Paul Ryan: How to Save Medicare

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don jones
9 years ago

Sounds good – individual choice. Some free to user unbiased advice should be available for illiterate or people wanting help to prevent scams or private plans not appropriate to individual. Otherwise, people choosing “bad”plans will remain on public paid health though they or the provider may profit without benefit of service.

Robert B Schmidt
9 years ago

I totally agree with Mr. Ryan. The problem is making it a law.

If the people could vote on it I think would become law and we would not have to worry about our medical coverage.

From a Federal Level I don’t know how you do that. The states put things like that on the Ballet. To bad we couldn’t do that for the Federal Government.

Take Care

Robert B (Beriah) Schmidt

9 years ago

i’m tired of being rip off by all the lier in washington. the are stealing our hard earn money. to give to farin county. when so many here need help. older folks can get meds. there is no money left ater bills. to do anything. not even the moves. i remenber my folks were able to travel all over the usa. all 50 states they said its beauty to see. i work 30 yrs for this dream to come go an enjoy my grandchild who live up north. i see the folks living in my white house using our money to take trip all around to world. visting family & taking nices & nephews with her. she think she is god . they don’t plege to my flag. i feel he is a lier a do nothing pres. just like carter. were did the wonderful life we lived in the 50 go. i was always told that ss. was set up so it could never be touch. i think Johnson had that law changed so washington could steal the money. i love this country. i have 3 son who served in the miltary after seeing the dad serve.two who are now disable. along with there father. son young son has had bad knees for 26 year. they have piad him disable for then .now want to stop the little check,an have his knee replacement after making him wait 26 yrs.. i learning to hate these folks in washington.they make my blood boil. thank U for taking your time to read this.

Steve O
9 years ago

You people who are healthy think you will be better off with a private Medicare plan.

When, when you get old you will get sick. When you get sick, if you go with the current GOP ideas, you will have a pre existing condition. If you have a pre existing considtion, you will either be denied coverage or offered coverage at rates so insane they will not be affordable.

And of course, we have the dropped coverage problem. How many people have paid into a particular insurance company for years only to be dropped after they get a major illness.

Contrary to what you may be lulled into believing, the private insurance industry is NOT looking out for your best interests when they have profit as a motive.

I suppose you did not hear bout the woman in California who had a 40% rate increase in just one year with Blue Cross. Her policy cost more than twice her mortagage – and that was for a California home in LA with the most expensive housing in the country.

9 years ago

Everyone has cancer. As long as your immune system is functioning, you’ll be healthy. Chemo destroys your immune system. My friend had stage 4 bladder cancer. Before chemo the odds were 60 40 in her favor, after chemo, they’re 30 20. It would have been nice if they would have said the odds PRIOR to chemo, don’t you agree? Stop giving money to Breast Cancer Research!!! Breast Cancer is caused by hair dye and makeup. All the crap a women puts on her head eventually works its way to her breasts. If you really desire women to be healthy, stop asking us to dye our hair, enhance our breasts and look like prostitutes. I bet Amish women don’t get breast cancer. By the way, all the money that is collected for breast cancer research is going to the very companies that cause the problem or make the chemicals for Chemo!!!

Bob Stevens
9 years ago

I like it. Unlike what Obummer thinks, we are NOT stupid, and lazy. It was Ronald Reagan that said, “The nine scariest words ever mentioned are, “We’re from the government, and we’re here to help.””. America is relying too much on government. We need less (not more) governmental control. Let’s take America back.

Daniel Rosenstock
9 years ago

Stop treating people that are illegally in this country for free. I don’t want death panels, which is what Obamacare offers. I want to have the choices I have now or even expand the choices available. I don’t mind paying for some of my health care directly and feel others should as well.

Kenneth Reeb
9 years ago

I agree completely with this analysis of the problem and with Ryan’s approach to the solution! The challenge is to get enough political support to enact it!

betty reeb spraggins
9 years ago
Reply to  Kenneth Reeb

Where did you get your name kenneth Reeb

Cliff Craig
9 years ago

Paul Ryan has a great plan for MediCare reform. (‘Course, it wouldn’t have to be very good to be better than the Obama plan!)

betty nichols reeb spraggins
9 years ago
Reply to  Cliff Craig


Andrew Bodor
9 years ago

Whenever the government intercedes in a public venture such intervention affects the private sector activity which it is trying to control negatively. The government is forcing health care providers to accept payments significantly lower than the cost of that service. Restaurants and pharmacies that offer “senior discounts” do not just eat the loss; they have to cahrge everyone else a greater amount to cover the actual cost. The beneficiaries receive a benefit at the expense of everyone elso who is not a member of the receiving class.

Similarly, medicare and medicaid payments are claimed to be only 70 percent or so of what the real cost is. Therefore 30% of the cost is covered by the non-recipients of the government largess. The paymemnts that medical service providers receive are actually, in many cases much less than 70%.

As the recipient cass increases, the providers are forced to charge more and more to the non-recipient class; causing an inflationary circle. The restaurants and pharmacies are forced to chartge more and more to those who do not receive the benefit of the “senior discount”.

If a medicel service cost $30.00 per use and there are two people receiving such service the provider must receive $60.00 to survive. When one of the recipients pays through medicare or medicaide onil $20.00, the non-recipient must pay $40.00 for the same service.

