. The reliance on various news outlets is very important in order to keep the American Citizen informed in many ways. An unbiased media that reports unfiltered news allows the public to not only see the facts, but make sound decisions in many areas of their lives. When reporting is biased or non factual, then the population is unable to make an informed decision that may end up having negative consequences. For instance, the general elections withholding important information on the Biden family issues. This is dangerous and there must be a balance to maintain free press and hold accountable those news outlets who betray the American people by withholding factual news or false reporting that does not allow for the public to make sound decisions. Without an informed people, tyranny is just around the corner.

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