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Pessimism Gives Way to Optimism in America Since the Election of Donald Trump as the 45th President, says AMAC

Poll after poll underscores the positive thinking of Americans

WASHINGTON, DC – “Many of those who supported other candidates whether they voted or not in the 2016 Presidential Elections last month have apparently decided to put their heads in the sand.  They do not want to see the reality of what the President-elect’s victory means for America.  Instead, they mindlessly and disrespectfully protest the election results,” says Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

“For the past eight years, the country has been on an emotional roller coaster.  A pall of pessimism fell over the nation.  However, since Mr. Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States, optimism is spreading like wildfire.  The record highs of the stock markets, the euphoria among job creators including the most prolific of them all, small business owners, and the general good mood of the nation are proof that we are back on track as a nation.”

A new poll by Allstate and Atlantic Media shows that, since the election, the great majority of Americans, 87 percent, have a positive outlook about the economy, their own personal finances and the country’s direction, in general.  And, the annual Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index it stands at 80 percent, its highest level since 2008.  That survey measures the optimism of small-business owners.

As one financial adviser tells Financial Planning magazine: “With the November elections behind us, my clients’ outlook is more positive, and [they are more] willing to invest money back into the market and retirement plans.”

Even CNBC reports that the percentage of Americans who believe the economy will get better in the next year jumped “an unprecedented 17 points to 42 percent,” the highest lit has been since President Obama first took office.

“The malicious mischief of the liberal left is just that.  Their disdain for the simple fact that America is a land of opportunity knows no bounds is extraordinary.  They resent the notion that a person can work his or her way up the ladder of success with a little ambition and a lot of hard work,” says Weber.  “They delude themselves into thinking that those who work for a living should share their hard-earned money so that they need not exert themselves.”


The Association of Mature American Citizens [http://www.amac.us] is a vibrant, vital senior advocacy organization that takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests and offering a practical insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.  Live long and make a difference by joining us today at http://amac.us/join-amac.

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5 years ago

Whew, read thru this blog and don’t see much in way of help for senior citizens. My goodness can’t u people find other places to vent, this is a political venue with a lot of wasted talk. Just another sad day to see so many people being led down the wrong path.

5 years ago

Humm, don’t see the optimism your referencing. So far, the transition team picks are not favorable for the middle class. Seems like a ” new” club entering WDC with cronyism, favoritism, and a lot of rules being broken for the good of a select few.

little rabbit
5 years ago

Not necessarily mindless in their behavior. They are like children having full blown temper tantrums. My pediatrician would say the best thing to do …walk away and ignore them. Eventually they will wear themselves out! Our President elect seems to be doing that, walking away and getting on with what needs to be done. Bless the President elect for proceeding with moving forward.

5 years ago

I think the first thing Trump should do is order the arrest of George Soros for insighting the overthrow of the U.S. government. He has funded this attempt in every possible way and it is time he disappears and all of those who are connected with him family or otherwise. Freeze his assets for good. He has been evil since he was a kid helping the Nazis find Jews in WWII. He, himself, is a Jew. His whole purpose in life is to ruin any country that is peaceful and successful. The Liberals are part of his Ilk and liberalism is a destructive force. That is all it is good for and must be watched very carefully. The Democrats bought into Socialism back in the late 1920s, a program that has never been successful in any country that has ever tried it. Margaret Thatcher put it the best, “Socialism is great until the other guys money runs out.” So get rid of Soros! At least it is a start.

Glenn D. Peters
5 years ago

Goodbye Mr. Obama and Michelle. Hello Mr. Trump. Let’s “Make America Great Again”!

5 years ago

The next four years will be full of surprises. Isn’t it ironic that Hillary was “horrified” that Donald Trump said during their last debate that he might not accept the results of the election? Now, that she has lost, she won’t accept the results and wants to change the rules “after the game is over.” The Democrats figured that Hillary would easily win, and they were wrong-and they are really, really mad about that. Democrats have historically accused Republicans of “disenfranchising voters.” What they are trying to do now is not an accusation of disenfranchising voters, it is a bald faced attempt to disenfranchise the votes of over 60 million Trump voters.

5 years ago

Thank you Amac for being here for me and my family. I am so happy to support Donald Trump and get the word out that he is going to be a Great President!!!!:))))

bruce wickstrom
5 years ago

As a good example of our students being babied and not serving the USA in any capacity, all one has to do is look at the whining university students in western Massachusetts whose parents pay big bucks to have them molly-coddled and not even being graded to receive a diploma–great example. We need to turn these people into productive citizens if not too late. Merry Christmas and God bless the USA and Pres elect Trump.. RVN 1968-1969

5 years ago

Wishing all an early Merry Christmas.

Bill C
5 years ago

For the past 21 years or more, depending upon your local school systems curriculum, American History in its totality has been diluted to the point that my son estimated he received the equivalent of 1 year of study from grade 6-12, over the years 1999-2005. This mixed with the appeal of everything can be free from food, to college, and you have numerous overlapping generations who are ignorant and unprepared for life. With the 2016 election and Americans sending a clear message that the clear and present dangers we all face are not just our enemies, but this “entitled mentality” in our nation that those of us who work, own companies, develop & engineer new technologies are to fork over our earnings and tax dollars for free-loaders to use? The hell you say! The silent majority, the patriotic & the true American citizens are taking a stand and we WILL take America back from these communistic sympathizing thieves!!