If there are three recipients, the provider must receive, in one way or other, $90.00; but when two of the recipients are paying through medicare or medicaide only $20.00 for the service ($40.00 between the two), the one who has to pay the full cost has to pay $50.00.

What is the cause of this imbalance and circular inflation? The government meddeling in the economic activity.

I submit that without government meddling the cost of health care generally would be lower. And those who cannot pay? Well, there are already systems in place to increase to cost to everyone else in society (hospital forgivness programs, normal increases to charges due to losses, and, of course, the patient filing bankruptcy in non hardship cases).

Steve O
9 years ago

The huge problem that is left unaddressed in his simplistic and overly optimistic pitch is how much private insurance will cost and how denial of coverage for those with pre-existing conditions will be addressed.

If the current healthcare reforms are oveturned it will open up the so called free market to rape and pillage seniors living on fixed incomes and who have preexisting conditions. What will happen when the government provides a so-called voucher of $600 and the seniors insurance policy costs $1000 or $1200 a month? One of my laid off co-workers has to pay $1500 a month for a private COBRA policy for a family of 4. It is twice the amount of his mortgage.

And, actually the government system has shown itself to be more efficient than the private one with a fraction of the cost inceases and a fraction of the overhead costs.

The real problem lies with the benefits paid and amounts covered. The only thing the presentation got right is the concept that costs need to be controlled. I agree. The average senior has earned $250K for the medicare system but will collect $350K in claims. That is not sustainable. We have to stop providing unlimited payouts like the $350K claims for experimental and unproven cancer treatmements that might be given to an 85 year old terminal cancer patient only with the result of prolonging their agony for a mere three months longer of low quality life. If you are afraid of death panels and bureaucracy that just wait uintil the private insurance industry gets its hands in the pot and its greedy paws on our money.

don jones
9 years ago
Reply to  Steve O

Part of cost control must do something to slow “the social event”of going to the Dr. that some of my friend that are semi-invalid or lonely do for change of scenery at the expense of medicare. What this might be, I cannot think of.

Karen S. Shaw
9 years ago

I respect and admire Paul Ryan. While not perfect, his plan offers a good start. We all have to help our country out of this financial mess and do what we can to make it work for everybody. If it means I have to pay more for medical care, I will do it. The most important part of medical insurance, I think, is to have more help in catastrophic illnesses. We need a way of preserving some capitol for living expenses, and of avoiding bankruptcy due to insurmountable medical expenses.

Kim Nielsen
10 years ago

Retirment age and benifits should be excatly the same for the politians. I much can we save if defer retirement payment to the politians as we do for the general population

Chris Ferguson
10 years ago

I agree

Robert Azinger
10 years ago

MEDICARE / SSI PROPOSAL Means Test & Age Raising

1. @ $300k/yr INCOME Reduce SSI and Medicare to 90% of normal benefit

2. Reduce SSI and Medicare normal benefit by 10% each additional $50K/yr of Income to a minimum of 10% benefit to all income’s $700K/yr and above

3. No change in benefits for incomes below $300K/yr

4. Upon enactment no change of Benefits for people 55 and older. Increase age for benefit entitlement one year for every subsequent two years in age.

AGE (upon enactment assuming benefit normally starts @ age 62)
55 – No change other than #1 & #2 above
53 – Benefit starts @ age 63
51 – Benefit starts @ age 64
49 – Benefit starts @ age 65
47 – Benefit starts @ age 66
45 – Benefit starts @ age 67
43 – Benefit starts @ age 68
41 – Benefit starts @ age 69
39 – Benefit starts @ age 70
37 – Benefit starts @ age 71
35 – Benefit starts @ age 72
Below age 35 benefit starts @ age72

The above reforms along with continuing annual review for structural changes and efficiency measures could help save the programs for future generations without affecting anyone with an income below $300K/yr or age 55 and above. I strongly urge adoption of a plan similar to this. NOW!

Paul & Linda Rasmussen
10 years ago

We agree with you, Rep.Paul Ryan,,, people don’t realize what jeopardy our country is in! Rep. Ryan we are praying for your success with this very sensible plan for a most difficult problem.

arizona bill
10 years ago

the people i worry about are the ones who say “i want my medicare. don’t mess with the system.” are these people stupid? or just plain ignorant? the system is collapsing. a retirement system has been used for: congressional petty cash drawer; survivor benefits for spouses and children to age 21; handicapped of all ages; and disabled of all ages, including felons in prisons. there may be other programs draining the revenue. one fix i’d like to see is cut back all the other outlays and limit the program to retirees. then start tinkering with the rest.

Jenny Smith
10 years ago

I support Paul Ryan’s plan – I hope that candidates for the 2012 election will be able to explain it to their voters so that people are not scared off by Democrats fear-mongering re Medicare.

10 years ago


10 years ago

Social Security can be made solvent quickly be increasing the death benefit from $250.00 to $50,000.00. Upon death the govenment would receive 60% to be placed in a trust fund and the spouse would receive 40%. Life insurance is non taxable. The govenment would get the money to pay the death benefit by raising social security premiums by $10.00 per month. Most people never buy life insurance unless it is included in other benefits. Businesses use this concept called key man insurance. Upon the death of a key man the company receives money to pay for another person to replace the key person lost when death occurs. This concept could be used for medicare and medicaid by adding a death rider which would provide the government and spouse money for expenses such a nursing home care.

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