Richard S Fleming
5 years ago

Very pleased with the report. We just hope (and expect) that Mr. Trump will deliver on all his promises.

5 years ago

Pessimism still abounds in the left-wing main stream media and will continue to do so. They will launch an even more insidious campaign to bring Trump down. Most of them are imbecilic in their outlook of free representative government. Don’t they know that if they succeed in turning the United States into a neo-utopia communist state, that they will be the first ones to come under the dictates of a censorship thumb by the government? They will be treated the same as were those in Hitler’s Germany, and Stalin’s Russia. But some people have to learn the hard way.

Victoria Campbell
5 years ago

Very well said! Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and A Safe, Healthy, Happy New Year.

5 years ago

MARTY- At the outset I’m so happy I discovered Amac. AARP showed their true stripes by endorsing the horrible program termed Obama
Care. I found trying to convince an ultra Liberal that dedication to hard work is allowed to reap monetary gains is useless. The ones who clamor these gains should be shared with less fortunate mainly share none of their own monies. There’s an old adage; “Annoy A Liberal –
Work Hard Be Happy .” The Progressives will never surrender . Schumer , Pelosi & company will use every device possible to thwart
the policies of our newly elected Government. It’s up to the supporters of President elect Trump to stand behind him in his quest to ” Make America Great again.”

Ccharles D Ellison
5 years ago

Just who are the persons or groups wanting to destroy the foundation being built to grow our economy? What kind of individual would want to destroy any possibility of these United States of America getting back the respect and leadership of the world? Maybe,, just maybe, he and they are known but no large media wants to admit to the knowledge. Really they don’t have to reveal the names, the internet has done so already. How stupid is mass media to think they can’t be eliminated as a news source. (News: information not known before, information gathered with truthful and verified information, unbiased information, without personal descriptive adjectives.) Anything else is propaganda. Any bureau withholding information fails to bee worthy of being called a (news bureau), Withholding information to appease a politician or government employee should be just cause to remove their FCC license(s). All information with the exception of information relative to war info should be disseminated to the public. Without this info there is no way to know who is good, bad or ugly, (Sorry for the plagiarism, but is just seemed to fit.) We, us, you and I have tooooo long with censorship in this country. People have no idea what is going on either in and outside of the USA. Possibly mote than 90% of the blusterous (That sounds weak to me. Maybe soldiers of antagonizes sounds better.) persons would not uphold the ideologies of their leaders if they were informed of the real truth. So who are the instigators? I know. I am sure you know, the media knows but withholds the information. CENSORSHIP! I definitely would not want to be in the shoes of the leaders when their (soldiers) discover they have been duped.

5 years ago

Michelle O and her boohoo leftists can lock themselves in their bedrooms and mope.

5 years ago

Thanks Juan! I know I sometimes get some goofy ideas. While I appreciate your comment, I really wonder if others feel as I do about the idea of shutting colleges down for a couple of years. People can stop hearing from liberal press by simply shutting them off. Unfortunately, every year kids graduate from high school with the natural process taking them to college. I think the liberal, socialistic, communist view is actually even worse in our colleges than the press. The press gets called on their statements from time to time, but the ‘higher learning’ pundents can say or do what ever they want in twisting real truth to our youth base of this country. It was really bad when my klds were in college, but nothing like today

5 years ago

Having lived through 10 Presidents, I can tell you that Barrack Hussein Obama, who claims to be a Christian, is in a class by himself! Even Jimmy Carter, as bad as he was is several rungs up the ladder from He! I can remember the despair and hopelessness of the days of “Malaise!” I even made the mistake and voted for him, because Nixon screwed up and dropped the ball. But that was the only, and last Democrat I ever voted for.
Of course we are optimistic! When you hit bottom, the only direction you can go is up! And I hear everyone on the left saying that Putin wanted Trump to win, Of course he wanted Trump to win! HE IS TIRED OF DEALING WITH BUMBLING AMATEURS! He knows the Clinton’s well enough to know that they are a couple of Hayseed crooks, not to be trusted as far as he could throw them.
And now, business leaders know what is ahead with a President Trump, so the can begin to make plans knowing that the climate will be favorable for business, and not have to worry about an out of control EPA that has cost this Nation dearly in jobs and wealth.
Yes, we are optimistic. And just like Ronald Reagan, many of the pessimists will soon jump on board the Trump “GRAVY” train!


5 years ago

From listening to the reports on the election it seems we have the Privaleged Class, the Working Class and the Dependent Class. It appears we are getting fewer and fewer of the Working Class and more and more of the Privaleged and Dependent Class. How much longer can a Nation survive without more productive workers?

5 years ago

So wonderful to read the comments of those Americans who are older and wiser and who fought a hard won victory for our great country. Despite the constant media bashing, I held onto the hope that there were enough of us to turn this wayward ship around. Of course vigilance is still necessary, but now we can at least try to enjoy our golden years. Just a heartfelt thanks to my fellow Americans who got the job done.

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